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11 April 2021

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pmid11643565 Grave-robbing: the charge against four from Boston City Hospital
pmid11643569 Patients’ rights: Harvard is site of battle over X and Y chromosomes
pmid17737111 Drought Prediction
pmid17737112 Letters to the Editor
pmid17737113 Effective Science Advising
pmid17737114 Letters to the Editor
pmid17737115 Letters to the Editor
pmid17737116 Dog Control
pmid17737117 Whither the New Public Urban University
pmid17737118 Fusion Reactors as Future Energy Sources
pmid17737119 Computer Networks: Making the Decision to Join One
pmid17737120 FDA Turns Back Bid to Reinstate Cyclamates
pmid17737121 National Health Insurance: Will It Promote Costly Technology?
pmid17737122 Energy: Ford Foundation Study Urges Action on Conservation
pmid17737123 A "White Paper" for Energy Conservation
pmid17737124 Laser Spectroscopy: A New High Resolution Technique
pmid17737125 5-Thio-D-Glucose: A Unique Male Contraceptive
pmid17737126 Antibody Diversity: How Many Antibody Genes?
pmid17737127 Electron-Optical Observations on the agr-Transformation in Troilite
pmid17737128 The Temperature Gradient in the Solar Nebula
pmid17737129 Geniculate Neural Plasticity in Kittens after Exposure to Periodic Gratings
pmid17790359 Letters to the Editor
pmid17790360 Letters to the Editor
pmid17790361 Approach to Societal Problems
pmid17790362 Letters to the Editor
pmid17790363 Letters to the Editor
pmid17790364 Letters to the Editor
pmid17790365 Pseudoscience
pmid17790366 Letters to the Editor
pmid17790367 Of Skunks and Tomato Juice
pmid17790368 The Wages of Inflation
pmid17790369 Landscape Development, Forest Fires, and Wilderness Management
pmid17790370 From Mars with Love
pmid17790371 Are Scientists Obsolete?
pmid17790372 Marine Archeology: Troubled Search for Spanish Treasure Ship
pmid17790373 Energy: Cannibalism in the Bureaucracy
pmid17790374 TIAA-CREF: for Richer, for Poorer, Married to the Market
pmid17790375 Changes in Energy High Command
pmid17790376 The 1974 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
pmid17790377 Laser Fusion Secrecy Lifted: Microballoons Are the Trick
pmid17790378 Analysis of Algorithms: Coping with Hard Problems
pmid17790379 Science and Human Environment
pmid17790380 Science and the Metropolis
pmid17790381 Manganese and Biotic Debris Associations in Some Deep-Sea Sediments
pmid17790382 Baring High-Albedo Soils by Overgrazing: A Hypothesized Desertification Mechanism
pmid17790383 Antarctic Glacial History from Analyses of Ice-Rafted Deposits in Marine Sediments: New Model and Initial Tests
pmid17790384 Community Structure of Coral Reefs on Opposite Sides of the Isthmus of Panama
pmid17790385 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17792248 Scientific Manpower Survey
pmid17792249 Ultrasonic Holographic Instrument
pmid17792250 Agricultural Development
pmid17792251 Emission Standards: Costs and Benefits
pmid17792252 Speaking Plainly
pmid17792253 Letters to the Editor
pmid17792254 Troublesome Portents for Scientific Journals
pmid17792255 Department of Defense R & D in the University
pmid17792256 Detente: Travel Curbs Hinder U.S.-U.S.S.R. Exchanges
pmid17792257 Science Advising . . . Cont’d
pmid17792258 Congress: A Seismic Shift toward the Young and Liberal
pmid17792259 Energy "Blueprint" Sees Little R & D Impact before 1985
pmid17792260 Grave-Robbing: The Charge against Four from Boston City Hospital
pmid17792261 Exploring the Solar System (I): An Emerging New Perspective
pmid17792262 Early Ideas about the Solar System and the Planets
pmid17792263 The 1974 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
pmid17792264 Science and the Problematique
pmid17792265 Trace Gas Analysis of Power Plant Plumes Via Aircraft Measurement: O3, NOx, and SO2 Chemistry
pmid17792266 Counterclockwise Circulation in the Pacific Subantarctic Sector of the Southern Ocean
pmid17792267 5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid as a Mediator in the Formation of Pyridoindoles
pmid17792268 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17833699 AAAS and NAS Herbicide Reports
pmid17833700 Letters to the Editor
pmid17833701 Iron in Enriched Bread
pmid17833702 A Scientist’s Campaign
pmid17833703 Language Skills of Homo sapiens
pmid17833704 The Ghost at the Feast
pmid17833705 Hydrogeologic Constraints on Yucatan’s Development
pmid17833706 Energy and Life-Style
pmid17833707 OCS Oil: Mammoth Lease Plan Encounters Heavy Opposition
pmid17833708 Carey to be AAAS Executive Officer
pmid17833709 Ray’s Shift to State Department Will Test Kissinger’s Interest in Science
pmid17833710 Plagiary and Piracy
pmid17833711 Dietary Morality
pmid17833712 NIH: Robert Stone Is in Trouble with HEW
pmid17833713 Think Tank Funds Are Leaking
pmid17833714 POINT OF VIEW
pmid17833715 The Demise of the Neandertals: Was Language a Factor?
pmid17833716 The 1974 Nobel Prize in Physics
pmid17833717 The 1974 Nobel Prize for Economics
pmid17833718 Office of International Science
pmid17833719 Secondary Calcification of the Planktonic Foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma as a Climatic Index
pmid17833720 Ice Crystal Concentration in Cumulus Clouds: Influence of the Drop Spectrum
pmid17833721 Death of American Ground Sloths
pmid17833722 The Asteroid Belt: Doubts about the Particle Concentration Measured with the Asteroid/Meteoroid Detector on Pioneer 10
pmid17833723 Mechanisms of Connective Tissue Degradation
pmid17833724 Insecticides for the Future: Needs and Prospects
pmid17838582 India’s Nuclear Test
pmid17838583 Letters to the Editor
pmid17838584 Behavior Reinforcement
pmid17838585 On Incrementing a Hurricane
pmid17838586 Methanol as a Gasoline Extender: A Critique
pmid17838587 Environmental Quality: Outline for a National Index for Canada
pmid17838588 Soviet-American Copyright Deals: Better Where Barter Is Possible
pmid17838589 Edelin Case Will Go to Trial
pmid17838590 Interior Seeks to Open Naval Oil Reserves
pmid17838591 ERTS: Fight over a Third Satellite Looms
pmid17838592 Drinking Water: Another Source of Carcinogens?
pmid17838593 Agricultural Research under Fire
pmid17838594 Solar and Geothermal Energy: New Competition for the Atom
pmid17838595 Exploring the Solar System (II): Models of the Origin
pmid17838596 Chemical Condensation Sequence in the Solar Nebula
pmid17838597 Stratiform Copper Deposit, Northern Anatolia, Turkey: Evidence for Early Bronze I (2800 B.C.) Mining Activity
pmid17838598 Lunar Magnetic Field: Permanent and Induced Dipole Moments
pmid17838599 Aerosol and Climate: Some Further Considerations
pmid17838600 Environmental and Evolutionary Stability in Bivalve Mollusks
pmid17838601 Effect of Low-Phosphate Pretreatment of Plant Species with Different Relative Growth Rates on Subsequent Phosphate Uptake
pmid17838602 1974 AAAS Election Results
pmid4137580 Clonal depletion in neonatal tolerance
pmid4137861 Neonatal tolerance induced by antibody against antigen-specific receptor
pmid4138112 Foetal origin of transferrin in mouse amniotic fluid
pmid4138511 Replication of oncornavirus-like particle in human breast carcinoma cell line, MCF-7
pmid4138645 Scanning immunoelectron microscopy of mouse B and T lymphocytes
pmid4139660 Dissociation of increased hexose transport from initiation of fibroblast proliferation
pmid4139661 Preservation of antigenic properties of macromolecules over 70 Myr
pmid4139662 C-type viruses in systemic lupus erythematosus
pmid4139663 Antigenic specificity of retinal pigment epithelium and non-immunological involvement in retinal dystrophy
pmid4139664 Sequence at the 3’ end of globin mRNA shows homology with immunoglobulin light chain mRNA
pmid4139665 Giemsa banding of metaphase chromosomes in triatomine bugs
pmid4143378 Inhibition of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in rats severely depleted of T cells
pmid4153578 Gamma-aminobutyric acid effects on pituitary gonadotropin secretion
pmid4153840 Regulation of catecholamine synthesis in the rat brain in vitro by cyclic AMP
pmid4154407 Glutamate metabolism in the frog retina
pmid4154408 Temperature-dependent interconversion of histamine H1 and H2 receptors in guinea pig ileum
pmid4154409 How selective is high affinity uptake of GABA into inhibitory nerve terminals?
pmid4157144 Histaminergic pathway in rat brain evidenced by lesions of the medial forebrain bundle
pmid4213284 Pancreatic ribonuclease: enzymic and physiological properties of a cross-linked dimer
pmid4213401 Structure of wet specimens in electron microscopy. Improved environmental chambers make it possible to examine wet specimens easily
pmid4213860 Letter: Scrapie
pmid4213942 Partial nucleotide sequence of a prokaryote initiator tRNA that functions in its non-formylated form
pmid4214366 Tyrosinase in the skin of albino hamsters and mice
pmid4214525 A fly’s leap from paralysis
pmid4215026 New RNA polymerase from Bacillus subtilis infected with phage PBS2
pmid4215027 In vitro activity of cells from genetically lethal embryos of Drosophila
pmid4215028 Sensitivity of cytotoxic T cells to T-cell mediated cytotoxicity
pmid4215029 TRH: a possible mediator of thermoregulation
pmid4215030 Transfection of non-host bacterial spheroplasts with bacteriophage phi chi 174 DNA
pmid4215031 Decline of PCB concentrations in North Atlantic surface water
pmid4215032 Precocious development of detoxicating enzymes following pituitary graft
pmid4215033 Presence of J chain in human immunocytes containing various immunoglobulin classes
pmid4219963 Sex-dependent behavioral effects of cerebral cortical lesions in the developing rhesus monkey
pmid4278652 Differences in the effects of adult thymectomy on T-cell mediated responses in vitro
pmid4278994 Monosynaptic excitation of motoneurones from secondary endings of muscle spindles
pmid4279338 ADP binding to relaxed scallop myofibrils
pmid4279339 Blocking one-way maternal-foetal MLR
pmid4279340 Myosin linked calcium regulation in vertebrate smooth muscle
pmid4369896 Cyclic guanosine monophosphate: elevation in degenerating photoreceptor cells of the C3H mouse retina
pmid4370280 Presynaptic inhibition: primary afferent depolarization in crayfish neurons
pmid4370750 A receptor mediating sexual differentiation?
pmid4370821 Molecular and crystal structure of deoxyguanosine 5’-phosphate
pmid4371105 Specific binding of growth hormone to thymocytes
pmid4371148 Multiple divergent copies of endogenous C-type virogenes in mammalian cells
pmid4371572 Incorporation of lipid vesicles by mammalian cells provides a potential method for modifying cell behaviour
pmid4372539 Collagenase activity in experimental hepatic fibrosis
pmid4372540 Activity of CNS depressants related to hydrophobicity
pmid4372541 Caffeine inhibits induction of endogenous C-type virus
pmid4372542 Rapid in vivo assay for murine lymphatic leukaemia viruses
pmid4372543 Antigenic inhibition of cell-mediated cytotoxicity against tumour cells
pmid4372544 Human times mouse hybrid cells segregating mouse chromosomes and isozymes
pmid4372545 Transcription, translation and maturation of succinate dehydrogenase during cell cycle
pmid4377758 DNA ligase: structure, mechanism, and function
pmid4412153 Aversive situational effects on alpha feedback training
pmid4412202 Biological populations with nonoverlapping generations: stable points, stable cycles, and chaos
pmid4413334 Evidence for in vivo reaction of antibody and complement to surface antigens of human cancer cells
pmid4413568 Geniculate neural plasticity in kittens after exposure to periodic gratings
pmid4413726 Hycanthone analogs: dissociation of mutagenic effects from antischistosomal effects
pmid4413909 Insect control of the future: operational and policy aspects
pmid4413996 Isobaric bubble growth: a consequence of altering atmospheric gas
pmid4414504 Local-regional anesthesia during childbirth: effect on newborn behaviors
pmid4415846 Space perception in early infancy: perception within a common auditory-visual space?
pmid4417289 Heat production and temperature regulation in eastern skunk cabbage
pmid4417593 Haemagglutinins in commercial preparations of monosaccharides
pmid4417613 Visual detection of line segments: an object-superiority effect
pmid4417650 Normal skin test responses in chronic marijuana users
pmid4417954 Stomatal movements and ion fluxes within epidermis of Commelina communis L
pmid4418088 Diapause potential in tropical flesh flies
pmid4419109 Large plasmid in Agrobacterium tumefaciens essential for crown gall-inducing ability
pmid4419708 Congenitally abnormal vision in Siamese cats
pmid4419816 Letter: Ageing cell cultures
pmid4419834 Letter: Ascorbic acid and nitrosamines
pmid4419895 Letter: Development of mollusk shells
pmid4419904 Letter: Do molecular biologists come of age in Aries?
pmid4419968 Letter: Intelligence and handedness
pmid4420642 Recognition of mother’s voice in early infancy
pmid4420974 Initiation of polyphenylalanine synthesis and the action of cytokinins in fenugreek cotyledons
pmid4420997 Cyclic expression of a growth conditioning factor (MGF) on the cell surface
pmid4421039 Cervical somato-sensory evoked responses in man
pmid4421263 Origin of Nicotiana tabacum L. detected by polypeptide composition of Fraction I protein
pmid4421366 Luteinising hormone and testosterone in man
pmid4421701 Displacement of bound 14C-fluphenazine by biogenic amines and antipsychotic drugs in homogenates of brain tissue
pmid4421742 Single cell layered heart: electromechanical properties of the heart of Boltenia ovifera
pmid4421774 An electrophysiological study of the hippocampus of the ’reeler’ mutant mouse
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