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22 May 2024

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2308.00171 Confidence Interval and Uncertainty Propagation Analysis of SAFT-type Equations of State
2308.00172 Improved $C^{1,1}$ regularity for multiple membranes problem
2308.00173 Optimal control of SPDEs driven by time-space Brownian motion
2308.00174 DroneReqValidator: Facilitating High Fidelity Simulation Testing for Uncrewed Aerial Systems Developers
2308.00175 Decision Procedures for Sequence Theories (Technical Report)
2308.00178 Transparent conductive oxides and low loss nitride-rich silicon waveguides as building blocks for neuromorphic photonics
2308.00179 Position Uncertainty in a Sequential Public Goods Game: An Experiment
2308.00180 General Anomaly Detection of Underwater Gliders Validated by Large-scale Deployment Dataset
2308.00181 Study of the azimuthal asymmetry in heavy ion collisions combining initial state momentum orientation and final state collective effects
2308.00182 Finite Markov chains and multiple orthogonal polynomials
2308.00183 Hovering Control of Flapping Wings in Tandem with Multi-Rotors
2308.00184 Attribution-Scores in Data Management and Explainable Machine Learning
2308.00185 Sierpi'nski fractals and the dimension of their Laplacian spectrum
2308.00186 Learning Safe and Stable Motion Plans with Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
2308.00187 Detecting the Anomalies in LiDAR Pointcloud
2308.00189 Generative Models as a Complex Systems Science: How can we make sense of large language model behavior?
2308.00190 Universal Majorization-Minimization Algorithms
2308.00194 Optimal Qubit Reuse for Near-Term Quantum Computers
2308.00195 Compact All-Fiber Quantum-Inspired LiDAR with > 100dB Noise Rejection and Single Photon Sensitivity
2308.00196 Testing theories of the glass transition with the same liquid, but many kinetic rules
2308.00198 Syntactically and semantically regular languages of lambda-terms coincide through logical relations
2308.00199 CBCL-PR: A Cognitively Inspired Model for Class-Incremental Learning in Robotics
2308.00200 Realization of the quantum ampere using the quantum anomalous Hall and Josephson effects
2308.00202 Randomization Inference of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects under Network Interference
2308.00203 Compact stars in scalar-tensor theories with a single-well potential and the corresponding $f(R)$ theory
2308.00205 On eigenvalues problems for the $p(x)$-Laplacian
2308.00206 SkullGAN: Synthetic Skull CT Generation with Generative Adversarial Networks
2308.00207 Densitaxis: Active particle motion in density gradients
2308.00208 Correlations between charge radii differences of mirror nuclei and stellar observables
2308.00209 GOALS-JWST: Gas Dynamics and Excitation in NGC7469 revealed by NIRSpec
2308.00213 An increasing rank Riemannian method for generalized Lyapunov equations
2308.00215 From Talent Shortage to Workforce Excellence in the CHIPS Act Era: Harnessing Industry 4.0 Paradigms for a Sustainable Future in Domestic Chip Production
2308.00217 Existence of closed geodesics on certain non-compact Riemannian manifolds
2308.00218 Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Battery Conditioning Hierarchical V2G Coordination for Multi-Stakeholder Benefits
2308.00221 Advancing Beyond Identification: Multi-bit Watermark for Language Models
2308.00223 Scalable Production and Supply Chain of Diamond using Microwave Plasma: a Mini-review
2308.00224 Wakey-Wakey: Animate Text by Mimicking Characters in a GIF
2308.00225 Instructed to Bias: Instruction-Tuned Language Models Exhibit Emergent Cognitive Bias
2308.00227 Experiments on Generative AI-Powered Parametric Modeling and BIM for Architectural Design
2308.00230 Next-to-leading power resummed rapidity distributions near threshold for Drell-Yan and diphoton production
2308.00232 An Evenly-Spaced LSST Cadence for Rapidly Variable Stars
2308.00233 Probe the gravitational constant variation via the propagation of gravitational waves
2308.00234 Multipiezo effect in altermagnetic V2SeTeO monolayer
2308.00236 Partitioned Saliency Ranking with Dense Pyramid Transformers
2308.00238 Gamma-Bazilevic functions related with generalized telephone numbers
2308.00239 Verifiable Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Multi-Owner Setting
2308.00240 Towards Effective Ancient Chinese Translation: Dataset, Model, and Evaluation
2308.00241 Laser cooling and trapping of $^{224}$Ra$^+$
2308.00242 Circumvent spherical Bessel function nulls for open sphere microphone arrays with physics informed neural network
2308.00243 Potential Biased Outcomes on Child Welfare and Racial Minorities in New Zealand using Predictive Models: An Initial Review on Mitigation Approaches
2308.00245 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Program Analysis: A Journey with Large Language Models
2308.00247 Unleashing the Power of Self-Supervised Image Denoising: A Comprehensive Review
2308.00248 Gapless superconducting state and mirage gap in altermagnets
2308.00250 CONSTRUCT: A Program Synthesis Approach for Reconstructing Control Algorithms from Embedded System Binaries in Cyber-Physical Systems
2308.00251 Best-Subset Selection in Generalized Linear Models: A Fast and Consistent Algorithm via Splicing Technique
2308.00252 Near-Field Integrated Sensing and Communications: Unlocking Potentials and Shaping the Future
2308.00256 Requiem to "Proof of Inflation" or Sourced Fluctuations in a Non-Singular Bounce
2308.00257 Trajectory Tracking via Multiscale Continuous Attractor Networks
2308.00258 AQUILA: Communication Efficient Federated Learning with Adaptive Quantization of Lazily-Aggregated Gradients
2308.00259 SBlimp: Design, Model, and Translational Motion Control for a Swing-Blimp
2308.00260 Commuting Probability of Finite Groups (Extended)
2308.00261 Improving Pixel-based MIM by Reducing Wasted Modeling Capability
2308.00263 Asynchronous Federated Learning with Bidirectional Quantized Communications and Buffered Aggregation
2308.00264 Multi-Modality Multi-Loss Fusion Network
2308.00265 Benchmarking Ultra-High-Definition Image Reflection Removal
2308.00267 Black hole perturbations in spatially covariant gravity with just two tensorial degrees of freedom
2308.00268 Distributed Gaussian Mixture PHD Filtering under Communication Constraints
2308.00271 Enhanced Security with Encrypted Vision Transformer in Federated Learning
2308.00272 Lie algebras associated with labeled directed graphs
2308.00273 Neural approximation of Wasserstein distance via a universal architecture for symmetric and factorwise group invariant functions
2308.00274 Exploiting Sparsity for Localization of Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
2308.00275 Dark Matter scattering in low threshold detectors
2308.00276 Aerodynamics of the square-back Ahmed body under rainfall conditions
2308.00277 Krylov Spaces for Truncated Spectrum Methodologies
2308.00278 Classes are not Clusters: Improving Label-based Evaluation of Dimensionality Reduction
2308.00279 Robust Positive-Unlabeled Learning via Noise Negative Sample Self-correction
2308.00280 Data Collaboration Analysis applied to Compound Datasets and the Introduction of Projection data to Non-IID settings
2308.00282 ZADU: A Python Library for Evaluating the Reliability of Dimensionality Reduction Embeddings
2308.00283 The Mass Fractionation of Helium in the Escaping Atmosphere of HD 209458b
2308.00284 CLAMS: A Cluster Ambiguity Measure for Estimating Perceptual Variability in Visual Clustering
2308.00285 Predictive Modeling through Hyper-Bayesian Optimization
2308.00287 A Study of Unsupervised Evaluation Metrics for Practical and Automatic Domain Adaptation
2308.00288 VulMatch: Binary-level Vulnerability Detection Through Signature
2308.00289 Space spanned by characteristic exponents
2308.00291 Fundus-Enhanced Disease-Aware Distillation Model for Retinal Disease Classification from OCT Images
2308.00292 A Dual-space Multilevel Kernel-splitting Framework for Discrete and Continuous Convolution
2308.00295 Making the V in Text-VQA Matter
2308.00296 Practical asymptotic stability of data-driven model predictive control using extended DMD
2308.00297 Every compact manifold carries a hyperbolic diffeomorphism with countably infinitely many ergodic components
2308.00298 Finite population effects on optimal communication for social foragers
2308.00301 Online Prototype Learning for Online Continual Learning
2308.00303 Diffusion Model for Camouflaged Object Detection
2308.00304 Skills-in-Context Prompting: Unlocking Compositionality in Large Language Models
2308.00305 The formation pathways of compact elliptical galaxies
2308.00307 Domain Adaptation based on Human Feedback for Enhancing Generative Model Denoising Abilities
2308.00308 Thermodynamics and evaporation of perfect fluid dark matter black hole in phantom background
2308.00309 Absorption of Fermionic Dark Matter via the Scalar Portal
2308.00310 GradOrth: A Simple yet Efficient Out-of-Distribution Detection with Orthogonal Projection of Gradients
2308.00311 Doubly Robust Instance-Reweighted Adversarial Training
2308.00312 Functional Continuous Uncertainty Principle
2308.00313 Zero-Shot Learning by Harnessing Adversarial Samples
2308.00314 Free boundary regularity and support propagation in mean field games and optimal transport
2308.00316 Artifact: Measuring and Mitigating Gaps in Structural Testing
2308.00317 A new class of nonparametric tests for second-order stochastic dominance based on the Lorenz P-P plot
2308.00318 Pixel to policy: DQN Encoders for within & cross-game reinforcement learning
2308.00321 Fick's las selects the Neumann boundary condition
2308.00322 Comment on "An optimal system, invariant solutions, conservation laws, and complete classification of Lie group symmetries for a generalized (2+1)-dim. Davey-Stewartson system of equations for the wave propagation in water of finite depth"
2308.00323 Fine-Grained Sports, Yoga, and Dance Postures Recognition: A Benchmark Analysis
2308.00325 Informative Path Planning of Autonomous Vehicle for Parking Occupancy Estimation
2308.00327 Threshold-aware Learning to Generate Feasible Solutions for Mixed Integer Programs
2308.00328 A detached double X-ray tail in the merging galaxy cluster Z8338 with a large double tail
2308.00329 Inclusive, prompt and non-prompt $ m{J}/ψ$ identification in proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider using machine learning
2308.00330 Advancing Frame-Dropping in Multi-Object Tracking-by-Detection Systems Through Event-Based Detection Triggering
2308.00332 Reconstruction Harmonic Balance Method and its Application in Solving Complex Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
2308.00335 Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problem for Mean-Field Stochastic Differential Equations with a Type of Random Coefficients
2308.00336 Blinkverse: A Database of Fast Radio Bursts
2308.00337 Convection of mono-disperse particles in a highly filled rotating cylinder
2308.00338 A symplectic dynamics approach to the spatial isosceles three-body problem
2308.00343 Oxygen-bearing organic molecules in comet 67P's dusty coma: first evidence for abundant heterocycles
2308.00344 Kidnapping Deep Learning-based Multirotors using Optimized Flying Adversarial Patches
2308.00346 Dynamic ensemble selection based on Deep Neural Network Uncertainty Estimation for Adversarial Robustness
2308.00347 A regularity theory for parabolic equations with anisotropic non-local operators in $L_{q}(L_{p})$ spaces
2308.00350 Learning Green's Function Efficiently Using Low-Rank Approximations
2308.00353 Lowis3D: Language-Driven Open-World Instance-Level 3D Scene Understanding
2308.00354 Self-supervised Multidimensional Scaling with $F$-ratio: Improving Microbiome Visualization
2308.00355 Conditionally Optimal Parallel Coloring of Forests
2308.00356 Deep Image Harmonization with Globally Guided Feature Transformation and Relation Distillation
2308.00357 Orbital-free Density Functional Theory: differences and similarities between electronic and nuclear systems
2308.00358 Mixing in incompressible flows: transport, dissipation, and their interplay
2308.00359 The asymptotic stability of solitons in the focusing Hirota equation on the line
2308.00360 An Efficient Algorithm for Computational Protein Design Problem
2308.00363 Anomalous smoothing effect on the incompressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier limit from Boltzmann with periodic velocity
2308.00365 Vertical structure of buoyancy transport by ocean baroclinic turbulence
2308.00367 Maneuvering tracking algorithm for reentry vehicles with guaranteed prescribed performance
2308.00369 Quantum error correction with an Ising machine under circuit-level noise
2308.00371 Cosmic time and the initial state of the universe
2308.00373 Physical-Layer Authentication of Commodity Wi-Fi Devices via Micro-Signals on CSI Curves
2308.00375 Anatomy of a High-Profile Data Breach: Dissecting the Aftermath of a Crypto-Wallet Case
2308.00377 Shape Completion with Prediction of Uncertain Regions
2308.00378 On MSRD codes, h-designs and disjoint maximum scattered linear sets
2308.00383 Exploiting the dynamics of commodity futures curves
2308.00384 Engineering unsteerable quantum states with active feedback
2308.00385 Phase retrieval in Fock space and perturbation of Liouville sets
2308.00386 The monoid of order isomorphisms between principal filters of $sigma{mathbb{N}^kappa}$
2308.00388 Decay estimates for a class of semigroups related to self-adjoint operators on metric measure spaces
2308.00389 Autonomous data extraction from peer reviewed literature for training machine learning models of oxidation potentials
2308.00390 Some results on 2-distance coloring of planar graphs with girth five
2308.00391 Counterfactual Graph Transformer for Traffic Flow Prediction
2308.00392 CMOS on-chip thermometry at deep cryogenic temperatures
2308.00394 On the Generation of a Synthetic Event-Based Vision Dataset for Navigation and Landing
2308.00396 Accretion Disc Evolution in GRO J1655-40 and LMC X-3 with Relativistic and Non-Relativistic Disc Models
2308.00397 Quantum-circuit refrigeration of a superconducting microwave resonator well below a single quantum
2308.00398 DriveAdapter: Breaking the Coupling Barrier of Perception and Planning in End-to-End Autonomous Driving
2308.00399 Tackling Hallucinations in Neural Chart Summarization
2308.00401 VideoPro: A Visual Analytics Approach for Interactive Video Programming
2308.00402 Metrics to Quantify Global Consistency in Synthetic Medical Images
2308.00403 Prompt Gamma-Ray Burst Emission from Internal Shocks -- New Insights
2308.00404 Challenging the Myth of Graph Collaborative Filtering: a Reasoned and Reproducibility-driven Analysis
2308.00405 Who benefits from altmetrics? The effect of team gender composition on the link between online visibility and citation impact
2308.00407 Coded Modulation Schemes for Voronoi Constellations
2308.00408 Space Debris: Are Deep Learning-based Image Enhancements part of the Solution?
2308.00409 A quantitative version of the Gidas-Ni-Nirenberg Theorem
2308.00410 A Cyber-Physical Routing Protocol Exploiting Trajectory Dynamics for Mission-Oriented Flying Ad Hoc Networks
2308.00411 Experimental Observation of the 2D-1D Dimensional Crossover in Strongly Interacting Ultracold Bosons
2308.00412 Crystallization Dynamics of Amorphous Yttrium Iron Garnet Thin Films
2308.00414 Ab-initio Study of Electronic and Lattice Dynamical Properties of monolayer ZnO under Strain
2308.00415 Generative Query Reformulation for Effective Adhoc Search
2308.00417 The use of the invariant's properties in the primality test and prime search
2308.00419 Cooperative Positioning for Sparsely Distributed High-Mobility Wireless Networks with EKF Based Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion
2308.00420 The complexity of the Timetable-Based Railway Network Design Problem
2308.00421 Beyond-mean-field theory for the statistics of neural coordination
2308.00422 A complete solution of the $k$-uniform supertrees with the eight largest $alpha$-spectral radii
2308.00423 Hydrostatic Pressure Induced Anomalous Enhancement in the Thermoelectric Performance of Monolayer MoS$_{2}$
2308.00424 Triviality Results and Conjugate Radius Estimation of Ricci Solitons
2308.00425 Discourse-Aware Text Simplification: From Complex Sentences to Linked Propositions
2308.00427 Ultrafast magnetization enhancement and spin current injection in magnetic multilayers by exciting the nonmagnetic metal
2308.00429 Patch-wise Auto-Encoder for Visual Anomaly Detection
2308.00430 Feasibility of Neutron Coincidence Counting for Spent Fuel
2308.00432 The isomorphism problem for rational group algebras of finite metacyclic groups
2308.00436 SelfCheck: Using LLMs to Zero-Shot Check Their Own Step-by-Step Reasoning
2308.00437 A First Look at Digital Rights Management Systems for Secure Mobile Content Delivery
2308.00438 Convergence of halo statistics: code comparison between Rockstar and CompaSO using scale-free simulations
2308.00441 Cover-time Gumbel Fluctuations in Finite-Range, Symmetric, Irreducible Random Walks on Torus
2308.00442 FLatten Transformer: Vision Transformer using Focused Linear Attention
2308.00445 Electrical detection and nucleation of a magnetic skyrmion in a magnetic tunnel junction observed via operando magnetic microscopy
2308.00446 Complexity evaluation of network configurations and abstractions
2308.00447 Structural Embeddings of Tools for Large Language Models
2308.00448 Galaxy Cluster simulations with a spectral Cosmic Ray model -- "Wrong Way" Radio Relics
2308.00449 LoRa Modulation for Split Learning
2308.00450 Covariant quantum field theory of tachyons
2308.00451 Physics-Driven Spectrum-Consistent Federated Learning for Palmprint Verification
2308.00453 Sampling and interpolation for analytic selfmappings of the disc
2308.00454 ViT2EEG: Leveraging Hybrid Pretrained Vision Transformers for EEG Data
2308.00455 Combinatorics of a Class of Completely Additive Arithmetic Functions
2308.00456 DMFC-GraspNet: Differentiable Multi-Fingered Robotic Grasp Generation in Cluttered Scenes
2308.00457 Probing proton structure with $c ar c$ correlations in ultraperipheral $pA$ collisions
2308.00459 An Integral RB Operator
2308.00460 Characterization-based approach for construction of goodness-of-fit test for L'evy distribution
2308.00461 Non-invasive in silico determination of ventricular wall pre-straining and characteristic cavity pressures
2308.00462 Context-Aware Talking-Head Video Editing
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