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11 April 2021

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pmid17730891 Letters to the Editor
pmid17730892 Letters to the Editor
pmid17730893 World Food Shortage
pmid17730894 Mycoplasma Contamination
pmid17730895 Thermal Energy Units
pmid17730896 Letters to the Editor
pmid17730897 The Decline of Merit
pmid17730898 World Climates and Food Supply Variations
pmid17730899 Scientific Manpower Employment: So Far, It Seems to Be Holding Up
pmid17730900 Minutes to Midnight for Bulletin?
pmid17730901 Controversy over New Pesticide Regulations
pmid17730902 World Food Conference: Amid Politicking, Some Progress
pmid17730903 GAO Calls Security Lax at Nuclear Plants
pmid17730904 Inventor’s Suit Could Break New Ground
pmid17730905 RANN Remiss in Reporting out Results
pmid17730906 Two New Particles Found: Physicists Baffled and Delighted
pmid17730907 Particle Search Ends in an Amazing Coincidence
pmid17730908 Exploring the Solar System (III): Whence the Moon?
pmid17730909 X-ray Crystallography: A Refinement of Technique
pmid17730910 Annual Meeting
pmid17730911 Office of Opportunities in Science
pmid17730912 Communications Department
pmid17730913 Transcontinental Baselines and the Rotation of the Earth Measured by Radio Interferometry
pmid17730914 Io: A Surface Evaporite Deposit?
pmid17730915 Modeling Periodically Surging Glaciers
pmid17730916 Amorphous Solid Water: An X-ray Diffraction Study
pmid17730917 Hemoglobin Kinetics and the Effect of Organic Phosphates
pmid17818606 Solar Ponds
pmid17818607 Breast Cancer Treatments
pmid17818608 Safety of Ultrasound Diagnosis
pmid17818609 Side Effects of 5-Thio-D-Glucose
pmid17818610 Herbicide Use in Vietnam
pmid17818611 Letters to the Editor
pmid17818612 Social Sciences, Future Tense
pmid17818613 Anthropological Film: A Scientific and Humanistic Resource
pmid17818614 Rice Breeding and World Food Production
pmid17818615 Product Liability and the Technical Expert
pmid17818616 Green Revolution (I): A Just Technology, Often Unjust in Use
pmid17818617 Council for a Livable World: Dispute over Campaign Finance Disclosure
pmid17818618 Academy for Contemporary Problems: Mixed Parentage, Ambitious Aims
pmid17818619 Unesco’s Israeli Sanctions Arouse a Bitter Backlash
pmid17818620 Edward Rail Expected to Replace Stone at NIH
pmid17818621 Computers: First the Maxi, Then the Mini, Now It’s the Micro
pmid17818622 Aging Research (I): Cellular Theories of Senescence
pmid17818623 Aging Institute: Current Status
pmid17818624 Annual Meeting
pmid17818625 Vermetid Gastropods and Intertidal Reefs in Israel and Bermuda
pmid17818626 Viability of Stored Seed: Extension by Cathodic Protection
pmid17818627 The Brain: An Endocrine Organ and Hormone Target
pmid17818628 Transmissible Disease and Blood Transfusion
pmid17833911 Uniformity of References
pmid17833912 Letters to the Editor
pmid17833913 Hydrogen Storage in Metal Hydrides
pmid17833914 Brookhaven Accelerator Time
pmid17833915 Cuban Science
pmid17833916 Hybrid Cell Proposed
pmid17833917 A Sense of the History of Discovery
pmid17833918 Climate Stabilization: For Better or for Worse?
pmid17833919 Green Revolution (II): Problems of Adapting a Western Technology
pmid17833920 Ethics Commission Holds Its First Meeting
pmid17833921 Arms Control Groups Qualify Approval
pmid17833922 Harvard Faculty Says XYY Study Should Continue
pmid17833923 Seamans, Zarb, Anders & Company
pmid17833924 Edwards Leaving HEW
pmid17833925 Strip Mining: A Practical Test for President Ford
pmid17833926 Ethiopia: Did Aid Speed an Inevitable Upheaval?
pmid17833927 Laser Fusion: One Milepost Passed--Millions More to Go
pmid17833928 Economic Breakeven May Be the Problem for Laser Fusion
pmid17833929 Aging Research (II): Pacemakers for Aging?
pmid17833930 Vitamin A: Potential Protection from Carcinogens
pmid17833931 New York City
pmid17833932 Sea-Level Solar Radiation in the Biologically Active Spectrum
pmid17833933 Skylab Radar Altimeter: Short-Wavelength Perturbations Detected in Ocean Surface Profiles
pmid17833934 Electron Imaging of Pyrrhotite Superstructures
pmid17843038 Bee Language
pmid17843039 Letters to the Editor
pmid17843040 Computers and Human Happiness
pmid17843041 Sakharov on Detente
pmid17843042 Roszak and Rationality
pmid17843043 Letters to the Editor
pmid17843044 Declining Years of Hydrocarbon Production
pmid17843045 Residential Patterns at Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico
pmid17843046 Cliometrics: Book on Slavery Stirs up a Scholarly Storm
pmid17843047 Son of Deep Throat Foils Physicists
pmid17843048 Ford Budget Axe Cuts Research
pmid17843049 Battelle Memorial Institute: Another Reading of the Will
pmid17843050 EPA Cites Errors in AEC’s Reactor Risk Study
pmid17843051 Exploring the Solar System (IV): What Future for Space Science?
pmid17843052 Fletcher Sees Major Thrust in Space Science in 1980’s
pmid17843053 Developmental Neurobiology: Specificity in the Visual System
pmid17843054 Science and the Quality of Our Lives
pmid17843056 Tilt Precursors before Earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault, California
pmid17843057 Aerosols in the Atmosphere: Calculation of the Critical Absorption/Backscatter Ratio
pmid17843058 Sunday and Workday Variations in Photochemical Air Pollutants in New Jersey and New York
pmid17843059 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid4139666 Transcriptional control of alpha-foetoprotein synthesis in developing mouse liver
pmid4139668 Tolerance induction with bovine gamma globulin in mouse radiation chimaeras depends on macrophages
pmid4139754 Health care and education: on the threshold of space
pmid4140474 Possible role of DNA synthesis in formation of sister chromatid exchanges
pmid4140475 Large numbers of cells in normal mice produce antibody components of isologous erythrocytes
pmid4143379 Antihistamines block radiation-induced taste aversions
pmid4154410 In vitro enhancement of hepatic microsomal biphenyl 2-hydroxylation by carcinogens
pmid4154412 The coenzyme-binding domains of glutamate dehydrogenases
pmid4154497 Beta-adrenergic receptor: stereospecific interaction of iodinated beta-blocking agent with high affinity site
pmid4155049 Tyrosine-dependent increase of tyrosine hydroxylase in neuroblastoma cells
pmid4157145 Synergism of insecticides by herbicides: effect of environmental factors
pmid4215034 Bacterial mutation affecting T4 phage DNA synthesis and tail production
pmid4215035 Evidence for a direct effect of LRF and TRF on single unit activity in the rostral hypothalamus
pmid4215038 In vitro maturation of precursors of 5S ribosomal RNA from Bacillus subtilis
pmid4215039 Candidate for immunoglobulin D present on murine B lymphocytes
pmid4215040 Immunoglobulin of T lymphoma cells is an integral membrane protein
pmid4215979 Identification of metabolic dechlorination of highly chlorinated biphenyl in rabbit
pmid4215980 Beta alanine and cuticle maturation in Drosophila
pmid4219964 Size and scaling in human evolution
pmid4219965 Neural basis of orientation perception in primate vision
pmid4279341 Evidence for ATP action on the cell surface
pmid4279342 Differential recognition by thymocytes of H-2 and non H-2 alloantigens
pmid4279345 The activity of membrane bound enzymes in muscular dystrophic chicks
pmid4283385 Serological detection of mixed lymphocyte culture identity between cells that differ by one HL-A haplotype
pmid4372546 Evolution of C-type viral genes: inheritance of exogenously acquired viral genes
pmid4372547 Binding of interferon to gangliosides
pmid4372548 Octopamine receptors on Aplysia neurones mediate hyperpolarisation by increasing membrane conductance
pmid4372549 Association of polyanion resistance with tumorigenicity and other properties in BHK-21 cells
pmid4372556 Possible model reactions for the nitrate reductases
pmid4372557 Oral contraceptive for men
pmid4372558 Voltage clamp studies of glutamate synapse
pmid4372559 Cell-mediated immunity to Epstein-Barr virus and a blocking factor in patients with infectious mononucleosis
pmid4372682 Reversal of catecholamine refractoriness by inhibitors of RNA and protein synthesis
pmid4373655 An SV40-induced initiation factor for protein synthesis concerned with the regulation of permissiveness
pmid4373656 Separation of parathyroid hormone and calcitonin-sensitive cells from non-responsive bone cells
pmid4373657 Excitatory action of hypothalamic substance P on spinal motoneurones of newborn rats
pmid4373658 Pseudotype formation between enveloped RNA and DNA viruses
pmid4373659 Effect of dexamethasone on herpes simplex virus type 2 infection in vitro
pmid4373660 Increased susceptibility to virus oncogenesis of congenitally thymus-deprived nude mice
pmid4373661 Inhibition of rat lymph node cell cytotoxicity by hepatoma-associated embryonic antigen
pmid4377759 Vitamin D in solution: conformations of vitamin D3, 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, and dihydrotachysterol3
pmid4377760 Guanosine 3’,5’-monophosphate in sympathetic ganglia: increase assoicated with synaptic transmission
pmid4377761 Adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate content in rat caudate nucleus: demonstration of dopaminergic and adrenergic receptors
pmid4431468 Fluorocarbon anaesthetics break hydrogen bonds
pmid4431469 Fever in the lizard Dipsosaurus dorsalis
pmid4431470 Dependence of juvenile hormone release from corpus allatum on intraglandular content
pmid4431471 Choline transport by neuroblastoma cells in tissue culture
pmid4431472 Relationship of alpha-adrenergic receptors in rat pineal gland to drug-induced stimulation of phospholipid metabolism
pmid4431473 Sustained oscillations of acetylcholine during nerve stimulation
pmid4431474 Correlation of erythrocyte catechol-O-methyltransferase activity between siblings
pmid4431475 A reappraisal of human beta MSH
pmid4431476 Possible pharmacological and theoretical implications of x-ray structure of the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine
pmid4431477 In vitro neoplastic transformation of epithelial cells of rat urinary bladder by nitrosamines
pmid4431478 Effect of split doses of x rays on neoplastic transformation of single cells
pmid4431479 Antibody-dependent cell-mediated damage to schistosomula in vitro
pmid4431480 Letter: Population estimates from recapture studies
pmid4431481 Letter: Protein phosphorylation during oocyte maturation
pmid4431482 Letter: All female butterfly broods
pmid4431516 Comparison of classical and autogenous systems of regulation in inducible operons
pmid4431517 Discrimination in the assimilation of n-alkanes in fish
pmid4431518 Lack of effect of Avena sativa on cigarette smoking
pmid4431519 Cortical potentials evoked by finger displacement in man
pmid4431520 Visualisation of micropore structure in human dental enamel
pmid4431521 LSD as an agonist of dopamine receptors in the striatum
pmid4431522 LSD as an agonist and antagonist at central dopamine receptors
pmid4431523 Synapse formation between clonal muscle cells and rat spinal cord explants
pmid4431524 Rapid reversal of internal Na+ and K+ contents of synaptosomes by ouabain
pmid4431525 Alteration of melanocytes by DNA in White Plymouth Rock chickens
pmid4431526 Reversible appearance of a specific chromosome which suppresses malignancy
pmid4431527 Letter: Role of arginase in the epidermis
pmid4432067 Steroid 5alpha-reductase deficiency in man: an inherited form of male pseudohermaphroditism
pmid4432068 Human vaginal secretions: volatile fatty acid content
pmid4432069 Microtubule-macrotubule transitions: intermediates after exposure to the mitotic inhibitor vinblastine
pmid4437613 Structural homology of myosin alkali light chains, troponin C and carp calcium binding protein
pmid4437614 Echinomycin: a bifunctional intercalating antibiotic
pmid4437615 Search for selectivity between optical isomers in reactions of polarised positive muons with alanines and octanols
pmid4437616 Bilayers at the air-water interface?
pmid4437617 In vivo nuclear fission in the aetiology of decompression sickness
pmid4437618 Pleistocene date for man in Tasmania
pmid4437619 Variation in assortative mating in two colonies of Arctic skuas
pmid4437620 Cascading speciation
pmid4437621 Isolation by distance in Liatris cylindracea
pmid4437622 Tumbling in pigeons
pmid4437623 1,25-Dihydroxycholecalciferol-like activity of Solanum malacoxylon extract on calcium transport
pmid4437624 Lymphocyte cytotoxicity to isolated hepatocytes in chronic active hepatitis
pmid4437625 Intramembraneous changes on cationophore-triggered exocytosis in Paramecium
pmid4437626 Acute hepatic injury by vinyl chloride in rats pretreated with phenobarbital
pmid4437627 Application of beta-D-glucuronides and glucose together suggests a new direction for cancer chemotherapy
pmid4437628 Simultaneity, occlusion and the sodium pump
pmid4437629 Lateral interaction between neural channels sensitive to velocity in the human visual system
pmid4437630 Electrophysiology of mammalian spinal cord in vitro
pmid4437631 A new type of hereditary persistence of foetal haemoglobin: is a diffusible factor regulating gamma-chain synthesis?
pmid4437632 Sulphydryl groups as a new molecular probe at the alpha1 beta1 interface in haemoglobin using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
pmid4437633 Localisation of 5S ribosomal RNA genes on human chromosome 1
pmid4437634 In vitro sensitisation to dinitrochlorobenzene in guinea pigs
pmid4469688 Negative resistance characteristic essential for the maintenance of slow oscillations in bursting neurons
pmid4469689 Lesch-Nyhan syndrome: evidence for abnormal adrenergic function
pmid4469690 Zinc protoporphyrin in the erythrocytes of patients with lead intoxication and iron deficiency anemia
pmid4469691 Arginine vasotocin: effects on development of reproductive organs
pmid4469692 Ethanol inhibition of vitamin A metabolism in the testes: possible mechanism for sterility in alcoholics
pmid4469693 Electrophysiological correlates of meaning
pmid4469694 Gastric brooding: unique form of parental care in an Australian frog
pmid4469695 Electron diffraction of frozen, hydrated protein crystals
pmid4469696 Decrease in free cystine content of cultured cystinotic fibroblasts by ascorbic acid
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