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11 April 2021

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pmid11663243 Protection of human subjects
pmid17773017 Multinational Corporations
pmid17773018 Letter to the Editor
pmid17773019 Copernican Observations
pmid17773020 Aid to Indochina
pmid17773021 Tar Sand Technology
pmid17773022 Letter to the Editor
pmid17773023 Letter to the Editor
pmid17773024 Cancer and Adventists
pmid17773025 Homogenized Milk and Atherosclerosis
pmid17773026 The "Relevance" of Basic Science
pmid17773027 No Easy Way Out of Energy Crisis
pmid17773028 Coal and the Present Energy Situation: Abundant coal reserves can be used to alleviate the oil and gas shortage
pmid17773029 How Big Is a Chunk?: By combining data from several experiments, a basic human memory unit can be identified and measured
pmid17773030 Eradicating the Boll Weevil: Would It Be a No-Win War?
pmid17773031 An Invitation for Suggestions on Candidates
pmid17773032 Vice President Ford Hears Scientists’ Concerns
pmid17773033 A New Look at Federal Science
pmid17773034 Proxmire Hits NSF Research Priorities, Funding Flexibility
pmid17773035 Computer Sales to U.S.S.R.: Critics Look for Quid Pro Quos
pmid17773036 Manganese Nodules (I): Mineral Resources on the Deep Seabed
pmid17773037 Slaty Cleavage: Incipient Occurrences in the Deep Sea
pmid17773038 The Brunhes Epoch: Isotopic Paleotemperatures and Geochronology
pmid17773039 Transvaal Stromatolite: First Evidence for the Diversification of Cells about 2.2 x 109 Years Ago
pmid17773040 Protodolomite Synthesis at 100{degrees}C and Atmospheric Pressure
pmid17773041 Phosphate Absorption Capacity and Acclimation Potential in Plants along a Latitudinal Gradient
pmid17773042 Biosynthesis of agr-Ecdysone by Prothoracic Glands in vitro
pmid17773043 Torpor in an Andean Hummingbird: Its Ecological Significance
pmid17773044 Bumblebee Ocelli and Navigation at Dusk
pmid17773045 Lead in Seawater
pmid17773046 Literature
pmid17773047 Electron Microscopy Tissue Processor
pmid17773048 Photomicrographic Camera
pmid17773049 Salt Water Aquaria
pmid17773050 Thin-Layer Chromatography
pmid17773051 Column Packing Material
pmid17773052 Quantum Sensors
pmid17773053 Annular Stills
pmid17778825 Marine Advisory Programs
pmid17778826 Automotive Emission Standards and Fuel Economy
pmid17778827 "Miracle" Sorghum
pmid17778828 Deepwater Illumination
pmid17778829 Managers of Science
pmid17778830 Structure of the Proton
pmid17778831 Innovation in Industry and the Diffusion of Technology
pmid17778832 R & D Budget: The Total Is Up 10 Percent, But.
pmid17778833 Energy
pmid17778834 Health
pmid17778835 Military
pmid17778836 Science Foundation
pmid17778837 Synthetic Fuels: Will Government Lend the Oil Industry a Hand?
pmid17778838 Manganese Nodules (II): Prospects for Deep Sea Mining
pmid17778839 Age Determination of Burned Flint by a Thermoluminescent Method
pmid17778840 Carbon Dioxide Hydrate and Floods on Mars
pmid17778841 Tip Growth in Micrasterias
pmid17778842 The Casparian Strip as a Barrier to the Movement of Lanthanum in Corn Roots
pmid17780757 FDR’s Science Policy
pmid17780758 History of Life Sciences
pmid17780759 Optical Brighteners
pmid17780760 Prospectus for Science Advising
pmid17780761 Host-Guest Chemistry: Complexes between organic compounds simulate the substrate selectivity of enzymes
pmid17780762 Prevention of Food-Processing Wastes: Processes can be changed to reduce wastes, maintain product quality, and improve product yield
pmid17780763 NIH: Who Is Running the Show-Scientists or Politicians?
pmid17780764 Edwards Strikes Back in the Post
pmid17780765 On Reading the Federal Budget
pmid17780766 World Population: U.N. on the Move but Grounds for Optimism Are Scant
pmid17780767 Plutonium and the "Hot Particle Problem": Environmental Group Proposes a Draconian Answer
pmid17780768 Electron-Hole Droplets: A Unique Form of Matter
pmid17780769 Combinatorics: Steps toward a Unified Theory
pmid17780770 Wind Tunnel Simulations of Light and Dark Streaks on Mars
pmid17780771 Predictive Simulation of the Subsidence of Venice
pmid17780772 Site of Biosynthesis of Galactolipids in Spinach Chloroplasts
pmid17780773 Mammalian Pheromone: Identification of Active Component in the Subauricular Scent of the Male Pronghorn
pmid17780774 On the "Square" Model of Maya Territorial Organization
pmid17780775 Rubey Conference on Crustal Evolution
pmid17780776 Radiation Chemistry of Condensed Phases: Report of a Joint Japan-United States Seminar
pmid17781915 PCB’s: Another Source?
pmid17781916 Virus Cancer Program
pmid17781917 Biotic Energy Flows
pmid17781918 Human Ecology
pmid17781919 Instability of N-Nitrosamides
pmid17781920 AAAS Meetings
pmid17781921 Interstellar Hydrogen in Galaxies: Radio observations of neutral hydrogen yield valuable information on the properties of galaxies
pmid17781922 The Keller Plan in Science Teaching: An individually paced, student-tutored, and mastery-oriented instructional method is evaluated
pmid17781923 Office of Management and Budget: Skeptical View of Scientific Advice
pmid17781924 Adamantly Vague on Chemicals and Health
pmid17781925 Off-Road Vehicles: A Compromise Plan for the California Desert
pmid17781926 . . . Hosmer Says No
pmid17781927 Fredrickson Says Yes .
pmid17781928 Theoretical Ecology: Beginnings of a Predictive Science
pmid17781929 Venus Clouds: Structure and Composition
pmid17781930 Suppression of Nitrogen Fixation by Blue-Green Algae in a Eutrophic Lake with Trace Additions of Copper
pmid17781931 Detection of Radon Emission at the Edges of Lunar Maria with the Apollo Alpha-Particle Spectrometer
pmid17781932 Radon-222 from the Island of Hawaii: Deep Soils Are More Important than Lava Fields or Volcanoes
pmid17781933 Dynamics of Expanding Inhibitory Fields
pmid17781934 Beryllium Disease
pmid17790607 Copyright Decision
pmid17790608 Letter to the Editor
pmid17790609 Gasoline Substitutes
pmid17790610 Genetic Heterogeneity
pmid17790611 On Citations
pmid17790612 Keynesian Theory
pmid17790613 Voluntary or Not?
pmid17790614 Letter to the Editor
pmid17790615 Out of the Energy Crunch by 1976
pmid17790616 Increased Surface Albedo in the Northern Hemisphere: Did satellites warn of the weather troubles of 1972 and 1973?
pmid17790617 Science and Management Techniques
pmid17790618 Congress: A Big Agenda-Can They Cope with It All?
pmid17790619 Reporters vs. Reporters: Who Should Sit in the Gallery Is the Question in an Odd Congressional Fight
pmid17790620 Financing Postsecondary Education
pmid17790621 Watergate Tapes: Critics Question Main Conclusion of Expert Panel
pmid17790622 APPOINTMENT
pmid17790623 Geodynamics Report: Exploiting the Earth Sciences Revolution
pmid17790624 Frontiers of Research in Atmospheric and Marine Science
pmid17790625 Recommendations for Geodynamics
pmid17790626 Biological Responses of Atta texana to Its Alarm Pheromone and the Enantiomer of the Pheromone
pmid17790627 Temporal Pattern Shifts to Avoid Acoustic Interference in Singing Birds
pmid17790628 Martian Climate: An Empirical Test of Possible Gross Variations
pmid17790629 Skylab Experiments: First Report
pmid17790630 Preview of New Television Health Series
pmid17790631 Premier Showing of AAAS Science Television Project
pmid17790632 OTA Staffs Up
pmid17790633 Hemagglutination-Inhibition Test for Methadone
pmid17790634 Radioimmunoassay Absorption Columns
pmid17790635 Controls for Urine and Serum
pmid17790636 Specific Ion Meter
pmid17790637 Cytofluorograph
pmid17790638 Small Package Temperature Control
pmid17790639 Literature
pmid17790640 Thin-Layer Scanner
pmid17790641 Pocket Calculator
pmid17790642 Gamma Spectrometer
pmid17790643 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
pmid17790644 Mass Spectrometer Handling Accessory
pmid17790645 Coated Slides for Serological Testing
pmid4128792 Mycoplasma-like structures in the aquatic fungus Aphanomyces astaci
pmid4129650 Adenosine 3’5’-monophosphate: inhibition of complement-mediated cell lysis
pmid4129806 Human DNA polymerase 3 (R-DNA polymerase): distinction from DNA polymerase I and reverse transcriptase
pmid4131865 Sequence divergence of mammalian globin messenger RNA
pmid4131866 Electron microscopic visualisation of chromosomes banded with trypsin
pmid4131934 Subcellular separation and molecular nature of human histocompatibility antigens (HL-A)
pmid4131935 Human normoblast A antigen seen by immunoelectron microscopy
pmid4131936 Immunisation with antigen coupled to an immunosorbent
pmid4131937 Infectious C-type virus isolated from a baboon placenta
pmid4131938 New selective Giemsa technique for human chromosomes, Cd staining
pmid4131939 Relationship between DNA content of polytene chromosome bands and heterochromatisation in Drosophila
pmid4131940 Narcotic receptor sites in morphine-dependent rats
pmid4131941 Histochemical study of an inhibitor of fibrinolysis in the human arterial wall
pmid4132371 Bacteriophage structure: determination of head-tail symmetry mismatch for Caulobacter crescentus phage phiCbK
pmid4150399 Glutathione peroxidase activity as a function of dietary selenomethionine
pmid4150438 Do D-glucosamine and D-galactosamine form part of specific receptor sites for competence substance on cell wall of Pneumococcus?
pmid4150454 Effects of cytochalasin B on uptake and release of putative transmitters by synaptosomes and on brain actomyosin-like protein
pmid4150455 Prostaglandin E2 as stimulator of haemopoietic stem cell proliferation
pmid4150456 Sulphur-methylene isosterism in the development of metiamide, a new histamine H2-receptor antagonist
pmid4150717 B-cell alloantigens determined by the H-2 linked Ir region are associated with mixed lymphocyte culture stimulation
pmid4203022 Neurons in rhesus monkey visual cortex: systematic relation between time of origin and eventual disposition
pmid4203023 Deuterium oxide effect on temperature-dependent survival in populations of Drosophila melanogaster
pmid4203024 Carbonic anhydrase and osteoclasts: localization by labeled inhibitor autoradiography
pmid4203025 Calcium ion release in mechanically disrupted heart cells
pmid4203487 Chlorinated hydrocarbons in the Sargasso sea atmosphere and surface water
pmid4203488 Nutritional significance of symbiotic bacteria in two species of hemoflagellates
pmid4203489 Cerebroside antibody inhibits sulfatide synthesis and myelination and demyelinates in cord tissue cultures
pmid4204000 Parathyroid hormone effects in rats treated with diphosphonate
pmid4204656 Diarrhea toxin obtained from a waterbloom-producing species, Microcystis aeruginosA Kützing
pmid4206361 Mechanism of denaturation of haemoglobin by alkali
pmid4206362 Intra- and interpopulation selection concerning the alcohol dehydrogenase locus in Drosophila melanogaster
pmid4206474 Evolution in action
pmid4206475 Reduction in brain dopamine following experimental cerebral ischaemia
pmid4206476 Blue-green bacteria synthesise L-tyrosine by the pretyrosine pathway
pmid4206477 Vaccination of rhesus monkeys against malaria by use of sucrose density gradient fractions of Plasmodium knowlesi antigens
pmid4206478 Vitamin B12 antagonism by monocarboxylic acids and anilides of cyanocobalamin
pmid4206506 Acid protease activity in Plasmodium falciparum and P. knowlesi and ghosts of their respective host red cells
pmid4271816 Inhibition of cellular mediated immunity in marihuana smokers
pmid4272136 Apomorphine: modification of its hyperthermic effect in rabbits by p-chlorophenylalanine
pmid4272645 Septal tryptophan-5-hydroxylase: divergent response to raphe lesions and parachlorophenylalanine
pmid4274156 Synergistic response between thymus and lymph node cells in the mixed lymphocyte culture
pmid4274220 DNA repair monitored by an enzymatic assay in multinucleate xeroderma pigmentosum cells after fusion
pmid4274221 Correlations between (Na + K)-ATPase, Ca-ATPase and cellular potassium concentration in cattle red cells
pmid4358073 Synaptic transmission between photoreceptors and horizontal cells in the turtle retina
pmid4358074 High-frequency C-type virus induction by inhibitors of protein synthesis
pmid4358075 Reduction of ferricytochrome c by some free radical agents
pmid4358076 Protein kinase translocation as an early event in the hormonal control of uterine contraction
pmid4358077 Proton relaxation rates of water in brain and brain tumors
pmid4358576 Paradoxical increase in rate of catabolism of low-density lipoproteins after hepatectomy
pmid4358577 Cyclic adenosine monophosphate: selective increase in caudate nucleus after administration of L-dopa
pmid4359082 Female steroid hormones and target cell nuclei
pmid4359083 Failure to confirm cyclic AMP as second messenger for norepinephrine in rat cerebellum
pmid4359084 Viscosity of cellular protoplasm
pmid4359085 Diphenylhydantoin: effects on calcium metabolism in the chick
pmid4359338 Nonhistone chromosomal proteins and gene regulation
pmid4359339 Amorphous semiconductor switching in melanins
pmid4359340 Hormonal control of neutrophil lysosomal enzyme release: effect of epinephrine on adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate
pmid4359907 RNA viruses: the age of innocence ends
pmid4359908 Visna virus infection of American lambs
pmid4361936 Control of cell division by very lysine rich histone (F1) phosphorylation
pmid4361991 Methionine transfer RNAs associated with avian oncornavirus 70S RNA
pmid4361992 Sensitivity to amphotericin B of in vitro established cell lines
pmid4361993 Dual action of praseodymium (Pr3+) on transmitter release at the frog neuromuscular synapse
pmid4361994 Interaction of mercurials with salmon serum lipoproteins
pmid4361995 Morphine-like drugs inhibit the stimulation of E prostaglandins of cyclic AMP formation by rat brain homogenate
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