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22 May 2024

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2404.00812 No Complete Problem for Constant-Cost Randomized Communication
2404.00813 Unraveling subsurface crustal dynamics: exploring electrical and seismic refraction methods from theories to existing and machine learning-based emerging prospects
2404.00814 Imposing Exact Safety Specifications in Neural Reachable Tubes
2404.00815 Towards Realistic Scene Generation with LiDAR Diffusion Models
2404.00816 HeteroMILE: a Multi-Level Graph Representation Learning Framework for Heterogeneous Graphs
2404.00817 CRES-Based Non-destructive Electron Momentum Estimation for the PTOLEMY Relic Neutrino Detector
2404.00818 Nonreciprocal superfluidlike topological spin transport
2404.00819 Ultra-relativistic quark-nucleus scattering on quantum computers
2404.00820 Visual analysis of bivariate dependence between continuous random variables
2404.00821 Intrinsic conductance of ferroelectric domain walls
2404.00822 Impact of heterogeneity on infection probability: Insights from single-hit dose-response models
2404.00823 Octupolar edge state in an $e_g$ orbital system on a square lattice
2404.00824 Identifying a piecewise affine signal from its nonlinear observation -- application to DNA replication analysis
2404.00825 Using Machine Learning to Forecast Market Direction with Efficient Frontier Coefficients
2404.00826 Extracting Social Determinants of Health from Pediatric Patient Notes Using Large Language Models: Novel Corpus and Methods
2404.00827 SONIC: Synergizing VisiON Foundation Models for Stress RecogNItion from ECG signals
2404.00828 PID Control-Based Self-Healing to Improve the Robustness of Large Language Models
2404.00829 Returning to the Start: Generating Narratives with Related Endpoints
2404.00830 2D Ego-Motion with Yaw Estimation using Only mmWave Radars via Two-Way weighted ICP
2404.00831 Settling the Communication Complexity of VCG-based Mechanisms for all Approximation Guarantees
2404.00832 A note on faces of convex sets
2404.00833 Electronic Structure of Molybdenene
2404.00834 Towards Robust Event-guided Low-Light Image Enhancement: A Large-Scale Real-World Event-Image Dataset and Novel Approach
2404.00835 The Brioschi Formula for the Gaussian Curvature
2404.00836 Rethinking Resource Management in Edge Learning: A Joint Pre-training and Fine-tuning Design Paradigm
2404.00837 Automated HER2 Scoring in Breast Cancer Images Using Deep Learning and Pyramid Sampling
2404.00838 3MOS: Multi-sources, Multi-resolutions, and Multi-scenes dataset for Optical-SAR image matching
2404.00839 The (Co)homology of the Deligne-Mumford Moduli Spaces of Marked Rational Curves
2404.00840 A proposal for enhancing technosignature search toward the Galactic center
2404.00841 Malnormal Subgroups of Finitely Presented Groups
2404.00842 An N-Point Linear Solver for Line and Motion Estimation with Event Cameras
2404.00843 Landau's converse to H" older's inequality
2404.00844 Nonlinear ensemble filtering with diffusion models: Application to the surface quasi-geostrophic dynamics
2404.00845 Harnessing Interlayer Magnetic Coupling for Efficient, Field-Free Current-Induced Magnetization Switching in a Magnetic Insulator
2404.00846 Transfer Learning with Point Transformers
2404.00847 Collaborative Learning of Anomalies with Privacy (CLAP) for Unsupervised Video Anomaly Detection: A New Baseline
2404.00848 Predictive Performance Comparison of Decision Policies Under Confounding
2404.00849 Generating Content for HDR Deghosting from Frequency View
2404.00850 Delay-Induced Watermarking for Detection of Replay Attacks in Linear Systems
2404.00851 Prompt Learning via Meta-Regularization
2404.00852 Ensemble Learning for Vietnamese Scene Text Spotting in Urban Environments
2404.00853 $G$-invariant definable Tietze extension theorem
2404.00854 High-accuracy optical clocks with sensitivity to the fine-structure constant variation based on Sm$ ^{10+} $
2404.00855 TSOM: Small Object Motion Detection Neural Network Inspired by Avian Visual Circuit
2404.00856 Removing Speaker Information from Speech Representation using Variable-Length Soft Pooling
2404.00857 Meta Episodic learning with Dynamic Task Sampling for CLIP-based Point Cloud Classification
2404.00858 $A_4$ modular invariance and the strong CP problem
2404.00859 Do language models plan ahead for future tokens?
2404.00860 Lipsum-FT: Robust Fine-Tuning of Zero-Shot Models Using Random Text Guidance
2404.00861 Enhancing Real-World Active Speaker Detection with Multi-Modal Extraction Pre-Training
2404.00862 Bailong: Bilingual Transfer Learning based on QLoRA and Zip-tie Embedding
2404.00863 Voice Conversion Augmentation for Speaker Recognition on Defective Datasets
2404.00864 Convolution-t Distributions
2404.00865 Scaling Crystal Structure Relaxation with a Universal Trustworthy Deep Generative Model
2404.00866 Nonlinear trend of COVID-19 infection time series
2404.00867 A systematic comparison of slow contraction and inflation as mechanisms for solving the homogeneity, isotropy and flatness problems
2404.00868 On the B'enabou-Roubaud theorem
2404.00869 Towards Automated Generation of Smart Grid Cyber Range for Cybersecurity Experiments and Training
2404.00870 A gradient flow of Spin(7)-structures
2404.00871 Quantum Metrology of Absorption and Gain Parameters using Two-Mode Bright Squeezed Light
2404.00872 Performance Evaluation of RIS-Assisted Spatial Modulation for Downlink Transmission
2404.00873 Localized Version of Hypergraph Erdos-Gallai Theorem
2404.00874 DiSR-NeRF: Diffusion-Guided View-Consistent Super-Resolution NeRF
2404.00875 DPA-Net: Structured 3D Abstraction from Sparse Views via Differentiable Primitive Assembly
2404.00876 MGMap: Mask-Guided Learning for Online Vectorized HD Map Construction
2404.00877 Building up quantum spacetimes with BCFT Legos
2404.00878 TryOn-Adapter: Efficient Fine-Grained Clothing Identity Adaptation for High-Fidelity Virtual Try-On
2404.00879 Model-Agnostic Human Preference Inversion in Diffusion Models
2404.00880 Rethinking the Relationship between Recurrent and Non-Recurrent Neural Networks: A Study in Sparsity
2404.00881 Auxiliary-Variable Adaptive Control Lyapunov Barrier Functions for Spatio-Temporally Constrained Safety-Critical Applications
2404.00882 Metric Learning to Accelerate Convergence of Operator Splitting Methods for Differentiable Parametric Programming
2404.00883 Interpretable Multi-View Clustering Based on Anchor Graph Tensor Factorization
2404.00884 Self-Demos: Eliciting Out-of-Demonstration Generalizability in Large Language Models
2404.00885 Modeling Output-Level Task Relatedness in Multi-Task Learning with Feedback Mechanism
2404.00886 MTLight: Efficient Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control
2404.00887 Formation and Evolution of the Stream of SOHO Kreutz Sungrazers. II. Results and Implications of Monte Carlo Simulation
2404.00888 Two step estimations via the Dantzig selector for models of stochastic processes with high-dimensional parameters
2404.00889 Transport of the magnetic flux away from a decaying sunspot via convective motions
2404.00890 Development of Musculoskeletal Legs with Planar Interskeletal Structures to Realize Human Comparable Moving Function
2404.00891 Marrying NeRF with Feature Matching for One-step Pose Estimation
2404.00892 Realization of Seated Walk by a Musculoskeletal Humanoid with Buttock-Contact Sensors From Human Constrained Teaching
2404.00893 An Integrating Comprehensive Trajectory Prediction with Risk Potential Field Method for Autonomous Driving
2404.00894 First-principles study of defects and doping limits in CaO
2404.00895 Analysis of Bouncing Cosmology in Non-Riemannian Geometry
2404.00896 A Novel Algorithm for Digital Lithological Mapping-Case Studies in Sri Lanka's Mineral Exploration
2404.00897 Machine Learning Robustness: A Primer
2404.00898 CAAP: Class-Dependent Automatic Data Augmentation Based On Adaptive Policies For Time Series
2404.00899 TM-TREK at SemEval-2024 Task 8: Towards LLM-Based Automatic Boundary Detection for Human-Machine Mixed Text
2404.00900 Abstract Kleisli structures on 2-categories
2404.00901 Slightly Shift New Classes to Remember Old Classes for Video Class-Incremental Learning
2404.00902 Data Analytics for Improving Energy Efficiency in Short Sea Shipping
2404.00903 Maximizing User Experience with LLMOps-Driven Personalized Recommendation Systems
2404.00904 A Fast Percolation-Dijkstra Routing Method for Mega-Constellation Backbone Network
2404.00905 Continuously tunable uniaxial strain control of van der Waals heterostructure devices
2404.00906 From Pixels to Graphs: Open-Vocabulary Scene Graph Generation with Vision-Language Models
2404.00907 The long-time behavior of solutions of a three-component reaction-diffusion model for the population dynamics of farmers and hunter-gatherers: the different motility case
2404.00908 Dark photon constraints from a 7.139 GHz cavity haloscope experiment
2404.00909 Learning by Correction: Efficient Tuning Task for Zero-Shot Generative Vision-Language Reasoning
2404.00910 Unexpected Uncertainty Principle for Disc Banach Spaces
2404.00911 Clues in Bailey Diagrams Indicate that the Horizontal Branch Evolutionary Effect Is the Direct Reason for Oosterhoff Phenomenon
2404.00912 Inference in Randomized Least Squares and PCA via Normality of Quadratic Forms
2404.00913 LLaMA-Excitor: General Instruction Tuning via Indirect Feature Interaction
2404.00914 Token-Efficient Leverage Learning in Large Language Models
2404.00915 Scalable 3D Registration via Truncated Entry-wise Absolute Residuals
2404.00916 Gyro-based Neural Single Image Deblurring
2404.00917 Continuous crossover between insulating ferroelectrics and the polar metals: extit{Ab initio} calculation of structural phase transitions of Li$B$O$_3$ ($B$ = Ta, W, Re, Os)
2404.00918 Rethinking Saliency-Guided Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
2404.00919 Nishimori's self-tuning as evidence for the existence of God
2404.00920 Farside-dominant quasinuclear rainbow in refractive $α$+$α$ scattering
2404.00921 Towards Label-Efficient Human Matting: A Simple Baseline for Weakly Semi-Supervised Trimap-Free Human Matting
2404.00922 Towards Memorization-Free Diffusion Models
2404.00923 MM3DGS SLAM: Multi-modal 3D Gaussian Splatting for SLAM Using Vision, Depth, and Inertial Measurements
2404.00924 BadPart: Unified Black-box Adversarial Patch Attacks against Pixel-wise Regression Tasks
2404.00925 LLMs are Good Sign Language Translators
2404.00926 Two prover perfect zero knowledge for MIP*
2404.00927 Construction of Permutation Polynomials over Finite Fields with the help of SCR polynomials
2404.00928 Instance-Aware Group Quantization for Vision Transformers
2404.00929 A Survey on Multilingual Large Language Models: Corpora, Alignment, and Bias
2404.00930 PSYDIAL: Personality-based Synthetic Dialogue Generation using Large Language Models
2404.00931 GOV-NeSF: Generalizable Open-Vocabulary Neural Semantic Fields
2404.00932 Minimal resolutions of Iwasawa modules
2404.00933 Constraining ultra slow roll inflation using cosmological datasets
2404.00934 ChatGLM-RLHF: Practices of Aligning Large Language Models with Human Feedback
2404.00935 Random Circuit Sampling: Fourier Expansion and Statistics
2404.00936 A Comprehensive Review of Knowledge Distillation in Computer Vision
2404.00937 The Interaction Between Stars and Past AGN Disk: Possible Explanation for the Kinematic Distributions of S-stars in the Galactic Center
2404.00938 How Can Large Language Models Enable Better Socially Assistive Human-Robot Interaction: A Brief Survey
2404.00939 Rational Homotopy Theory
2404.00940 Sequential Decision-Making under Uncertainty: A Robust MDPs review
2404.00941 Repeating Nuclear Transients as Candidate Electromagnetic Counterparts of LISA Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals
2404.00942 Evaluating the Factuality of Large Language Models using Large-Scale Knowledge Graphs
2404.00943 Evalverse: Unified and Accessible Library for Large Language Model Evaluation
2404.00944 Spiral Galaxies' Disk Dominance and Testing MOND
2404.00945 Generalized Kummer surfaces over finite fields
2404.00946 Exploring the Efficacy of Group-Normalization in Deep Learning Models for Alzheimer's Disease Classification
2404.00947 Towards an In-Depth Comprehension of Case Relevance for Better Legal Retrieval
2404.00948 On the absolute entropy of monatomic bodies
2404.00949 Harnessing The Power of Attention For Patch-Based Biomedical Image Classification
2404.00950 AISPACE at SemEval-2024 task 8: A Class-balanced Soft-voting System for Detecting Multi-generator Machine-generated Text
2404.00951 Adapting CSI-Guided Imaging Across Diverse Environments: An Experimental Study Leveraging Continuous Learning
2404.00952 The quantum hypothesis for molecules with multiple degrees of freedom; Remarks on the entropy constant of diatomic gases
2404.00953 Movable Antenna-Aided Hybrid Beamforming for Multi-User Communications
2404.00954 Digital Twins for Supporting AI Research with Autonomous Vehicle Networks
2404.00955 On the number of points with bounded dynamical canonical height
2404.00956 Parallel finite-element codes for the Bogoliubov-de Gennes stability analysis of Bose-Einstein condensates
2404.00957 Four-Derivative Yang-Mills Couplings in Heterotic Theory through T-Duality
2404.00958 Positive steady states of a class of power law systems with independent decompositions
2404.00959 Equivariant Local Reference Frames for Unsupervised Non-rigid Point Cloud Shape Correspondence
2404.00960 Randomized Nystr"om approximation of non-negative self-adjoint operators
2404.00961 Orchestrating UAVs for Prioritized Data Harvesting: A Cross-Layer Optimization Perspective
2404.00962 Diffusion-Driven Domain Adaptation for Generating 3D Molecules
2404.00963 Inversion and Tunability of Van Hove Singularities in $A$V$_{3}$Sb$_{5}$ ($A$ = K, Rb, and Cs) kagome metals
2404.00964 S2RC-GCN: A Spatial-Spectral Reliable Contrastive Graph Convolutional Network for Complex Land Cover Classification Using Hyperspectral Images
2404.00965 Inhomogeneous confinement and chiral symmetry breaking induced by imaginary angular velocity
2404.00966 GTS: GPU-based Tree Index for Fast Similarity Search
2404.00967 Designing gradient coils with the shape derivative and the closed B-spline curves
2404.00968 Optimal Bidding Strategies in Network-Constrained Demand Response: A Distributed Aggregative Game Theoretic Approach
2404.00969 Connection formula for the Jackson integral of Riemann-Papperitz type
2404.00970 Effect of magnetic field on the Bose-Einstein condensation of quantum well exciton-polaritons
2404.00971 Exploring and Evaluating Hallucinations in LLM-Powered Code Generation
2404.00972 Cross-channel Recommendation for Multi-channel Retail
2404.00973 VideoDistill: Language-aware Vision Distillation for Video Question Answering
2404.00974 Improving Visual Recognition with Hyperbolical Visual Hierarchy Mapping
2404.00975 On the Superiority of the University of Arizona's Physics Club
2404.00976 Yet anOther Dose Algorithm (YODA) for independent computations of dose and dose changes due to anatomical changes
2404.00977 Nonlinear Impulse Pattern Formulation dynamical social and political prediction algorithm for city planning and public participation
2404.00978 Prior Constraints-based Reward Model Training for Aligning Large Language Models
2404.00979 PDF: A Probability-Driven Framework for Open World 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
2404.00980 CAMO: Correlation-Aware Mask Optimization with Modulated Reinforcement Learning
2404.00981 Classification of three-dimensional anti-dendriform algebras
2404.00982 Wideband Channel Capacity Maximization With Beyond Diagonal RIS Reflection Matrices
2404.00983 Continual Learning for Smart City: A Survey
2404.00984 Stabilization and high thermoelectric performance of high-entropy-type cubic AgBi(S, Se, Te)2
2404.00985 Long time stability and instability in the two-dimensional Boussinesq system with kinematic viscosity
2404.00986 Make Continual Learning Stronger via C-Flat
2404.00987 FlexiDreamer: Single Image-to-3D Generation with FlexiCubes
2404.00988 Distributed Satellite-Terrestrial Cooperative Routing Strategy Based on Minimum Hop-Count Analysis in Mega LEO Satellite Constellation
2404.00989 360+x: A Panoptic Multi-modal Scene Understanding Dataset
2404.00990 Exploring the Nexus of Large Language Models and Legal Systems: A Short Survey
2404.00991 Optical solitons in multimode fibers: recent advances
2404.00992 SGCNeRF: Few-Shot Neural Rendering via Sparse Geometric Consistency Guidance
2404.00993 Space of initial conditions for the four-dimensional Garnier system revisited
2404.00994 AMOR: Ambiguous Authorship Order
2404.00995 PosterLlama: Bridging Design Ability of Langauge Model to Contents-Aware Layout Generation
2404.00996 Charge density wave without long-range structural modulation in canted antiferromagnetic kagome FeGe
2404.00997 Magnetic axion vortex and very light QCD axions
2404.00998 LLM-RadJudge: Achieving Radiologist-Level Evaluation for X-Ray Report Generation
2404.00999 What Causes the Failure of Explicit to Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition?
2404.01000 On the Synchronization Analysis of a Strong Competition Kuramoto Model
2404.01001 Resolution and Betti numbers of Vertex cover ideals
2404.01002 Study of Curved Domain-wall Fermions on a Lattice
2404.01003 On the Brun--Titchmarsh theorem
2404.01004 Classical modelling of a lossy Gaussian bosonic sampler
2404.01005 Solitary wave solutions of the delayed KP-BBM equation
2404.01006 Transforming the Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes with Machine Learning Models and Automation
2404.01007 Extraction of Singular Patterns from a Vector Field via Persistent Path Homology
2404.01008 EEG-SVRec: An EEG Dataset with User Multidimensional Affective Engagement Labels in Short Video Recommendation
2404.01009 Constructing and Expanding Low-Resource and Underrepresented Parallel Datasets for Indonesian Local Languages
2404.01010 Membrane Paradigm Approach to the Johannsen-Psaltis Black Hole
2404.01011 Primitive Recursive Dependent Type Theory
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