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22 May 2024

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Neural Scene Chronology
2306.00212 Provably Efficient Generalized Lagrangian Policy Optimization for Safe Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
2306.00214 Topological Symmetry Groups of the Petersen graphs
2306.00217 FEED PETs: Further Experimentation and Expansion on the Disambiguation of Potentially Euphemistic Terms
2306.00218 Active surface flows accelerate the coarsening of lipid membrane domains
2306.00220 Graphs with Large Girth and Small Cop Number
2306.00221 Ground state stability, symmetry, and degeneracy in Mott insulators with long range interactions
2306.00222 On Single-Objective Sub-Graph-Based Mutation for Solving the Bi-Objective Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
2306.00223 Customized Co-Simulation Environment for Autonomous Driving Algorithm Development and Evaluation
2306.00224 Thermocapillary migrating odd viscous droplets
2306.00225 Geometry of static perfect fluid space-time
2306.00226 Human-centric Literature on Trust for SfTI Veracity Spearhead
2306.00228 Using Visual Cropping to Enhance Fine-Detail Question Answering of BLIP-Family Models
2306.00229 Minotaur: A SIMD-Oriented Synthesizing Superoptimizer
2306.00233 Bio-Inspired 4D-Printed Mechanisms with Programmable Morphology
2306.00234 Implementing Man-in-the-Middle Attack to Investigate Network Vulnerabilities in Smart Grid Test-bed
2306.00237 Persistence of chimera states and the challenge for synchronization in real-world networks
2306.00239 An algebraic theory to discriminate qualia in the brain
2306.00240 Trusting code in the wild: A social network-based centrality rating for developers in the Rust ecosystem
2306.00242 Combinatorial Neural Bandits
2306.00243 A Generalization of the Graham-Pollak Tree Theorem to Steiner Distance
2306.00244 Efficient Computation of Physics-Compliant Channel Realizations for (Rich-Scattering) RIS-Parametrized Radio Environments
2306.00246 Fine-Grained Property Value Assessment using Probabilistic Disaggregation
2306.00247 A Relationship Between Spin and Geometry
2306.00250 Viscous damping in weltering motion of trapped hydrodynamic dipolar Fermi gases
2306.00252 Wavefront reconstruction of discontinuous phase objects from optical deflectometry
2306.00253 AfriNames: Most ASR models "butcher" African Names
2306.00254 The density-functional theory of quantum droplets
2306.00256 DSGD-CECA: Decentralized SGD with Communication-Optimal Exact Consensus Algorithm
2306.00257 Ambarzumyan-type theorem for the Sturm-Liouville operator on the lasso graph
2306.00258 Towards Foundation Models for Scientific Machine Learning: Characterizing Scaling and Transfer Behavior
2306.00259 Disorder-dependent slopes of the upper critical field in nodal and nodeless superconductors
2306.00260 A $2$-complex with contracting non-positive immersions and positive maximal irreducible curvature
2306.00261 Unconventional nodal superconductivity in miassite Rh$_{17}$S$_{15}$
2306.00262 Maximal Domain Independent Representations Improve Transfer Learning
2306.00265 Doubly Robust Self-Training
2306.00266 A polynomial-time iterative algorithm for random graph matching with non-vanishing correlation
2306.00267 Provable Benefit of Mixup for Finding Optimal Decision Boundaries
2306.00271 A fast and accurate computation method for reflective diffraction simulations
2306.00272 Accelerated Fingerprint Enhancement: A GPU-Optimized Mixed Architecture Approach
2306.00273 Relative Equilibria and Periodic Orbits in a Binary Asteroid Model
2306.00274 Optimal Rate-Matrix Pruning For Large-Scale Heterogeneous Systems
2306.00276 Humid Evolution of Haze in the Atmosphere of Super-Earths in the Habitable Zone
2306.00278 Vector-valued maximal inequalities and multi-parameter oscillation inequalities for the polynomial ergodic averages along multi-dimensional subsets of primes
2306.00280 Towards Bias Correction of FedAvg over Nonuniform and Time-Varying Communications
2306.00281 Transfer Learning for Underrepresented Music Generation
2306.00282 Nonlinear optomechanical resonance entering a self-organized energy transfer pattern
2306.00285 Linear codes with arbitrary dimensional hull and pure LCD code
2306.00286 Efficient Deep Learning of Robust Policies from MPC using Imitation and Tube-Guided Data Augmentation
2306.00287 The evolutionary stage of Betelgeuse inferred from its pulsation periods
2306.00288 Training-free Neural Architecture Search for RNNs and Transformers
2306.00289 Large deviation for slow-fast McKean-Vlasov stochastic differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motions and Brownian motions
2306.00290 The origin of MeV gamma-ray diffuse emission from the inner Galactic region
2306.00292 Sustainable AI Regulation
2306.00294 Affinity-based Attention in Self-supervised Transformers Predicts Dynamics of Object Grouping in Humans
2306.00295 EMOTE: An Explainable architecture for Modelling the Other Through Empathy
2306.00297 Transformers learn to implement preconditioned gradient descent for in-context learning
2306.00298 Emergent quantum probability from full quantum dynamics and the role of energy conservation
2306.00300 Eigenvalues, eigenvector-overlaps, and regularized Fuglede-Kadison determinant of the non-Hermitian matrix-valued Brownian motion
2306.00301 CapText: Large Language Model-based Caption Generation From Image Context and Description
2306.00303 Sea Ice Extraction via Remote Sensed Imagery: Algorithms, Datasets, Applications and Challenges
2306.00306 Low-Light Image Enhancement with Wavelet-based Diffusion Models
2306.00307 A Mini-Batch Method for Solving Nonlinear PDEs with Gaussian Processes
2306.00308 A Formal Model for Secure Multiparty Computation
2306.00309 Wavelet Image Restoration Using Multifractal Priors
2306.00310 Prompt Algebra for Task Composition
2306.00312 (Almost) Provable Error Bounds Under Distribution Shift via Disagreement Discrepancy
2306.00313 $L^{2}$-approach to the Saito vanishing theorem
2306.00314 Adversarial-Aware Deep Learning System based on a Secondary Classical Machine Learning Verification Approach
2306.00315 Explicit Feature Interaction-aware Uplift Network for Online Marketing
2306.00316 Using Genetic Programming to Build Self-Adaptivity into Software-Defined Networks
2306.00317 FlexRound: Learnable Rounding based on Element-wise Division for Post-Training Quantization
2306.00319 On stationary Navier-Stokes equations in the upper-half plane
2306.00320 Oxide perovskite BaSnO3: A promising high-temperature thermoelectric material for transparent conducting oxides
2306.00321 Improving Offline RL by Blending Heuristics
2306.00324 Achieving Fairness in Multi-Agent Markov Decision Processes Using Reinforcement Learning
2306.00325 NLTGCR: A class of Nonlinear Acceleration Procedures based on Conjugate Residuals
2306.00326 Anisotropic Strange Stars in the Spotlight: Unveiling Constraints through Observational Data
2306.00327 One-two-way pass-move for knots and links
2306.00328 Charged Anisotropic Models with Complexity-free Condition
2306.00329 New Solutions of Nonlocal NLS, mKdV and Hirota Equations
2306.00330 Uniform rational polytopes of foliated threefolds and the global ACC
2306.00331 A Multi-dimensional Deep Structured State Space Approach to Speech Enhancement Using Small-footprint Models
2306.00332 Gravitational Wave Signatures of Gauged Baryon and Lepton Number
2306.00333 Construction of inclusions with vanishing generalized polarization tensors by imperfect interfaces
2306.00335 Approximate inference of marginals using the IBIA framework
2306.00336 Crystals for shifted key polynomials
2306.00337 Low-lying odd-parity nucleon resonances as quark-model like states
2306.00338 Last Switch Dependent Bandits with Monotone Payoff Functions
2306.00339 Interfacial Layers between Ion and Water Detected by Terahertz Spectroscopy
2306.00341 Sharp asymptotic of solutions to some nonlocal parabolic equations
2306.00342 Combining Explicit and Implicit Regularization for Efficient Learning in Deep Networks
2306.00343 Optimal Sequential Detection by Sparsity Likelihood
2306.00344 BOtied: Multi-objective Bayesian optimization with tied multivariate ranks
2306.00345 Fluctuation Theorems and Thermodynamic Inequalities for Nonequilibrium Processes Stopped at Stochastic Times
2306.00346 CAISA at SemEval-2023 Task 8: Counterfactual Data Augmentation for Mitigating Class Imbalance in Causal Claim Identification
2306.00347 Relational superposition measurements with a material quantum ruler
2306.00350 Score-Based Equilibrium Learning in Multi-Player Finite Games with Imperfect Information
2306.00351 Generalized Quantum Geometric Tensor in a Non-Hermitian Exciton-Polariton System
2306.00352 Improving Energy Conserving Descent for Machine Learning: Theory and Practice
2306.00354 Addressing Negative Transfer in Diffusion Models
2306.00355 Finding Performance Issues in Database Engines via Cardinality Estimation Testing
2306.00356 Regularizing Towards Soft Equivariance Under Mixed Symmetries
2306.00357 Efficient and Robust Bayesian Selection of Hyperparameters in Dimension Reduction for Visualization
2306.00360 How Do ConvNets Understand Image Intensity?
2306.00361 Sharded Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2306.00362 Self-duality and Jordan structure of quantum theory follow from homogeneity and pure transitivity
2306.00363 Database mining and first-principles assessment of organic proton-transfer ferroelectrics
2306.00364 Logarithmic prismatic cohomology II
2306.00365 Precise measurement of the $D^+_s$ lifetime at Belle II
2306.00366 Bridging Control-Centric and Data-Centric Optimization
2306.00367 On the Equivalence of Consistency-Type Models: Consistency Models, Consistent Diffusion Models, and Fokker-Planck Regularization
2306.00368 Dynamical Inflation Stimulated Cogenesis
2306.00369 Focused Prefix Tuning for Controllable Text Generation
2306.00370 Graph Switching Dynamical Systems
2306.00371 Gauge theory for mixed $p$-spin glasses
2306.00372 A Bi-level Decision Framework for Incentive-Based Demand Response in Distribution Systems
2306.00373 Intersection cohomology groups of instanton moduli spaces and cotangent bundles of affine flag varieties
2306.00374 CFL: Causally Fair Language Models Through Token-level Attribute Controlled Generation
2306.00376 Linear asymptotic stability of small-amplitude periodic waves of the generalized Korteweg--de Vries equations
2306.00377 Developing and Building Ontologies in Cyber Security
2306.00378 Example-based Motion Synthesis via Generative Motion Matching
2306.00379 Large Scale Generative Multimodal Attribute Extraction for E-commerce Attributes
2306.00380 The Survey, Taxonomy, and Future Directions of Trustworthy AI: A Meta Decision of Strategic Decisions
2306.00382 Calibrated Propensity Scores for Causal Effect Estimation
2306.00383 Survival and maximum of spectrally negative branching L{'e}vy processes with absorption
2306.00384 A generalization of diversity for intersecting families
2306.00388 Faster cosmological analysis with power spectrum without simulations
2306.00389 R-VGAL: A Sequential Variational Bayes Algorithm for Generalised Linear Mixed Models
2306.00390 Learning Gaussian Mixture Representations for Tensor Time Series Forecasting
2306.00392 Coneheads: Hierarchy Aware Attention
2306.00393 Teacher Agent: A Non-Knowledge Distillation Method for Rehearsal-based Video Incremental Learning
2306.00394 Coupled Nonlinear Schr"odinger System: Role of Four-Wave Mixing Effect on Nondegenerate Vector Solitons
2306.00395 Traffic Road Congestion System using by the internet of vehicles (IoV)
2306.00396 Lightweight Vision Transformer with Bidirectional Interaction
2306.00397 Decomposition of the longest element of the Weyl group using factors corresponding to the highest roots
2306.00398 Preference-grounded Token-level Guidance for Language Model Fine-tuning
2306.00399 Melting of Quarkonia in strong magnetic field
2306.00400 BiSync: A Bilingual Editor for Synchronized Monolingual Texts
2306.00401 Surjective Nash maps between semialgebraic sets
2306.00403 A Survey on Fairness-aware Recommender Systems
2306.00407 Towards Interactive Image Inpainting via Sketch Refinement
2306.00408 Pursuing Equilibrium of Medical Resources via Data Empowerment in Parallel Healthcare System
2306.00409 Adapting Pre-trained Language Models to Vision-Language Tasks via Dynamic Visual Prompting
2306.00411 Nobeyama 45-m CO J=1-0 Observations of Luminous Type 1 AGNs at $zapprox0.3$
2306.00412 Beamforming Design for IRS-and-UAV-aided Two-way Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
2306.00413 New bijective proofs pertaining to alternating sign matrices
2306.00415 Mixed-Integer MPC Strategies for Fueling and Density Control in Fusion Tokamaks
2306.00416 Controllable Motion Diffusion Model
2306.00418 Uncertainty-Aware Unlikelihood Learning Improves Generative Aspect Sentiment Quad Prediction
2306.00419 Challenges and Remedies to Privacy and Security in AIGC: Exploring the Potential of Privacy Computing, Blockchain, and Beyond
2306.00420 Logics with probabilistic team semantics and the Boolean negation
2306.00421 Introduction to Medical Imaging Informatics
2306.00422 Mixed convection instability in a viscosity stratified flow in a vertical channel
2306.00423 Provably stable numerical method for the anisotropic diffusion equation in toroidally confined magnetic fields
2306.00425 Non-Associative Algebraic Structures: Classification and Structure
2306.00428 On the $A$-spectrum for $A$-bounded operator on von-Neumann algebra
2306.00432 Time and Space Optimal Massively Parallel Algorithm for the 2-Ruling Set Problem
2306.00433 A 3-step Low-latency Low-Power Multichannel Time-to-Digital Converter based on Time Residual Amplifier
2306.00435 How Many Answers Should I Give? An Empirical Study of Multi-Answer Reading Comprehension
2306.00436 Inspecting molecular aggregate quadratic vibronic coupling effects using squeezed coherent states
2306.00437 Responsibility Perspective Transfer for Italian Femicide News
2306.00440 Edge-guided Representation Learning for Underwater Object Detection
2306.00441 Truncated tube domains with multi-sheeted envelope
2306.00442 Fast Variational Block-Sparse Bayesian Learning
2306.00443 Efficient Near Maximum-Likelihood Efficient Near Maximum-Likelihood Reliability-Based Decoding for Short LDPC Codes
2306.00445 A big data approach towards sarcasm detection in Russian
2306.00447 A matched-filter approach to radio variability and transients: searching for orphan afterglows in the VAST Pilot Survey
2306.00448 CrTe$_2$ as a two-dimensional material for topological magnetism in complex heterobilayers
2306.00449 Maxwell's Demon walks into Wall Street: Stochastic Thermodynamics meets Expected Utility Theory
2306.00450 Exploring Open-Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation without Human Labels
2306.00451 S$^2$ME: Spatial-Spectral Mutual Teaching and Ensemble Learning for Scribble-supervised Polyp Segmentation
2306.00452 Speech Self-Supervised Representation Benchmarking: Are We Doing it Right?
2306.00455 MindBigData 2023 MNIST-8B The 8 billion datapoints Multimodal Dataset of Brain Signals
2306.00456 Riemann-Roch for the ring $mathbb Z$
2306.00457 Preserving the positivity of the deformation gradient determinant in intergrid interpolation by combining RBFs and SVD: application to cardiac electromechanics
2306.00458 Exploring Anisotropy and Outliers in Multilingual Language Models for Cross-Lingual Semantic Sentence Similarity
2306.00460 Spirals of Riemann's Zeta-Function --Curvature, Denseness, and Universality--
2306.00461 Enumerating Disjoint Partial Models without Blocking Clauses
2306.00462 Harnessing the Potential of Blockchain in DevOps: A Framework for Distributed Integration and Development
2306.00463 Random advection-diffusion models and their statistics
2306.00464 Cheat Sheet for Teaching Programming with Comics: Through the Lens of Concept-Language-Procedure Framework
2306.00465 Bosonic Delocalization of Dipolar Moiré Excitons
2306.00466 Space-Time Phase Coupling in STMM-based Wireless Communications
2306.00469 HiQR: An efficient algorithm for high dimensional quadratic regression with penalties
2306.00472 Gravitational Wave Detection by Hollow-Core Fiber-Optics Mach-Zehnder Interferometry
2306.00474 On existentially closed II_1 factors
2306.00476 From sparse to dense functional data in high dimensions: Revisiting phase transitions from a non-asymptotic perspective
2306.00477 Make Your Pre-trained Model Reversible: From Parameter to Memory Efficient Fine-Tuning
2306.00478 From proof theory to theories theory
2306.00479 Algorithm Instance Footprint: Separating Easily Solvable and Challenging Problem Instances
2306.00480 Parallel Neurosymbolic Integration with Concordia
2306.00482 Inspecting Spoken Language Understanding from Kids for Basic Math Learning at Home
2306.00483 Overcoming Language Bias in Remote Sensing Visual Question Answering via Adversarial Training
2306.00484 Discontinuities cause essential spectrum on surfaces
2306.00486 Approximation for the invariant measure with applications for jump processes (convergence in total variation distance)
2306.00487 JWST Measurements of Neutral Hydrogen Fractions and Ionized Bubble Sizes at $z=7-12$ Obtained with Ly$alpha$ Damping Wing Absorptions in 26 Bright Continuum Galaxies
2306.00488 Reconstructing Graph Diffusion History from a Single Snapshot
2306.00489 Speech inpainting: Context-based speech synthesis guided by video
2306.00490 Photon centroids and their subluminal propagation
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