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22 May 2024

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2309.00153 Optimal decay rates in Sobolev norms for singular values of integral operators
2309.00155 LLM in the Shell: Generative Honeypots
2309.00156 Measurement of in-medium jet modification using direct photon+jet and $pi^{0}$+jet correlations in $p+p$ and central Au+Au collisions at $sqrt{s_{ m NN}} = 200$ GeV
2309.00157 Information Fusion for Assistance Systems in Production Assessment
2309.00158 BuilDiff: 3D Building Shape Generation using Single-Image Conditional Point Cloud Diffusion Models
2309.00160 A Task-Interdependency Model of Complex Collaboration Towards Human-Centered Crowd Work
2309.00164 Optimal Conditions for Environment-Assisted Quantum Transport on the Fully Connected Network
2309.00165 From Flow to Jamming: Lattice Gas Automaton Simulations in Granular Materials
2309.00168 Pose-Graph Attentional Graph Neural Network for Lidar Place Recognition
2309.00169 RepCodec: A Speech Representation Codec for Speech Tokenization
2309.00171 Invariant subspace problem in Hilbert space: Correlation with the Kadison-Singer problem and the Borel conjecture
2309.00172 Detecting Evidence of Organization in groups by Trajectories
2309.00175 Well-posedness and decay structure of a quantum hydrodynamics system with Bohm potential and linear viscosity
2309.00176 Parallel Distributional Prioritized Deep Reinforcement Learning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
2309.00178 Will Sentiment Analysis Need Subculture? A New Data Augmentation Approach
2309.00179 Optical LC-like resonances in high-index particles
2309.00180 Exploring the law of text geographic information
2309.00181 Security Verification of Low-Trust Architectures
2309.00182 Generalized Ramsey numbers at the linear and quadratic thresholds
2309.00185 Almost Fraïssé Banach spaces
2309.00186 Qualitative analysis of nonregular differential-algebraic equations and the dynamics of gas networks
2309.00188 DARC: Distribution-Aware Re-Coloring Model for Generalizable Nucleus Segmentation
2309.00190 Sprinkling with random regular graphs
2309.00191 Periodic solutions for Boussinesq systems in weak-Morrey spaces
2309.00193 Population-level Balance in Signed Networks
2309.00194 Approximate Bayesian computation for Markovian binary trees in phylogenetics
2309.00197 Deep-learning-based Early Fixing for Gas-lifted Oil Production Optimization: Supervised and Weakly-supervised Approaches
2309.00199 Diffusion Model with Clustering-based Conditioning for Food Image Generation
2309.00201 Subjectivity in Unsupervised Machine Learning Model Selection
2309.00205 Measuring black hole spin through gravitational lensing of pulsars
2309.00206 Gap and Overlap Detection in Automated Fiber Placement
2309.00207 Quantum nonlinear spectroscopy via correlations of weak Faraday-rotation measurements
2309.00208 Large Language Models for Semantic Monitoring of Corporate Disclosures: A Case Study on Korea's Top 50 KOSPI Companies
2309.00209 Let's Play Together through Channels: Understanding the Practices and Experience of Danmaku Participation Game Players in China
2309.00210 Damped Euler system with attractive Riesz interaction forces
2309.00213 Bounds on data limits for all-to-all comparison from combinatorial designs
2309.00214 Regret-Minimizing Project Choice
2309.00215 Towards Addressing the Misalignment of Object Proposal Evaluation for Vision-Language Tasks via Semantic Grounding
2309.00216 Human-Inspired Facial Sketch Synthesis with Dynamic Adaptation
2309.00218 Catastrophic Emission of Charges from Near-Extremal Nariai Black Holes
2309.00220 Development of wide range photon detection system for muonic X-ray spectroscopy
2309.00221 A multinode quantum network over a metropolitan area
2309.00222 Moyal deformation of the classical arrival time
2309.00223 The FruitShell French synthesis system at the Blizzard 2023 Challenge
2309.00224 Topology and phase transition for EPYM AdS black hole in thermal potential
2309.00225 Rapid single-shot parity spin readout in a silicon double quantum dot with fidelity exceeding 99 %
2309.00226 The Role of User-Agent Interactions on Mobile Money Practices in Kenya and Tanzania
2309.00229 Chern Classes of Tropical Manifolds
2309.00230 JoTR: A Joint Transformer and Reinforcement Learning Framework for Dialog Policy Learning
2309.00233 Object-Centric Multiple Object Tracking
2309.00234 Ground Truth Generation Algorithm for Medium-Frequency R-Mode Skywave Detection
2309.00236 Image Hijacking: Adversarial Images can Control Generative Models at Runtime
2309.00237 Publicly Shareable Clinical Large Language Model Built on Synthetic Clinical Notes
2309.00241 Spiking based Cellular Learning Automata (SCLA) algorithm for mobile robot motion formulation
2309.00243 On the Rankin-Selberg $L$-function related to the Godement-Jacquet $L$-function II
2309.00245 City electric power consumption forecasting based on big data & neural network under smart grid background
2309.00246 Detecting Suicidality in Arabic Tweets Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
2309.00247 Further study on forbidden subgraphs of power graph
2309.00249 Suicidal Pedestrian: Generation of Safety-Critical Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles
2309.00253 Redundant basis interpretation of Doi-Peliti method and an application
2309.00255 SortedNet, a Place for Every Network and Every Network in its Place: Towards a Generalized Solution for Training Many-in-One Neural Networks
2309.00256 Beyond Screens: Supporting Co-located Augmented Reality Experiences with Smart Home Devices
2309.00257 Leveraging Learning Metrics for Improved Federated Learning
2309.00258 Laplace Sum Rules in Quantum ChromoDynamics
2309.00259 Electrical detection of parallel parametric amplification and attenuation in $mathrm{Y}_3mathrm{Fe}_5mathrm{O}_{12}$/$mathrm{Pt}$ bilayer disk
2309.00262 Second MAYA Catalog of Binary Black Hole Numerical Relativity Waveforms
2309.00263 Multichannel quantum defect theory with a frame transformation for ultracold molecular collisions in magnetic fields
2309.00267 RLAIF: Scaling Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback with AI Feedback
2309.00269 Co-Tuning of Cloud Infrastructure and Distributed Data Processing Platforms
2309.00271 Probing Inelastic Dark Matter at the LHC, FASER and STCF
2309.00272 Discovery of compact disc Galaxies with High Surface Brightness in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
2309.00275 Technical Companion to Example-Based Procedural Modeling Using Graph Grammars
2309.00276 Superexchange coupling of donor qubits in silicon
2309.00278 Data-driven Topology Optimization of Channel Flow Problems
2309.00279 Rethinking Ductility -- A Study Into the Size-Affected Fracture of Polymers
2309.00282 Deforming reducible representations of surface and 2-orbifold groups
2309.00283 Noncommutative Riemannian geometry of Kronecker algebras
2309.00284 Enhancing the vocal range of single-speaker singing voice synthesis with melody-unsupervised pre-training
2309.00286 Ampleness of Automorphic Line Bundles on $U(2)$ Shimura Varieties
2309.00287 Fast Diffusion EM: a diffusion model for blind inverse problems with application to deconvolution
2309.00288 Stark effect tunable terahertz transitions in finite carbon chains
2309.00289 A Spatial Sigma-Delta Approach to Mitigation of Power Amplifier Distortions in Massive MIMO Downlink
2309.00290 Design and Numerical Analysis of Hyperbolic Metamaterial Based Ultrasensitive E. Coli Sensor
2309.00291 Ultraluminous Quasars At High Redshift Show Evolution In Their Radio-Loudness Fraction In Both Redshift And Ultraviolet Luminosity
2309.00292 Directional movement of a collective of compassless automata on square lattice of width 2
2309.00293 Model Predictive Control using MATLAB
2309.00294 On representation equivalence and multiplicity measure for lattices in Lie Groups
2309.00295 Local discrimination of orbital angular momentum in entangled states
2309.00297 Fine-Grained Spatiotemporal Motion Alignment for Contrastive Video Representation Learning
2309.00298 Phenomenological models of Cosmic Ray transport in Galaxies
2309.00299 Quantum mechanics of composite fermions
2309.00302 Arithmetic properties of overpartitions
2309.00303 Optical Probing of Ultrafast Laser-Induced Solid-to-Overdense-Plasma Transitions
2309.00304 The Case for Replication-Aware Memory-Error Protection in Disaggregated Memory
2309.00305 Efficient Surrogate Models for Materials Science Simulations: Machine Learning-based Prediction of Microstructure Properties
2309.00306 On the Aggregation of Rules for Knowledge Graph Completion
2309.00309 The strip entropy approximation of Markov shifts on trees
2309.00310 Fusing Monocular Images and Sparse IMU Signals for Real-time Human Motion Capture
2309.00311 BRCA Gene Mutations in dbSNP: A Visual Exploration of Genetic Variants
2309.00312 Comparative Topic Modeling for Determinants of Divergent Report Results Applied to Macular Degeneration Studies
2309.00313 Message Passing Based Block Sparse Signal Recovery for DOA Estimation Using Large Arrays
2309.00314 ARFA: An Asymmetric Receptive Field Autoencoder Model for Spatiotemporal Prediction
2309.00315 Mumford's formula on the universal Picard stack
2309.00316 A quantitative explanation of the radio--X-ray correlation in black-hole X-ray binaries
2309.00318 Gas phase Elemental abundances in Molecular cloudS (GEMS). IX. Deuterated compounds of H2S in starless cores
2309.00319 Analytical results for binary dynamics at the first post-Newtonian order in Einstein-Cartan theory with the Weyssenhoff fluid
2309.00321 Stable and locally mass- and momentum-conservative control-volume finite-element schemes for the Stokes problem
2309.00322 Connectivity and combinatorial interplay in the moduli space of line arrangements
2309.00324 The space weather around the exoplanet GJ 436 b. II. Stellar wind-exoplanet interactions
2309.00325 Multi-fidelity reduced-order surrogate modeling
2309.00327 Implementing BDI Continual Temporal Planning for Robotic Agents
2309.00329 Mi-Go: Test Framework which uses YouTube as Data Source for Evaluating Speech Recognition Models like OpenAI's Whisper
2309.00330 Multitask Deep Learning for Accurate Risk Stratification and Prediction of Next Steps for Coronary CT Angiography Patients
2309.00331 Human trajectory prediction using LSTM with Attention mechanism
2309.00332 Transposed Poisson structures on Lie incidence algebras
2309.00334 Recovery of a generic local Hamiltonian from a degenerate steady state
2309.00335 Uniqueness of steady states of Gorini-Kossakowski-Sudarshan-Lindblad equations: a simple proof
2309.00336 Combining chirp mass, luminosity distance and sky localisation from gravitational wave events to detect the cosmic dipole
2309.00337 Colimits of categories, zig-zags and necklaces
2309.00338 An Edge-based Interface Tracking (EBIT) Method for Multiphase-flows Simulation with Surface Tension
2309.00340 Isostructural phase transition in Tb2Ti2O7 under pressure and temperature: Insights from synchrotron X-ray diffraction
2309.00342 Self-Sustainable Key Generation: Strategies and Performance Bounds under DoS Attacks
2309.00343 Topological and nontopological degeneracies in generalized string-net models
2309.00344 Improving Dependency Tuples for Almost-Sure Innermost Termination of Probabilistic Term Rewriting
2309.00345 Urban Logistics in Amsterdam: A Modal Shift from Roadways to Waterway
2309.00346 Coexistence of nematic superconductivity and spin density wave in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
2309.00347 Towards Contrastive Learning in Music Video Domain
2309.00348 MuraNet: Multi-task Floor Plan Recognition with Relation Attention
2309.00349 Bespoke Nanoparticle Synthesis and Chemical Knowledge Discovery Via Autonomous Experimentations
2309.00352 On a relation between the $mathrm{K}$-cowaist and the $hat{mathsf{A}}$-cowaist
2309.00353 Metrical properties of the product of partial quotients with geometric mean in continued fractions
2309.00354 Calculation of microscopic nuclear level densities based on covariant density functional theory
2309.00355 $^{16}$O spectral function from coupled-cluster theory: applications to lepton-nucleus scattering
2309.00356 Explainable Active Learning for Preference Elicitation
2309.00357 Discrete Versus Continuous Algorithms in Dynamics of Affective Decision Making
2309.00358 Charming-loop contribution to $B_s o gammagamma$ decay
2309.00360 Semiaffine stable planes
2309.00361 Towards a "Swiss Army Knife" for Scalable User-Defined Temporal $(k,mathcal{X})$-Core Analysis
2309.00362 The impact of wettability on the co-moving velocity of two-fluid flow in porous media
2309.00363 FederatedScope-LLM: A Comprehensive Package for Fine-tuning Large Language Models in Federated Learning
2309.00364 Uncertainty Quantification on Spent Nuclear Fuel with LMC
2309.00365 Large deviations for the longest alternating and the longest increasing subsequence in a random permutation avoiding a pattern of length three
2309.00366 High-energy acceleration phenomena in extreme radiation-plasma interactions
2309.00368 When Do Discourse Markers Affect Computational Sentence Understanding?
2309.00370 On the trace theorem to Volterra-type equations with local or non-local derivatives
2309.00371 Robust Super-Resolution Imaging Based on a Ring Core Fiber with Orbital Angular Momentum
2309.00372 On the Localization of Ultrasound Image Slices within Point Distribution Models
2309.00373 Scenario-based model predictive control of water reservoir systems
2309.00375 Cosmogenesis as symmetry transformation
2309.00379 Anomaly detection with semi-supervised classification based on risk estimators
2309.00380 Learning multi-modal generative models with permutation-invariant encoders and tighter variational bounds
2309.00382 Towards Cross-Provider Analysis of Transparency Information for Data Protection
2309.00383 Pulsar timing arrays within rotating and expanding Universe
2309.00384 BatchPrompt: Accomplish more with less
2309.00386 Satisfiability Checking of Multi-Variable TPTL with Unilateral Intervals Is PSPACE-Complete
2309.00388 On conformally flat cubic metrics with weakly isotropic scalar curvature
2309.00390 Chance or Chaos? Fractal geometry aimed to inspect the nature of Bitcoin
2309.00393 A survey on the boundary behavior of the double layer potential in Schauder spaces in the frame of an abstract approach
2309.00394 Normal approximation for Gibbs processes via disagreement couplings
2309.00395 Simultaneous detection of boosted dark matter and neutrinos from the semi-annihilation at DUNE
2309.00397 Learning the tensor network model of a quantum state using a few single-qubit measurements
2309.00398 VideoGen: A Reference-Guided Latent Diffusion Approach for High Definition Text-to-Video Generation
2309.00399 Fine-grained Recognition with Learnable Semantic Data Augmentation
2309.00400 Enhancing thermal mixing in turbulent bubbly flow by adding salt
2309.00401 Early Dark Energy beyond slow-roll: implications for cosmic tensions
2309.00403 Kinematic anisotropies and pulsar timing arrays
2309.00409 Multiple Mellin-Barnes integrals and triangulations of point configurations
2309.00410 Selective Scene Text Removal
2309.00412 RXCJ1111.6+4050 galaxy cluster: the observational evidence of a transitional fossil group
2309.00413 The manifold rheology of fluidized granular media
2309.00414 Melting of olive oil in immiscible surroundings: experiments and theory
2309.00415 Bennequin-Plamenevskaya Type Inequalities for Kronheimer-Mrowka's Concordance Invariant
2309.00416 Advancing Personalized Federated Learning: Group Privacy, Fairness, and Beyond
2309.00417 Area-norm COBRA on Conditional Survival Prediction
2309.00418 Subsonic steady-states for bipolar hydrodynamic model for semiconductors
2309.00419 Optimal Scaling transformations to model non-linear relations in GLMs with ordered and unordered predictors
2309.00420 Well-separated soliton-antisoliton pairs with an adjoint Higgs field in 4D space
2309.00421 A fast algorithm for Stallings foldings over virtually free groups
2309.00422 Declarative Reasoning on Explanations Using Constraint Logic Programming
2309.00423 Strong solutions for the Navier-Stokes-Voigt equations with non-negative density
2309.00424 CPSP: Learning Speech Concepts From Phoneme Supervision
2309.00426 A lattice on Dyck paths close to the Tamari lattice
2309.00427 Infinite families of solutions for $A^3 + B^3 = C^3 + D^3$ and $A^4 + B^4 + C^4 + D^4 + E^4 = F^4$
2309.00428 A Locality-based Neural Solver for Optical Motion Capture
2309.00430 Torsion birational motives of surfaces and unramified cohomology
2309.00432 Drinfeld Modular Curves Subordinate to Conjugacy Classes of Nilpotent Upper-Triangular Matrices
2309.00433 Melting, bubble-like expansion and explosion of superheated plasmonic nanoparticles
2309.00434 Improving the matching of deformable objects by learning to detect keypoints
2309.00436 Hyperfine splitting in $^{6,7}$Li$^+$
2309.00437 A Useful Formula for Periodic Jacobi Matrices on Trees
2309.00438 A shape-based heuristic for the detection of urban block artifacts in street networks
2309.00440 Yet another Improvement of Plantard Arithmetic for Faster Kyber on Low-end 32-bit IoT Devices
2309.00445 A Phenomenological Approach to Interactive Knot Diagrams
2309.00446 Quantum Walk Laser
2309.00448 Account Abstraction, Analysed
2309.00449 The evolution of the cold gas fraction in nearby clusters ram-pressure stripped galaxies
2309.00450 When is the inverse of an invertible convex function itself convex?
2309.00452 Improving NLO QCD event generators with high-energy EW corrections
2309.00453 Learning the Imaging Model of Speed-of-Sound Reconstruction via a Convolutional Formulation
2309.00454 CoNeTTE: An efficient Audio Captioning system leveraging multiple datasets with Task Embedding
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