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12 April 2021

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pmid11663242 Reproduction, technology, and the behavioral sciences
pmid17743129 World Food Situation
pmid17743130 Letter to the Editor
pmid17743131 Forest Planning
pmid17743132 Letter to the Editor
pmid17743133 Citation Analysis
pmid17743134 Advantages of Surface Mining
pmid17743135 Letter to the Editor
pmid17743136 Letter to the Editor
pmid17743137 Social Experiments: Promise and Problems
pmid17743138 The Earth’s Magnetosphere: The outer limits of man’s environment provide a readily available "astrophysical plasma laboratory"
pmid17743139 Scholarly Exchanges with the People’s Republic of China
pmid17743140 Smithsonian Center: A Phenomenon in Its Own Right
pmid17743141 Energy in Britain: Shopping for a New Reactor
pmid17743142 Helium Conservation Program: Casting It to the Winds
pmid17743143 EPA Severs Ties with Industry Research Group
pmid17743144 Weinberg Leaves Oak Ridge Lab
pmid17743145 Noncooperation with Russia: One Man’s How-To
pmid17743146 Molecular Probes: A New Way to Study Gene Expression
pmid17743147 The Silica-Alumina System: Stable and Metastable Equilibria at 1.0 Atmosphere
pmid17743148 Mesoscale Ocean Eddies in the North Pacific: Westward Propagation
pmid17743149 Gas-Rich Meteorites: Possible Evidence for Origin on a Regolith
pmid17743150 Aerosols and Climate
pmid17743151 Sex Pheromones: (E,E)-8,10-Dodecadien-1-ol in the Codling Moth
pmid17743152 Acanthaster: Tests of the Time Course of Coral Destruction
pmid17743153 Science: Challenges of Today--Outlook for the Future
pmid17743156 Printing Counter
pmid17743157 Scanning Electron Microscope
pmid17743158 Blood Flowmeter
pmid17743159 Human Cell Culture System
pmid17743160 Gel Electrophoresis System
pmid17743161 Literature
pmid17743162 Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors
pmid17777251 "Back-to-the-Wall" Effect Continues
pmid17777252 Computer Systems
pmid17777253 Heart Panel’s Report
pmid17777254 Overmanagement of Medicine
pmid17777255 The Osmotic Pump: In principle, but probably not in practice, fresh water can be extracted from our oceans for no expenditure of energy
pmid17777256 Norway: Small Country Plans Civil Science and Technology: Experience suggests how cooperative applied science programs can be linked to national goals and needs
pmid17777257 Office of Management and Budget: The View from the Executive Office
pmid17777258 Mead Elected AAAS President
pmid17777259 Oil Shortage: Demand Down Supply Up
pmid17777260 Fredrickson May Head IOM
pmid17777261 Raw Materials: U.S. Grows More Vulnerable to Third World Cartels
pmid17777262 Update on Mars: Clues about the Early Solar System
pmid17777263 "Internal Waves" Advancing along Submarine Canyons
pmid17777264 Atmospheric Concentrations and Sources of Trace Metals at the South Pole
pmid17777265 Postseismic Viscoelastic Rebound
pmid17777266 Ordered Lattice Defects in Colored Fluorite: Direct Observations
pmid17777267 Industry in the San Francisco Bay Area
pmid17777268 The Wine Industry of California
pmid17777269 The Sea and Its Resources
pmid17777270 Microcalorimetry Techniques: Applications to Cellular Systems
pmid17821066 Reducing Automotive Emissions
pmid17821067 Marathoning
pmid17821068 Rainfall in the Amazon Basin
pmid17821069 Radiation Effects
pmid17821070 Pioneer 10 Mission to Jupiter
pmid17821071 Computers and Future Music
pmid17821072 Predicting Success in Graduate Education: Improved selection procedures are likely to come from better definitions of "success"
pmid17821073 The Conception of Nature in Japanese Culture
pmid17821074 Soaring Prices and Sinking Sales of Science Monographs
pmid17821075 Prescription Drugs: HEW Will Only Pay Lowest Price
pmid17821076 Stetten Science Deputy at NIH
pmid17821077 Place in Sun for Marston, Downtown for Sherman
pmid17821078 Office of Management and Budget: New Accent on the "M" in OMB
pmid17821079 Energy R & D: Weinberg Moves to the White House
pmid17821080 Law of the Sea: Energy, Economy Spur Secret Review of U.S. Stance
pmid17821081 OTA Staffs Up
pmid17821082 Superconductivity: Surpassing the Hydrogen Barrier
pmid17821083 Moons of Jupiter: Io Seems to Play an Important Role
pmid17821084 How to Make a Superconducting Wire
pmid17821085 Pioneer 10
pmid17821086 Pioneer 10 Mission: Summary of Scientific Results from the Encounter with Jupiter
pmid17821087 Preliminary Pioneer 10 Encounter Results from the Ames Research Center Plasma Analyzer Experiment
pmid17821088 Magnetic Field of Jupiter and Its Interaction with the Solar Wind
pmid17821089 Protons and Electrons in Jupiter’s Magnetic Field: Results from the University of Chicago Experiment on Pioneer 10
pmid17821090 Energetic Electrons in the Magnetosphere of Jupiter
pmid17821091 Energetic Particle Population in the Jovian Magnetosphere: A Preliminary Note
pmid17821092 Radiation Belts of Jupiter
pmid17821093 Pioneer 10 Infrared Radiometer Experiment: Preliminary Results
pmid17821094 Pioneer 10 Observations of the Ultraviolet Glow in the Vicinity of Jupiter
pmid17821095 The Imaging Photopolarimeter Experiment on Pioneer 10
pmid17821096 Particle Concentration in the Asteroid Belt from Pioneer 10
pmid17821097 Interplanetary and Near-Jupiter Meteoroid Environments: Preliminary Results from the Meteoroid Detection Experiment
pmid17821098 Gravitational Parameters of the Jupiter System from the Doppler Tracking of Pioneer 10
pmid17821099 Preliminary Results on the Atmospheres of Io and Jupiter from the Pioneer 10 S-Band Occultation Experiment
pmid17821100 Electroencephalographic Evidence for Retention of Olfactory Cues in Homing Coho Salmon
pmid17821101 Education in the San Francisco Bay Area
pmid17821102 SCIENCEPHERE ’74
pmid17821103 Literature
pmid17821104 Liquid Chromatograph
pmid17821105 Sterile Tips for Liquid Transfer
pmid17821106 Microscope Slide Mount
pmid17821107 Graphic Display Interface for Minicomputers
pmid4128547 Neural pathways from thalamus associated with regulation of aggressive behavior
pmid4128781 Isolation of bovine thymin: a polypeptide hormone of the thymus
pmid4128782 Geographical distribution of Australia antigen determinants d, y and w
pmid4128783 Silent maternal transmission of Australia antigen
pmid4128784 Lethal effect of near-ultraviolet irradiation on mammalian cells in culture
pmid4128785 Clonal restriction of the immune response to phosphorylcholine
pmid4128918 Spheroid chromatin units (v bodies)
pmid4128936 Active synthesis of immunoglobulin receptors for antigen by T lymphocytes
pmid4148703 Guanylate cyclase: inhibition by light in retinal photoreceptors
pmid4148704 Antireceptor antiserum causes specific inhibition of reactivity to rat histocompatibility antigens
pmid4148820 Dissociation of stimulatory and synthetic phases in the induction of tyrosine hydroxylase
pmid4149289 Hydroxyapatite formed from coral skeletal carbonate by hydrothermal exchange
pmid4203012 Survival of common bacteria in liquid culture under carbon dioxide at high temperatures
pmid4203157 Some aspects of intracellular parasitism
pmid4203988 Variation with sex of irradiation-induced chromosome damage in somatic cells of Drosophila melanogaster
pmid4204063 Allelic contracomplementation possible mechanism for initiating sympatric speciation
pmid4204064 Genetically based behaviour patterns in Drosophila melanogaster
pmid4271903 Number of ouabain-binding sites in fibroblasts from normal subjects and patients with cystic fibrosis
pmid4272565 Non-electrolyte probes of membrane structure in ADH-treated toad urinary bladder
pmid4357887 In vivo inhibition of growth of two hormone-dependent mammary tumors by dibutyryl cyclic AMP
pmid4357945 Thymus adenylate cyclase activity during murine leukemogenesis
pmid4358057 Evidence for a junctional effect of lead on neuromuscular function
pmid4359168 Selective binding properties of vitamin D transport protein in chick plasma in vitro
pmid4462607 Fluoridated hydroxyapatite solubility and caries formation
pmid4543963 Structural response of vertebrate photoreceptor membranes to light
pmid4543964 Spontaneous re-formation of a broken peptide chain
pmid4543965 Carnosine in nucleated erythrocytes
pmid4587263 Genetic control of the cell division cycle in yeast
pmid4587264 Transplantation of allogenic bone marrow in canine cyclic neutropenia
pmid4587265 Creutzfeldt-jakob disease: focus among Libyan Jews in Israel
pmid4587440 Distributed relaxation processes in sensory adaptation
pmid4587441 Temporal bone preservation in a 2600-year-old Egyptian mummy
pmid4587442 Aging increases susceptibility of mouse skin to DMBA carcinogenesis independent of general immune status
pmid4587639 Structure of yeast phosphoglycerate kinase
pmid4587640 Replication of yeast chromosomal DNA
pmid4587641 Ion beam etching of red blood cells and latex spheres
pmid4587904 Tolerance to heterologous erythrocytes
pmid4587905 Detection of heat-labile Escherichia coli enterotoxin with the use of adrenal cells in tissue culture
pmid4587971 Dose dependence of antigen binding to B and T lymphocytes
pmid4587972 Preparation of frozen hydrated tissue sections for x-ray microanalysis in the scanning electron microscope
pmid4587973 Erasmus Darwin, master of many crafts
pmid4589451 Orthotopic heart transplantation in the pig
pmid4589452 Precursor 16S RNA in active 30S ribosomes
pmid4589453 Antibody-dependent killing of Cryptococcus neopormans by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
pmid4589454 Radiochemical purification of bacteriophage lambda integrase
pmid4589573 DNA breaks in rifampin-treated Salmonella typhimurium LT2 after exposure to nutritionally complex media
pmid4589574 Evidence for individual human peripheral blood lymphocytes bearing both B and T cell markers
pmid4589575 No mouse PMN leukocyte depression after inoculation with brain tissue from multiple sclerosis or spongiform encephalopathies
pmid4589576 Association of methionine requirement with methyl mercury resistant mutants of yeast
pmid4589577 Degradation of p,p’-DDT in reducing environments
pmid4808786 Letter: On the directionality of medial forebrain bundle fibers mediating self-stimulation
pmid4808787 Intestinal lactase activity in the suckling rat: influence of hypophysectomy and thyroidectomy
pmid4808788 Australia antigen: detection and transmission in shellfish
pmid4808789 Alpha-ketoglutaramate: increased concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients in hepatic coma
pmid4808790 Primary sequence dependence of the deamidation of rabbit muscle aldolase
pmid4808791 Neonate movement is synchronized with adult speech: interactional participation and language acquisition
pmid4808856 Toxic trace elements: preferential concentration in respirable particles
pmid4808857 Ethane evolution: a new index of lipid peroxidation
pmid4808858 Industrial air pollution: possible effect on lung cancer
pmid4808859 DNA synthesis and mitosis in well-differentiated mammalian cardiocytes
pmid4808860 Miniature end plate potentials recorded from mammalian myoneural junction in vivo
pmid4808861 Carcinogenicity of methylchrysenes
pmid4808937 Preferential DNA repair in human cells
pmid4808938 Histone mRNA and histone synthesis during embryogenesis
pmid4808939 Control of cell surface topography
pmid4808940 Immune complexes induce selective release of lysosomal hydrolases from macrophages
pmid4808941 Vitamin A deficiency enhances binding of benzo(a)pyrene to tracheal epithelial DNA
pmid4808942 Absence of significant chromosome damage in males occupationally exposed to lead
pmid4808943 Lead over-absorption in a population of oxy-gas burners
pmid4808944 Is the area postrema a control center of blood pressure?
pmid4808945 Mechanism of the viscoelastic deformation of collagenous tissue
pmid4808946 Optically detected conformational changes in haemoglobin single crystals
pmid4808947 Production of bladder stones by human T mycoplasmas
pmid4808948 Genetic dissection of active electrogenesis in Paramecium aurelia
pmid4808949 Evidence for the two-state model of nematode behaviour
pmid4809076 An enzymatic mechanism for the antithrombotic and antihemostatic actions of aspirin
pmid4809077 Acetylenic analog of arachidonate that acts like aspirin on platelets
pmid4809078 Near identity of cognitive structure in two ethnic groups
pmid4809079 Hydrolysis of the lectin of Otala lactea
pmid4809132 Proximal myopathy induced by 5-HT-imipramine simulates Duchenne dystrophy
pmid4809133 Increase in kallikrein excretion during the natriuresis produced by arterial infusion of substance P
pmid4809134 Resistance to Marek’s disease in immunologically deficient chickens
pmid4810223 Myosin from cross-reinnervated cat muscles
pmid4810224 X-ray studies of the interaction of CO2 with human deoxyhaemoglobin
pmid4810225 Cell shape regulation and cell cycle in embryonic lens cells
pmid4810226 Mechanism of action of dental electro-anaesthesia
pmid4810227 Metabolic adaptation in the manic-depressive
pmid4810424 N-terminal acetylation of histone-like nascent peptides on rat liver polyribosomes in vitro
pmid4810425 Structure and conformation of a cyclic tripeptide
pmid4810426 Interferonogenicity and antigen recognition
pmid4810427 Spontaneous fusion of rat liver lysosomes in vitro
pmid4810428 An inhibitor of sterol biosynthesis present in cow’s milk
pmid4810429 Autoradiographic visualisation of paternal chromosomes in mouse eggs
pmid4810430 Sensitivity of human foetal intestine to interferon
pmid4810431 Melatonin stimulates growth of brown adipose tissue
pmid4810432 Transmission of mammalian piroplasm by an argasid tick
pmid4855559 Lead pica produced in rats
pmid4855561 Norepinephrine uptake into cerebral cortical synaptosomes after one fight or electroconvulsive shock
pmid4855570 Lacunae in erythrocyte monolayers induced by adherent leukocytes
pmid4855571 Reversal by narcotic antagonist of a narcotic action elicited by a conditional stimulus
pmid4855580 Androgen-induced sexual differentiation of the brain is blocked by inhibitors of DNA and RNA synthesis
pmid4855581 Noradrenaline binding and the search for catecholamine receptors
pmid4855676 Genetics of growth in axenic medium of the cellular slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum
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