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22 May 2024

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2401.00603 Intraday Trading Algorithm for Predicting Cryptocurrency Price Movements Using Twitter Big Data Analysis
2401.00604 SteinDreamer: Variance Reduction for Text-to-3D Score Distillation via Stein Identity
2401.00605 Distributed Multi-Object Tracking Under Limited Field of View Heterogeneous Sensors with Density Clustering
2401.00606 Backward propagation of warped product structures and asymptotically conical shrinkers
2401.00607 Ricci flows which terminate in cones
2401.00608 Bringing Back the Context: Camera Trap Species Identification as Link Prediction on Multimodal Knowledge Graphs
2401.00609 A Survey of Personality, Persona, and Profile in Conversational Agents and Chatbots
2401.00610 A High School Camp on Algorithms and Coding in Jamaica
2401.00611 A Compact Representation for Bayesian Neural Networks By Removing Permutation Symmetry
2401.00612 On the relations between Auerbach or almost Auberbach Markushevich systems and Schauder bases
2401.00613 Extracting spectra in the shell model Monte Carlo method using imaginary-time correlation matrices
2401.00614 On Nontrivial Winning and Losing Parameters of Schmidt Games
2401.00615 Test ideals in mixed characteristic: a unified theory up to perturbation
2401.00616 GD^2-NeRF: Generative Detail Compensation via GAN and Diffusion for One-shot Generalizable Neural Radiance Fields
2401.00617 Towards Improved Proxy-based Deep Metric Learning via Data-Augmented Domain Adaptation
2401.00618 Generalized Difference-in-Differences for Ordered Choice Models: Too Many "False Zeros"?
2401.00619 Collision energy dependence of source sizes for primary and secondary pions at NICA energies
2401.00620 A Borel-Pompeiu formula in a $(q,q')$-model of quaternionic analysis
2401.00621 Multiplicity of normalized solutions for the fractional Schr"{o}dinger equation with potentials
2401.00622 Federated Class-Incremental Learning with New-Class Augmented Self-Distillation
2401.00623 Normalized solutions to the Chern-Simons-Schrödinger system: the supercritical case
2401.00624 Semi-Confirmatory Factor Analysis for High-Dimensional Data with Interconnected Community Structures
2401.00625 Beyond Efficiency: A Systematic Survey of Resource-Efficient Large Language Models
2401.00626 Complex Continued Fractions and Extremal Theory
2401.00627 Student and AI responses to physics problems examined through the lenses of sensemaking and mechanistic reasoning
2401.00628 On the 2D Yang-Mills/Hurwitz Correspondence
2401.00629 Adversarially Trained Actor Critic for offline CMDPs
2401.00630 An almost linear time algorithm testing whether the Markoff graph modulo $p$ is connected
2401.00631 Coordinated Deep Neural Networks: A Versatile Edge Offloading Algorithm
2401.00632 TBDD: A New Trust-based, DRL-driven Framework for Blockchain Sharding in IoT
2401.00633 On Discprecncies between Perturbation Evaluations of Graph Neural Network Attributions
2401.00634 A scalable two-stage Bayesian approach accounting for exposure measurement error in environmental epidemiology
2401.00635 Optimization of deterministic photonic graph state generation via local operations
2401.00636 Periodic and quasi-motivic pencils of flat connections
2401.00637 Nonlinear vibration of a dipteran flight robot system with rotational geometric nonlinearity
2401.00638 A class of finite $p$-groups and the normalized unit groups of group algebras
2401.00639 Geometry Depth Consistency in RGBD Relative Pose Estimation
2401.00640 On the Law of Large Numbers and Convergence Rates for the Discrete Fourier Transform of Random Fields
2401.00641 Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling for Time-Dependent Inverse Uncertainty Quantification in Nuclear Thermal-Hydeaulics Applications
2401.00642 Predicting Anti-microbial Resistance using Large Language Models
2401.00643 Spectral action and heat kernel trace for Ricci flat manifolds from stochastic flow over second quantized $L^2$-differential forms
2401.00644 DEWP: Deep Expansion Learning for Wind Power Forecasting
2401.00645 Density bounds for unit ball packings relative to their outer parallel domains
2401.00646 High magnetic field phase diagram and weak FM breaking in (Ni0.93Co0.07)3V2O8
2401.00647 Tuning Thermal Conductivity of Hybrid Perovskites through Halide Alloying
2401.00648 An example for Kuznetsov-Shinder conjecture
2401.00649 Linear Model and Extensions
2401.00650 Automated Invariant Generation for Solidity Smart Contracts
2401.00651 IRWE: Inductive Random Walk for Joint Inference of Identity and Position Network Embedding
2401.00652 From Covert Hiding to Visual Editing: Robust Generative Video Steganography
2401.00653 PROMPT-IML: Image Manipulation Localization with Pre-trained Foundation Models Through Prompt Tuning
2401.00654 Global rigidity for some partially hyperbolic abelian actions with 1-dimensional center
2401.00655 The minimal periodic solutions for superquadratic autonomous Hamiltonian systems without the Palais-Smale condition
2401.00656 Scalable iterative data-adaptive RKHS regularization
2401.00657 Optimizing ADMM and Over-Relaxed ADMM Parameters for Linear Quadratic Problems
2401.00658 Point Cloud in the Air
2401.00659 Advanced Dataset Discovery: When Multi-Query-Dataset Cardinality Estimation Matters
2401.00660 Heavy quark structure functions from unifying the color dipole picture and double asymptotic scaling approaches
2401.00661 Personalized Dynamic Pricing Policy for Electric Vehicles: Reinforcement learning approach
2401.00662 Enhancing Pre-trained ASR System Fine-tuning for Dysarthric Speech Recognition using Adversarial Data Augmentation
2401.00663 1st Place Solution for 5th LSVOS Challenge: Referring Video Object Segmentation
2401.00664 New Sample Complexity Bounds for (Regularized) Sample Average Approximation in Several Heavy-Tailed, Non-Lipschitzian, and High-Dimensional Cases
2401.00665 An algorithm for estimating the crossing number of dense graphs, and continuous analogs of the crossing and rectilinear crossing numbers
2401.00666 On the $δ$-chromatic numbers of the Cartesian products of graphs
2401.00667 Channelling Multimodality Through a Unimodalizing Transport: Warp-U Sampler and Stochastic Bridge Sampling
2401.00668 The structure of the stellar halo of the Andromeda galaxy explored with the NB515 for Subaru/HSC. I.: New Insights on the stellar halo up to 120 kpc
2401.00669 Analysis of the electromagnetic form factors and the radiative decays of the vector heavy-light mesons
2401.00670 Hybrid physics-informed metabolic cybergenetics: process rates augmented with machine-learning surrogates informed by flux balance analysis
2401.00671 Large deviation principle for a two-time-scale McKean-Vlasov model with jumps
2401.00672 Orthogonal Blocking Kaczmarz Algorithm Based on Preprocessing Technology
2401.00673 Large deviation principle for slow-fast rough differential equations via controlled rough paths
2401.00674 Biphenylene Nanoribbon as Promising Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution
2401.00675 Exotic synchronization in continuous time crystals outside the symmetric subspace
2401.00676 Digger: Detecting Copyright Content Mis-usage in Large Language Model Training
2401.00677 Linear subspaces of the intersection of two quadrics via Kuznetsov component
2401.00678 General-purpose foundation models for increased autonomy in robot-assisted surgery
2401.00679 Nonlinear charge transport induced by gate voltage oscillation in few-layer MnBi2Te4
2401.00680 Whittaker modules and hyperbolic Toda lattices
2401.00681 Mitigating Procrastination in Crowdsourcing Via Efficient Scheduling Algorithm
2401.00682 The Smooth Trajectory Estimator for LMB Filters
2401.00683 Asymptotically Optimal Sequence Sets With Low/Zero Ambiguity Zone Properties
2401.00684 A Temporal Filter to Extract Doped Conducting Polymer Information Features from an Electronic Nose
2401.00685 Communication-Efficient Federated Learning for LEO Constellations Integrated with HAPs Using Hybrid NOMA-OFDM
2401.00686 Transit cosmological models in Myrzakulov F(R,T) gravity theory
2401.00687 Constraining MeV to 10 GeV majoron by Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
2401.00688 Inferring community structure in attributed hypergraphs using stochastic block models
2401.00689 Large language model for Bible sentiment analysis: Sermon on the Mount
2401.00690 Benchmarking Large Language Models on Controllable Generation under Diversified Instructions
2401.00691 Stochastic Gradient Descent for Additive Nonparametric Regression
2401.00692 Self-supervised learning for skin cancer diagnosis with limited training data
2401.00693 Decoupling Limits in Effective Field Theories via Higher Dimensional Operators
2401.00694 A note on a question of Shioda about integral sections
2401.00695 Credible Teacher for Semi-Supervised Object Detection in Open Scene
2401.00696 $Z^prime$ induced forward dominant processes in $μ$TRISTAN experiment
2401.00697 3D non-LTE abundance analyses of late-type stars
2401.00698 Large Language Models aren't all that you need
2401.00699 Quantum walk on simplicial complexes for simplicial community detection
2401.00700 An attempt to generate new bridge types from latent space of generative adversarial network
2401.00701 Towards Efficient and Effective Text-to-Video Retrieval with Coarse-to-Fine Visual Representation Learning
2401.00702 Stability of strong viscous shock wave under periodic perturbation for 1-D isentropic Navier-Stokes system in the half space
2401.00703 Symmetries of Love: Ladder Structure of Static and Rotating Black Holes
2401.00704 Orthogonal webs and semisimplification
2401.00705 On metric dimension of cube of trees
2401.00706 Critical line of exponents, scattering theories for a weighted gradient system of semilinear wave equations
2401.00707 A test of MOND and Emergent Gravity with SMACS J0723.3-7327 using eROSITA observations
2401.00708 Revisiting Nonlocal Self-Similarity from Continuous Representation
2401.00709 Clairaut Anti-invariant Riemannian maps from/to K"ahler manifolds admitting Ricci soliton
2401.00710 Parallel Integer Sort: Theory and Practice
2401.00711 Text2Avatar: Text to 3D Human Avatar Generation with Codebook-Driven Body Controllable Attribute
2401.00712 Steering of vortices by magnetic-field tilting in superconductor nanotubes
2401.00713 A Survey on Graph Neural Networks in Intelligent Transportation Systems
2401.00714 Calculation of Gilbert damping and magnetic moment of inertia using torque-torque correlation model within ab initio Wannier framework
2401.00715 Dynamics of the Beta Pictoris planetary system and its falling evaporating bodies
2401.00716 Domination Polynomial of the Rook Graph
2401.00717 HENO-MAC: Hybrid Energy Harvesting-based Energy Neutral Operation MAC Protocol for Delay-Sensitive IoT Applications
2401.00718 Generalised Local Fractional Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities on Fractal Sets
2401.00719 Depth Map Denoising Network and Lightweight Fusion Network for Enhanced 3D Face Recognition
2401.00720 Every closed surface of genus at least $17$ is Loewner
2401.00721 Update on flavor diagonal nucleon charges from clover fermions
2401.00722 BRAU-Net++: U-Shaped Hybrid CNN-Transformer Network for Medical Image Segmentation
2401.00723 "half-electron (e/2)" -- free electron fractional charge induced by twisted light
2401.00724 A Note on Matching Variables to Equations
2401.00725 Decoherence in Exchange-Coupled Quantum Spin Qubit Systems: Impact of Multiqubit Interactions and Geometric Connectivity
2401.00726 Mechanism for the Anomalous Roll Moment in Wraparound Fin Projectiles
2401.00727 Discovery of a second eclipsing, bursting neutron-star low-mass X-ray binary in the globular cluster Terzan 6
2401.00728 MultiFusionNet: Multilayer Multimodal Fusion of Deep Neural Networks for Chest X-Ray Image Classification
2401.00729 NightRain: Nighttime Video Deraining via Adaptive-Rain-Removal and Adaptive-Correction
2401.00730 The PML-Method for a Scattering Problem for a Local Perturbation of an Open Periodic Waveguide
2401.00731 Reflection and Transmission of Airy Pulse from Controllable Periodic Temporal Boundary
2401.00732 Inverse anisotropic catalysis and complexity
2401.00733 Near-optimal constructions of constant weight codes and constant composition codes asymptotically attaining the Johnson bound: the odd distances
2401.00734 Euclidean algorithms are Gaussian over imaginary quadratic fields
2401.00735 Dynamical processes on metric networks
2401.00736 Diffusion Models, Image Super-Resolution And Everything: A Survey
2401.00737 Searching, fast and slow, through product catalogs
2401.00738 Bottom-hadron production in high-energy $pp$ and heavy-ion collisions
2401.00739 DiffMorph: Text-less Image Morphing with Diffusion Models
2401.00740 Beyond Subspace Isolation: Many-to-Many Transformer for Light Field Image Super-resolution
2401.00741 ToolEyes: Fine-Grained Evaluation for Tool Learning Capabilities of Large Language Models in Real-world Scenarios
2401.00742 Raisins in a Hydrogen Pie: Ultrastable Cesium and Rubidium Polyhydrides
2401.00743 Walsh Coefficieints
2401.00744 Harmonizing Covariance and Expressiveness for Deep Hamiltonian Regression in Crystalline Material Research: a Hybrid Cascaded Regression Framework
2401.00745 Radon-type transforms for holomorphic and Hermitian monogenic functions
2401.00746 Learn to integrate parts for whole through correlated neural variability
2401.00747 Polynomial-time Approximation Scheme for Equilibriums of Games
2401.00748 Sequential choice functions and stability problems
2401.00749 Two new mixture representations for the generalized inverse Gaussian distribution and their applications
2401.00750 Nematic Superconductivity and Its Critical Vestigial Phases in the Quasi-crystal
2401.00751 Machine Translation Testing via Syntactic Tree Pruning
2401.00752 A note on Laguerre truncated polynomials and quadrature formula
2401.00753 Plug-and-Play regularized 3D seismic inversion with 2D pre-trained denoisers
2401.00754 Constraining the Number Density of the Accretion Disk Wind in Hercules X-1 Using its Ionization Response to X-ray Pulsations
2401.00755 Saliency-Aware Regularized Graph Neural Network
2401.00756 MPRE: Multi-perspective Patient Representation Extractor for Disease Prediction
2401.00757 A & B == B & A: Triggering Logical Reasoning Failures in Large Language Models
2401.00758 Magnon Damping Minimum and Logarithmic Scaling in a Kondo-Heisenberg Model
2401.00759 A note on a flip-connected class of generalized domino tilings of the box $[0,2]^n$
2401.00760 Explicit construction of a plane sextic model for genus-five Howe curves, II
2401.00761 The Earth is Flat? Unveiling Factual Errors in Large Language Models
2401.00762 Algorithm for globally identifiable reparametrizions of ODEs
2401.00763 New Job, New Gender? Measuring the Social Bias in Image Generation Models
2401.00764 Bethe/Gauge Correspondence for $A_N$ Spin Chains with Integrable Boundaries
2401.00765 HexE -- Securing Audio Contents in Voice Chat using Puzzle and Timestamp
2401.00766 Bracketing is All You Need: Unifying Image Restoration and Enhancement Tasks with Multi-Exposure Images
2401.00767 A new characterization of $E_8 (p)$ via its vanishing elements
2401.00768 Modelling magnetically formed neutron star mountains
2401.00770 Single production of an exotic vector-like $Y$ quark at future high energy $pp$ colliders
2401.00771 Gravitational wave footprints from Higgs-portal scalegenesis with multiple dark chiral scalars
2401.00772 Algorithms for Improving the Automatically Synthesized Instruction Set of an Extensible Processor
2401.00773 Unsupervised Outlier Detection using Random Subspace and Subsampling Ensembles of Dirichlet Process Mixtures
2401.00774 Reciprocity formulas for certain generalized Hardy sums
2401.00775 Recent Advances in Text Analysis
2401.00776 Edge Computing based Human-Robot Cognitive Fusion: A Medical Case Study in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapy
2401.00777 Hereditary $n$-exangulated categories
2401.00778 Convergence analysis of Lawson's iteration for the polynomial and rational minimax approximations
2401.00779 Temporal Validity Change Prediction
2401.00780 Symmetries in Riemann-Cartan geometries
2401.00781 Inferring Heterogeneous Treatment Effects of Crashes on Highway Traffic: A Doubly Robust Causal Machine Learning Approach
2401.00782 Dynamical stability and phase space analysis of an Emergent Universe with non-interacting and interacting fluids
2401.00783 On Frobenius Betti numbers of graded rings of finite Cohen-Macaulay type
2401.00784 A Short Proof of Bose-Einstein Condensation in the Gross-Pitaevskii Regime and Beyond
2401.00785 Theoretical Study on Superradiant Raman Scattering with Rubidium Atoms in An Optical Cavity
2401.00786 Magnitude function identifies generic finite metric spaces
2401.00787 Quantum multiple gray scale images encryption scheme in the bit plane representation model
2401.00788 Astraios: Parameter-Efficient Instruction Tuning Code Large Language Models
2401.00789 Retrieval-Augmented Egocentric Video Captioning
2401.00790 Group topologies on groups of bi-absolutely continuous homeomorphisms
2401.00791 Normal operators for momentum ray transforms, I: The inversion formula
2401.00792 Probing Grand Unification with Quantum Sensors
2401.00793 SecFormer: Towards Fast and Accurate Privacy-Preserving Inference for Large Language Models
2401.00794 Privacy-Preserving Data in IoT-based Cloud Systems: A Comprehensive Survey with AI Integration
2401.00795 The near-parabolic geometry of external rays
2401.00796 Scalable entanglement certification via quantum communication
2401.00797 Distillation is All You Need for Practically Using Different Pre-trained Recommendation Models
2401.00798 Visual Photometry: Testing Hypotheses Concerning Bias and Precision
2401.00799 The torus trick for configuration categories
2401.00800 Factor Importance Ranking and Selection using Total Indices
2401.00801 Improved bounds for the bracketing number of orthants or revisiting an algorithm of Thiémard to compute bounds for the star discrepancy
2401.00802 Elusive hot stripped helium stars in the Galaxy I. Evolutionary stellar models in the gap between subdwarfs and Wolf-Rayet stars
2401.00803 The perfection can be a non-coherent GCD domain
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