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22 May 2024

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2402.00224 Learning Based Dynamic Cluster Reconfiguration for UAV Mobility Management with 3D Beamforming
2402.00225 Geometry aware 3D generation from in-the-wild images in ImageNet
2402.00226 Forcing Over a Free Suslin Tree
2402.00227 Excitability and memory in a time-delayed optoelectronic neuron
2402.00228 Strain-induced speed-up of Mn$^{2+}$ spin-lattice relaxation in (Cd,Mn)Te/(Cd,Mg)Te quantum wells: a time-resolved ODMR study
2402.00229 Examples of Anosov flows with genus one Birkhoff sections
2402.00230 Geodesic flow and decay of traces on hyperbolic surfaces
2402.00231 Uniformly polynomial-time classification of surface homeomorphisms
2402.00232 Learning Label Hierarchy with Supervised Contrastive Learning
2402.00233 An Architecture for Software Engineering Gamification
2402.00234 Are Generative AI systems Capable of Supporting Information Needs of Patients?
2402.00235 Exploring the limits of decoder-only models trained on public speech recognition corpora
2402.00236 Positional Encoding Helps Recurrent Neural Networks Handle a Large Vocabulary
2402.00237 Graph Iterated Function Systems and Fractal Tops
2402.00238 CNN-FL for Biotechnology Industry Empowered by Internet-of-BioNano Things and Digital Twins
2402.00239 Publication bias adjustment in network meta-analysis: an inverse probability weighting approach using clinical trial registries
2402.00240 Spectral Norm of Convolutional Layers with Circular and Zero Paddings
2402.00241 Asymptotic bound on slow-roll parameter in stringy quintessence model
2402.00242 Quantum Advantage in Non-Interactive Source Simulation
2402.00243 Capacity Constraint Analysis Using Object Detection for Smart Manufacturing
2402.00244 Coherent all-optical control of a solid-state spin via a double $Lambda$-system
2402.00245 Inertial particle focusing in fluid flow through spiral ducts: dynamics, tipping phenomena and particle separation
2402.00246 A Diffusion-Based Approach for Simulating Forward-in-Time State-Dependent Speciation and Extinction Dynamics
2402.00247 Towards AI-Assisted Synthesis of Verified Dafny Methods
2402.00248 Ultrahigh Thermal Conductivity of Cubic Boron Arsenide with an Unexpectedly Strong Temperature Dependence
2402.00249 On the two-loop penguin contributions to the Anomalous Dimensions of four-quark operators
2402.00250 LRDif: Diffusion Models for Under-Display Camera Emotion Recognition
2402.00251 Efficient Non-Parametric Uncertainty Quantification for Black-Box Large Language Models and Decision Planning
2402.00252 Reformulating polarized radiative transfer. (I) A consistent formalism allowing non-local Magnus solutions
2402.00253 A Survey on Hallucination in Large Vision-Language Models
2402.00254 Vertical Symbolic Regression via Deep Policy Gradient
2402.00255 The parity-odd structure function of nucleon from the Compton amplitude
2402.00256 Genus one WDVV solutions induced by the holomorphic differential and applications
2402.00257 One-way Optomechanical Interaction between Nanoparticles
2402.00258 Multi-group Learning for Hierarchical Groups
2402.00259 Optimum classical beam position sensing
2402.00260 Towards scalable robotic intervention of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder using LLMs
2402.00261 Understanding Neural Network Systems for Image Analysis using Vector Spaces and Inverse Maps
2402.00262 Computational Experiments Meet Large Language Model Based Agents: A Survey and Perspective
2402.00263 Does extsc{DetectGPT} Fully Utilize Perturbation? Selective Perturbation on Model-Based Contrastive Learning Detector would be Better
2402.00264 Asymmetric jet shapes with 2D jet tomography
2402.00265 Limits of Random Motzkin paths with KPZ related asymptotics
2402.00266 Can Neptune's Distant Mean-Motion Resonances Constrain Undiscovered Planets in the Solar System? Lessons from a Case Study of the 9:1
2402.00267 Not All Learnable Distribution Classes are Privately Learnable
2402.00268 Relation between timelike and spacelike entanglement entropy
2402.00269 Valuative invariants for linearized line bundles on a spherical variety
2402.00270 Scattering of kinks in scalar-field models with higher-order self-interactions
2402.00271 A Crucial Parameter for Rank-Frequency Relation in Natural Languages
2402.00272 Quantum phase transitions and composite excitations of antiferromagnetic quantum spin trimer chains in a magnetic field
2402.00273 Nonlinearity-Enhanced Coutinues Microwave Detection Based on Stochastic Resonance
2402.00274 Non-Markovian Dynamics in Fiber Delay-line Buffers
2402.00275 The Maude strategy language
2402.00276 Improving Program Debloating with 1-DU Chain Minimality
2402.00277 Practical No-Switching Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Biased Quadrature Detection
2402.00278 Phantom Chain Simulations for Fracture of End-linking Networks
2402.00279 Rapid Integrator for a Class of Multi-Contact Systems
2402.00280 A quantization of interacting particle systems
2402.00281 Guided Interpretable Facial Expression Recognition via Spatial Action Unit Cues
2402.00282 PAM: Prompting Audio-Language Models for Audio Quality Assessment
2402.00283 Supernova burst and Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background simulator for Water Cherenkov Detectors
2402.00284 PAP-REC: Personalized Automatic Prompt for Recommendation Language Model
2402.00285 Pion Electromagnetic Form Factor from Bethe-Salpeter Amplitudes with Appropriate Kinematics
2402.00286 Dirac series of $E_{8(-24)}$
2402.00287 A study of chaos and randomness in quantum systems
2402.00288 Frame-Wise Breath Detection with Self-Training: An Exploration of Enhancing Breath Naturalness in Text-to-Speech
2402.00289 Subgradient evolution of value functions in discrete-time optimal control
2402.00290 Multimodal Embodied Interactive Agent for Cafe Scene
2402.00291 A link between anomalous viscous loss and boson peak in soft jammed solids
2402.00292 Effective Bug Detection in Graph Database Engines: An LLM-based Approach
2402.00293 FineBio: A Fine-Grained Video Dataset of Biological Experiments with Hierarchical Annotation
2402.00294 Explicit arithmetic Eisenstein cocycles: the toric case
2402.00295 Comparative Evaluation of Traditional and Deep Learning-Based Segmentation Methods for Spoil Pile Delineation Using UAV Images
2402.00296 High-Level, Collaborative Task Planning Grammar and Execution for Heterogeneous Agents
2402.00297 Exploring inverse orbital Hall and orbital Rashba effects: unveiling the oxidation states of the Cu surface
2402.00298 Oracle separation of QMA and QCMA with bounded adaptivity
2402.00299 Attention-based Dynamic Multilayer Graph Neural Networks for Loan Default Prediction
2402.00300 Self-supervised learning of video representations from a child's perspective
2402.00301 Constructive Projective Geometry
2402.00302 Inertia and slip effects on the instability of a liquid film coated on a fibre
2402.00303 Ab-Initio Calculations of Nonlinear Susceptibility and Multi-Phonon Mixing Processes in a 2DEG-Piezoelectric Heterostructure
2402.00304 Invariance-powered Trustworthy Defense via Remove Then Restore
2402.00305 Information-Theoretic Thresholds for Planted Dense Cycles
2402.00306 An Accurate and Low-Parameter Machine Learning Architecture for Next Location Prediction
2402.00307 Debiased Multivariable Mendelian Randomization
2402.00308 More on stubs in open string field theory
2402.00309 An Exam-based Evaluation Approach Beyond Traditional Relevance Judgments
2402.00310 Seismic Traveltime Tomography with Label-free Learning
2402.00311 A Tuning-Free Primal-Dual Splitting Algorithm for Large-Scale Semidefinite Programming
2402.00312 The whack-a-mole governance challenge for AI-enabled synthetic biology: literature review and emerging frameworks
2402.00313 Control in Stochastic Environment with Delays: A Model-based Reinforcement Learning Approach
2402.00314 Littlewood-type theorems for random Dirichlet series
2402.00315 Online Distribution Learning with Local Private Constraints
2402.00316 Steady gradient Ricci solitons with nonnegative curvature operator away from a compact set
2402.00317 Chiral superconducting diode effect by Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interaction
2402.00318 Analog-digital Scheduling for Federated Learning: A Communication-Efficient Approach
2402.00319 SCO-VIST: Social Interaction Commonsense Knowledge-based Visual Storytelling
2402.00320 DARCS: Memory-Efficient Deep Compressed Sensing Reconstruction for Acceleration of 3D Whole-Heart Coronary MR Angiography
2402.00321 SmartCooper: Vehicular Collaborative Perception with Adaptive Fusion and Judger Mechanism
2402.00322 Bias in Opinion Summarisation from Pre-training to Adaptation: A Case Study in Political Bias
2402.00323 HAYATE: Photometric redshift estimation by hybridising machine learning with template fitting
2402.00324 A Consistent Lebesgue Measure for Multi-label Learning
2402.00325 How digital twins provide new opportunities for managing change in complex projects
2402.00326 PirateNets: Physics-informed Deep Learning with Residual Adaptive Networks
2402.00327 Wide-bandgap optical materials for high-harmonics generation at the nanoscale
2402.00328 Region crossing change on origami and link
2402.00329 Optimized Parameter Design for Channel State Information-Free Location Spoofing
2402.00330 Night-Rider: Nocturnal Vision-aided Localization in Streetlight Maps Using Invariant Extended Kalman Filtering
2402.00331 Smooth and Proper Maps
2402.00332 Comparing Spectral Bias and Robustness For Two-Layer Neural Networks: SGD vs Adaptive Random Fourier Features
2402.00333 Constraining the Yukawa Gravity with Post Newtonian Approximation using S-star Orbits around the Supermassive Black Hole in our Galactic Center
2402.00334 Multi-agent Path Finding for Cooperative Autonomous Driving
2402.00335 Regression-Based Proximal Causal Inference
2402.00336 Approximating the Smallest $k$-Enclosing Geodesic Disc in a Simple Polygon
2402.00337 Real-time Stereo Speech Enhancement with Spatial-Cue Preservation based on Dual-Path Structure
2402.00338 Chiral $QED_2$ with Faddeevian anomaly in the context of the augmented superfield approach
2402.00339 A Physics-Informed Indirect Method for Trajectory Optimization
2402.00340 Can you Remove the Downstream Model for Speaker Recognition with Self-Supervised Speech Features?
2402.00341 Recasting Regional Lighting for Shadow Removal
2402.00342 Survey of Privacy Threats and Countermeasures in Federated Learning
2402.00343 Enhancement of the catalytic activity upon the surface of strongly disordered hollow Pt nanoparticles: a First Principles investigation
2402.00344 Reimagining TaxiVis through an Immersive Space-Time Cube metaphor and reflecting on potential benefits of Immersive Analytics for urban data exploration
2402.00345 IndiVec: An Exploration of Leveraging Large Language Models for Media Bias Detection with Fine-Grained Bias Indicators
2402.00346 Experimental Application of Predictive Cost Adaptive Control to Thermoacoustic Oscillations in a Rijke Tube
2402.00347 Diverse Explanations from Data-driven and Domain-driven Perspectives for Machine Learning Models
2402.00348 ODICE: Revealing the Mystery of Distribution Correction Estimation via Orthogonal-gradient Update
2402.00349 Control of strongly interacting quantum many-body states with an effective mean-field approach
2402.00350 Large Language Models Based Fuzzing Techniques: A Survey
2402.00351 Machine Unlearning for Image-to-Image Generative Models
2402.00352 A Data-Driven Autopilot for Fixed-Wing Aircraft Based on Model Predictive Control
2402.00353 High-Quality Medical Image Generation from Free-hand Sketch
2402.00354 Uniform twisted homological stability
2402.00355 Adaptive Primal-Dual Method for Safe Reinforcement Learning
2402.00356 Securing Cloud-Based Internet of Things: Challenges and Mitigations
2402.00357 Safety of Multimodal Large Language Models on Images and Text
2402.00358 nhppp: Simulating Nonhomogeneous Poisson Point Processes in R
2402.00359 Defect Cluster Morphology in W from Collision Cascades: Results Comparing Five Inter-atomic potentials
2402.00360 Quantum walks on graphs embedded in orientable surfaces
2402.00361 Autometrized Lattice Ordered Monoids
2402.00362 Climate Trends of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Energy Extremes Revealed by Deep Learning
2402.00363 Limitations in design and applications of ultra-small mode volume photonic crystals
2402.00364 A parallel domain decomposition method for solving elliptic equations on manifolds
2402.00365 bypass4netns: Accelerating TCP/IP Communications in Rootless Containers
2402.00366 Legged Robot State Estimation With Invariant Extended Kalman Filter Using Neural Measurement Network
2402.00367 Don't Hallucinate, Abstain: Identifying LLM Knowledge Gaps via Multi-LLM Collaboration
2402.00368 Emergence of tension-compression asymmetry from a complete phase-field approach to brittle fracture
2402.00369 Three-dimensional radiation hydrodynamics simulations of wandering intermediate-mass black holes considering the anisotropic radiation and dust sublimation
2402.00370 Exploring the landscape of virtual academic conferences: A scoping review of the 1984-2021 literature
2402.00371 What Does the Bot Say? Opportunities and Risks of Large Language Models in Social Media Bot Detection
2402.00372 Quantum information theoretic measures to distinguish fermionized bosons from non-interacting fermions
2402.00373 Solutions of the loop equations of a class of generalized Frobenius manifolds
2402.00374 Quantum Information Geometry with Non-Hermitian Systems
2402.00375 Disentangled Multimodal Brain MR Image Translation via Transformer-based Modality Infuser
2402.00376 Image2Points:A 3D Point-based Context Clusters GAN for High-Quality PET Image Reconstruction
2402.00377 Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz exponent via Hadamard parametrization
2402.00378 On the Minimum Depth of Circuits with Linear Number of Wires Encoding Good Codes
2402.00379 Error-Tolerant Amplification and Simulation of the Ultrastrong-Coupling Quantum Rabi Model
2402.00380 $n$-Dimensional Volumetric Stretch Energy Minimization for Volume-/Mass-Preserving Parameterizations
2402.00381 A Joint Communication and Computation Framework for Digital Twin over Wireless Networks
2402.00382 On the design-dependent suboptimality of the Lasso
2402.00383 Schur rings over Free Abelian Group of Rank Two
2402.00384 Adaptive FRIT-based Recursive Robust Controller Design Using Forgetting Factors
2402.00385 Computational Morphology and Lexicography Modeling of Modern Standard Arabic Nominals
2402.00386 AssertLLM: Generating and Evaluating Hardware Verification Assertions from Design Specifications via Multi-LLMs
2402.00387 Superconductivity in $ extit{a}$-MoGe thin films: effect of phase fluctuations with decreasing thickness and study of vortex dynamics in presence of low-frequency ac excitation
2402.00388 Cumulative Distribution Function based General Temporal Point Processes
2402.00389 On the $O(frac{sqrt{d}}{T^{1/4}})$ Convergence Rate of RMSProp and Its Momentum Extension Measured by $ell_1$ Norm: Better Dependence on the Dimension
2402.00390 EASRec: Elastic Architecture Search for Efficient Long-term Sequential Recommender Systems
2402.00391 Quantum liquid states of spin solitons in a ferroelectric spin-Peierls state
2402.00392 Dirac or Majorana: Higgs-$Z^prime$ probe to investigate neutrino nature
2402.00393 Loss Function Considering Dead Zone for Neural Networks
2402.00394 Random partitions, potential of the Shapley value, and games with externalities
2402.00395 ONE-SA: Enabling Nonlinear Operations in Systolic Arrays for Efficient and Flexible Neural Network Inference
2402.00396 Efficient Exploration for LLMs
2402.00397 Multi-scale Traffic Pattern Bank for Cross-city Few-shot Traffic Forecasting
2402.00398 Reconfigurable Intelligent Computational Surfaces for MEC-Assisted Autonomous Driving Networks
2402.00399 Continuous-time Trajectory Estimation: A Comparative Study Between Gaussian Process and Spline-based Approaches
2402.00400 A lower bound for the volumes of modular link complements
2402.00401 Higgs boson pair production and decay at NLO in QCD: the $bar{b}γγ$ final state
2402.00402 Investigating Bias Representations in Llama 2 Chat via Activation Steering
2402.00403 Classification of connected étale algebras in multiplicity-free modular fusion categories at rank six
2402.00404 Improving Critical Node Detection Using Neural Network-based Initialization in a Genetic Algorithm
2402.00405 Long-time behavior of the heterogeneous SIRS epidemiological model
2402.00406 A rigorous integrator and global existence for higher-dimensional semilinear parabolic PDEs via semigroup theory
2402.00407 InfMAE: A Foundation Model in Infrared Modality
2402.00408 Unraveling the complexity of inverting the Sturm-Liouville boundary value problem to its canonical form
2402.00409 On the Complexity of Interpolation by Polynomials with Non-negative Real Coefficients
2402.00410 The enhancement of pair production in oscillated overlapped fields
2402.00411 LM-HT SNN: Enhancing the Performance of SNN to ANN Counterpart through Learnable Multi-hierarchical Threshold Model
2402.00412 Hidding the Ghostwriters: An Adversarial Evaluation of AI-Generated Student Essay Detection
2402.00413 System Characterization of Dispersive Readout in Superconducting Qubits
2402.00414 Prompt-Time Symbolic Knowledge Capture with Large Language Models
2402.00415 A two-phase Volume of Fluid approach to model rigid-perfectly plastic granular materials
2402.00416 A characterization of extremal non-transmission-regular graphs by the distance (signless Laplacian) spectral radius
2402.00417 Presentation of monoids generated by a projection and an involution
2402.00418 Short: Benchmarking transferable adversarial attacks
2402.00419 The algebraic classification of nilpotent Novikov algebras
2402.00420 Anisotropic Einstein universes with a global magetic field and SqK-spinors
2402.00421 From PARIS to LE-PARIS: Toward Patent Response Automation with Recommender Systems and Collaborative Large Language Models
2402.00422 Lightweight Pixel Difference Networks for Efficient Visual Representation Learning
2402.00423 Hierarchical Integral Probability Metrics: A distance on random probability measures with low sample complexity
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