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11 April 2021

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pmid11643566 Manslaughter: the charge against Edelin of Boston City Hospital
pmid17744206 Letters to the Editor
pmid17744207 Letters to the Editor
pmid17744208 Publishing Costs
pmid17744209 Impermanent Balance between Man and Computer
pmid17744210 Science Advice in the White House
pmid17744211 Economists and Inflation: Which Way Out of the Wilderness?
pmid17744212 Collision at the Summit
pmid17744213 New Look for Public Works Committee
pmid17744214 NIH Cliques Assailed on Training Grants
pmid17744215 "Transient" Nuclear Workers: A Special Case for Standards
pmid17744216 Senators Seek Delay in Plutonium Recycling
pmid17744217 The 1974 Fields Medals (II): An Analyst and Number Theorist
pmid17744218 Science and Human Health
pmid17744219 Variations of Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocities across the Pacific Ocean
pmid17744220 Variations of Upper Mantle Structure under the Pacific Ocean
pmid17744221 Asymmetric Adsorption of Alanine by Quartz
pmid17744222 Development of the Circum-Antarctic Current
pmid17744223 Bone Foreshafts from a Clovis Burial in Southwestern Montana
pmid17744224 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17781997 Detection of Polarized Light
pmid17781998 Letters to the Editor
pmid17781999 The Delaney Clause
pmid17782000 Letters to the Editor
pmid17782001 Moratorium on Fetal Research
pmid17782002 Success in Graduate School
pmid17782003 Letters to the Editor
pmid17782004 Evaluating Acupuncture
pmid17782005 Aldrin and Dieldrin
pmid17782006 Letters to the Editor
pmid17782007 Letters to the Editor
pmid17782008 Global Effects of Man’s Production of Energy
pmid17782009 The Upgraded Arecibo Observatory
pmid17782010 Skylab Report: Man’s Role in Space Research
pmid17782011 Cancer and the Environment (I): A Creaky System Grinds On
pmid17782012 Speak Plainly and Eschew Neologisms
pmid17782013 Cancer and the Environment (II): Groping for New Remedies
pmid17782014 Shuttle Pollution Study Sought
pmid17782015 Air Force Tries Again On Agent Orange
pmid17782016 Justice Joins in Appeal on Taconite Pollution
pmid17782017 The Continuing Breast Cancer Controversy
pmid17782018 Diagnostic Medicine: The Coming Ultrasonic Boom
pmid17782019 Assessment of Ultrasound Research
pmid17782020 Ozone Concentrations in New Jersey and New York: Statistical Association with Related Variables
pmid17782021 Sulfates as Pollution Particulates: Catalytic Formation on Carbon (Soot) Particles
pmid17782022 Alkanes at the Air-Sea Interface from Offshore Louisiana and Florida
pmid17818081 Letters to the Editor
pmid17818082 Familiar "Analysis"
pmid17818083 Understanding Science
pmid17818084 Public Confidence in Science
pmid17818085 Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources
pmid17818086 Trilobites and the Origin of Arthropods
pmid17818087 Pollution and Public Health: Taconite Case Poses Major Test
pmid17818088 "Excessuve Bureaucracy" Found in R & D at EPA
pmid17818089 Science Board Gets a Nod from Congress
pmid17818090 Science, Technology, and Inflation
pmid17818091 Blood Strategy Approved by HEW
pmid17818092 A Think Tank for Congress?
pmid17818093 Strategic Weapons Policy: CED Urges Stronger Hand for Congress
pmid17818094 Ethics Commission Named
pmid17818095 The 1974 Fields Medals (I): An Algebraic Geometer
pmid17818096 Rous Sarcoma Virus: A New Role for Transfer RNA
pmid17818097 Element 106: Soviet and American Claims in Muted Conflict
pmid17818098 Earthquakes and the Rotation of the Earth
pmid17818099 Thermal Blanketing: A Case for Aerosol-Induced Climatic Alteration
pmid17818100 The Spiral Interplanetary Magnetic Field: A Polarity and Sunspot Cycle Variation
pmid17818101 Phosphate Release and Sorption by Soils and Sediments: Effect of Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions
pmid17818102 More on Seasonal Variations in Goldfish Learning
pmid17818103 Pulsar Radiation Mechanisms: What Are the Critical Experiments?
pmid17839847 Letters to the Editor
pmid17839848 Presidential Science Advising
pmid17839849 Hydrogen Storage
pmid17839850 Jury Selection
pmid17839851 Letters to the Editor
pmid17839852 Copyright Policy
pmid17839853 Letters to the Editor
pmid17839854 Letters to the Editor
pmid17839855 Molluscan Phylogeny: The Paleontological Viewpoint
pmid17839856 Brain Drain Is Hampering Development in LDC’s
pmid17839857 Sex Therapy: Making It as a Science and an Industry
pmid17839858 Congress Passes Energy Reorganization
pmid17839859 House Renounces Major Reform of Committees
pmid17839860 Stratospheric Pollution: Multiple Threats to Earth’s Ozone
pmid17839861 The Chemistry of the Stratosphere
pmid17839862 The Effects of Ozone Depletion
pmid17839863 Science and Human Imagination
pmid17839864 Paleomagnetic Dating of Cave Paintings in Tito Bustillo Cave, Asturias, Spain
pmid17839865 Water Salination: A Source of Energy
pmid17839866 Asteroids: Surface Composition from Reflection Spectroscopy
pmid17839867 Volcanic Dust and Meteor Rates
pmid17839868 Gordon Research Conferences: Winter Program, 1975
pmid17839869 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid4138210 Dihydrostreptomycin accumulation in E. coli
pmid4138493 Morphological and functional maturation of human thymic epithelium in culture
pmid4138541 New inhibitor of reagin-mediated anaphylaxis
pmid4138749 Cytophotometric factors causing apparent differences between Feulgen DNA contents of different leukocyte types
pmid4138796 Heterogeneity of carcinoembryonic antigen and its fractionation by con A affinity chromatography
pmid4138824 The severe form of alpha thalassaemia is caused by a haemoglobin gene deletion
pmid4138894 Cellular immune response to a drug-treated L5178Y lymphoma subline
pmid4138933 S-100 protein in synapses of the central nervous system
pmid4139659 RNase inhibition of reverse transcriptase activity in human milk
pmid4153575 Anti-receptor antibody and resistance to graft-versus-host disease
pmid4153579 Gamma-aminobutyric acid synthesised in the olfactory nerve
pmid4153588 Glutamine synthetase and ammonium regulation of nitrogenase synthesis in Klebsiella
pmid4153841 Modulation of corticotrophin-releasing factor release from hypothalamic synaptosomes
pmid4153842 Regulation of larval corpora allata in Galleria mellonella
pmid4154045 Reactivation of immunocompetence in spleen cells of aged mice
pmid4154404 Alternate host for mosquito parasite Coelomomyces
pmid4154405 Light-evoked release of glycine from the retina
pmid4154406 Acetylcholine as an excitatory neuromuscular transmitter in the stomatogastric system of the lobster
pmid4212918 Aldosterone-induced protein in toad urinary bladder
pmid4213392 Specificity of antibodies: primary structural basis of hapten binding
pmid4213908 Antigen of mouse bile capillaries and cuticle of intestinal mucosa
pmid4213975 Significance of immunofluorescent staining of lymphocytes with antisera to IgM immunoglobulins
pmid4214001 Combined hyperthermia and radiation suggest and alternative to heavy particle therapy for reduced oxygen enhancement ratios
pmid4214061 A policy for investment in biomedical research
pmid4214166 Microbial activation of prophenoloxidase from immune insect larvae
pmid4214262 TRH potentiates behavioural changes following increased brain 5-hydroxytryptamine accumulation in rats
pmid4214397 Crystallisation of a modified fibrinogen
pmid4278898 Glucose accumulation by rat small intestine during absorption in vivo
pmid4279018 Growth of human muscle spindles in vitro
pmid4370161 Letter: Viscosity of cellular protoplasm: what do spin probes tell us?
pmid4370218 Neuroblastoma: drug-induced differentiation increases proportion of cytoplasmic RNA that contains polyadenylic acid
pmid4370646 Neuraminidase treatment of adrenal cells increases their response to cholera enterotoxin
pmid4371022 Assignment of the gene for galactokinase to human chromosome 17 and its regional localisation to band q21-22
pmid4371074 Cyclic GMP and cyclic AMP levels in normal and transformed fibroblasts
pmid4371147 Multiple control mechanisms underlie initiation of growth in animal cells
pmid4371269 Human chromosome 21 dosage: effect on the expression of the interferon induced antiviral state
pmid4371311 Immunological destruction of herpes simplex virus I infected cells
pmid4371444 Pronounced antiviral activity of human interferon on bovine and porcine cells
pmid4371456 C-type viral particles in a urinary bladder neoplasm induced by Schistosoma haematobium
pmid4371552 Oestrogen receptors and antagonism of steroid hormone action
pmid4372537 Membrane antigens of murine leukaemia cells
pmid4372538 Autologous human B and T lymphoblastoid cell lines
pmid4412154 Avian incubation
pmid4412495 Cochlear neurons: frequency selectivity altered by perilymph removal
pmid4412776 Deuterium micromapping of biological samples by using the D(T,n)4He reaction and plastic track detectors
pmid4413641 Hearing with the third ear: dichotic perception of a melody without monaural familiarity cues
pmid4413677 High-pressure ion exchange chromatography
pmid4414291 Letter: Medical school admissions
pmid4414377 Letter: Responses in Pavlovian conditioning studies
pmid4414475 Leukocyte peroxidase deficiency in a family with a dominant form of Kuf’s disease
pmid4414573 Marijuana and driving in real-life situations
pmid4414712 Monocularly deprived cats: improvement of the deprived eye’s vision by visual decortication
pmid4414773 N’-nitrosonornicotine in tobacco
pmid4414930 Optical diffraction analysis of petrographic thin sections
pmid4415530 Relation between the major histocompatibility (B) locus and autoimmune thyroiditis in obese chickens
pmid4415781 Singlet excited oxygen as a mediator of the antibacterial action of leukocytes
pmid4416792 University research and the new federalism
pmid4417357 Urea tolerance as a molecular adaptation of elasmobranch hemoglobins
pmid4417736 Rod and cone pathways in the inner plexiform layer of cat retina
pmid4417936 Ultrastructural analysis of toxin binding and entry into mammalian cells
pmid4418303 Red cell 2,3-diphosphoglycerate concentration in man decreases with age
pmid4418490 Effect of foetal calf serum and epidermal growth factor on DNA synthesis in explants of chick embryo epidermis
pmid4418525 Effect of prostaglandins E1, E2 and F2alpha on human blood coagulation
pmid4418527 Effect of reserpine on cationic contents of rat brain
pmid4418616 Objective evaluation of auditory evoked EEG responses
pmid4420346 Expression of the dystrophia muscularis (dy) recessive gene in mice
pmid4420821 Morphine and ethanol: selective depletion of regional brain calcium
pmid4420873 Morphological evidence for an experimentally induced synaptic field
pmid4420947 Spatial ability, throwing accuracy and man’s hunting heritage
pmid4421071 Ethnicity is a significant factor in the epidemiology of rubella and Hodgkin’s disease
pmid4421201 Specificity of regenerating optic fibres for left and right optic tecta in goldfish
pmid4421285 Distinct haematological disorder with deletion of long arm of no. 5 chromosome
pmid4421398 Imprinting and exploration of slight novelty in chicks
pmid4421454 Methionine adenosyltransferase deficiency: new enzymatic defect associated with hypermethioninemia
pmid4421572 In vitro cultivation of Trypanosoma vivax isolated from cattle
pmid4421673 Model for the regulation of mRNA translation applied to haemoglobin synthesis
pmid4421691 Local suppression of alpha activity by pattern in half the visual field
pmid4421728 Regulation of striatal acetylcholine concentration by dopamine receptors
pmid4421743 Sickle cell resistance to in vivo hypoxia
pmid4421831 Insulin stimulates myogenesis in a rat myoblast line
pmid4421994 Serum dopamine beta-hydroxylase activity in developing hypertensive rats
pmid4421998 Serum globulin in myasthenia gravis: inhibition of alpha-bungarotoxin binding to acetylcholine receptors
pmid4422072 Enzymatic synthesis of acetylcholine by a serotonin-containing neurone from Helix
pmid4422113 New method for extending the diffraction pattern from protein crystals and preventing their radiation damage
pmid4422189 A lymphocyte-inhibiting factor isolated from normal human liver
pmid4422239 Human reproduction and family planning: research strategies in developing countries
pmid4422920 Seasonal variation in sensitivity of guinea pig tissues to agonists
pmid4423494 DNA purified from naked intranuclear particles of human liver infected with hepatitis B virus
pmid4423669 Intercellular gap junctions in pigment epithelium cells during retinal specification in Xenopus laevis
pmid4423691 The reaction of monkeys to ’fearsome’ pictures
pmid4423711 Altered rate of DNA replication in ageing human fibroblast cultures
pmid4423788 Distribution of DNA in dividing spinach chloroplasts
pmid4423858 Information transmission under conditions of sensory shielding
pmid4423884 Maternal inheritance of mammalian mitochondrial DNA
pmid4423889 Alternative route for nitrogen assimilation in higher plants
pmid4423924 Control of cell division in yeast using the ionophore, A23187 with calcium and magnesium
pmid4424310 Asbestos induces selective release of lysosomal enzymes from mononuclear phagocytes
pmid4424407 Prostaglandin E1 action on sinus pacemaker and adenylyl cyclase in kitten myocardium
pmid4424635 Genetic lesion in homozygous alpha thalassaemia (hydrops fetalis)
pmid4424638 Hepatic necrosis caused by furosemide
pmid4424710 Functional identification of three components which mediate tissue-type specific embryonic cell adhesion
pmid4424712 Functional reinnervation in kitten visual cortex
pmid4424753 Quantitation of adrenaline in rat brain nuclei and areas by mass fragmentography
pmid4425292 Evolution of cell senescence, atherosclerosis and benign tumours
pmid4425347 Behavioural thermoregulation in a wolf spider
pmid4427662 Memory for words
pmid4427663 Genotype interaction with undernutrition and external environment in early life
pmid4427664 A model for stably inherited environmentally induced changes in plants
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