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12 April 2021

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pmid11662110 Sex preselection in the United States: some implications
pmid17755009 Letters to the Editor
pmid17755010 Fuel Economy and Emission Controls
pmid17755011 Applied Mathematics
pmid17755012 Patent Assignment
pmid17755013 Blended Fuels
pmid17755014 Letters to the Editor
pmid17755015 The Dirigible
pmid17755016 Letters to the Editor
pmid17755017 A Lost Opportunity
pmid17755018 The Discovery of Tunneling Supercurrents
pmid17755019 Educational Challenges for the University
pmid17755020 American Medical Students Abroad: Numbers Growing, So Are Limitations
pmid17755021 Condon Honored as Early Nixon Victim
pmid17755022 Cooper Leaves Heart Institute for HEW
pmid17755023 Looking Beyond Watergate: The Role of Public Interest Law
pmid17755024 Food and Nutrition: Is America Due for a National Policy?
pmid17755025 Dilatancy: Growing Acceptance as an Earthquake Mechanism
pmid17755026 Tumor Immunology (I): The Host’s Response to Cancer
pmid17755027 Lithium Primary Cells: Serendipitous Search for a New Laser Leads to an Advanced Battery
pmid17755028 Spherulitic Recrystallization of Metamict Polycrase
pmid17755029 Monoclinic Sulfur: Heat Capacity Anomaly at 198{degrees}K Caused by Disordering of the Crystal Structure
pmid17755030 Electronic Structure and Catalytic Behavior of Tungsten Carbide
pmid17755031 X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies of Interactions in Multicomponent Metal and Metal Oxide Thin Films
pmid17755032 Cristobalitic Stage in the Diagenesis of Diatomaceous Shale
pmid17755033 Nitric Oxide Reduction Coupled with Carbon Monoxide Oxidation in the Presence of Soluble Metal Catalysts
pmid17755034 Air Pollution: Remote Detection of Several Pollutant Gases with a Laser Heterodyne Radiometer
pmid17755035 Spontaneous Remembering after Recall Failure
pmid17755036 Coyote Predation Control by Aversive Conditioning
pmid17758267 Library Photocopying
pmid17758268 NAS Research Associates
pmid17758269 Scientific Aid to Indochina
pmid17758270 Ectromelia in U. S. Mouse Colonies
pmid17758271 Rescheduling for Energy Conservation freezing
pmid17758272 Letters to the Editor
pmid17758273 Letters to the Editor
pmid17758274 Letters to the Editor
pmid17758275 The Density Concept
pmid17758276 Science Advice-A Problein
pmid17758277 Isotopic Abundances and Their Variations within the Galaxy
pmid17758278 The Sloan-Kettering Affair: A Story without a Hero
pmid17758279 Scientists Talk of the Need for Conservation and an Ethic of Biotic Diversity to Slow Species Extinction
pmid17758280 Breeder Reactor Debate: The Sun Also Rises
pmid17758281 Tumor Immunology (II): Strategies for Cancer Therapy
pmid17758282 Bioregulators: Alteration of Gene Expression in Citrus Fruit
pmid17758283 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17758284 Guide to Advertised Products
pmid17771054 Catching the Empiricists
pmid17771055 Letters to the Editor
pmid17771056 Breast or Bottle?
pmid17771057 Shanidar Cave
pmid17771058 Letters to the Editor
pmid17771059 Power, Fresh Water, and Food from the Sea
pmid17771060 Post-Project Research Grants
pmid17771061 Media Coverage of Substantive Issues
pmid17771062 Computer Use under a Free-Access Policy
pmid17771063 European Community: Pragmatic Is the Word for the New "Europeans"
pmid17771064 Pentagon Admits to Weather War
pmid17771065 Academy Says Energy Self-Sufficiency Unlikely
pmid17771066 What NIH Needs Is a Party
pmid17771067 Department of Flexible Statistics
pmid17771068 Scientific Manpower: Demand for Ph. D.’s Up, for Rest Uncertain
pmid17771069 NAS Membership Refused
pmid17771070 Cancer Chemotherapy: Now a Promising Weapon
pmid17771071 Screening for Drugs: A Massive Undertaking
pmid17771072 How Do Antitumor Agents Act?
pmid17771073 Two New Accelerators Proposed: Competition for 1976 Funds
pmid17771074 Atmosphere of Venus: Implications of Venera 8 Sunlight Measurements
pmid17771075 Carbonate Compensation Depth: Relation to Carbonate Solubility in Ocean Waters
pmid17771076 Hot Hydrogen Atoms: Initiators of Reactions of Interest in Interstellar Chemistry and Evolution
pmid17771077 Global Trends in Total Atmospheric Ozone
pmid17771078 Learning by Following a Food Source
pmid17782362 Japanese Conception of Nature
pmid17782363 Disruptions at AAAS Meetings
pmid17782364 Laser Isotope Separation
pmid17782365 Letters to the Editor 1
pmid17782366 Letters to the Editor
pmid17782367 Letters to the Editor 2
pmid17782368 Oncogene Theory
pmid17782369 Maintaining a Pluralistic Society
pmid17782370 Natural Marine Oil Seepage
pmid17782371 Britain: A Touch of Austerity for Research and Universities
pmid17782372 Low Marks for AEC’s Breeder Reactor Study
pmid17782373 Science and Crime: Engineers Claim a Rosy Outlook, but Police Aren’t Sure
pmid17782374 American Tentative Society Has Money, Needs Ideas
pmid17782375 Drug Abuse Man to Head ADAMHA
pmid17782376 Airlines: Half-Empty Planes Keep Profits Low, Waste Fuel
pmid17782377 Energy Storage (II): Developing Advanced Technologies
pmid17782378 The Finite Element Method: A Mathematical Revival
pmid17782379 Continental Pleistocene Climatic Variations from Speleothem Age and Isotopic Data
pmid17782380 Elemental Mercury Evolution Mediated by Humic Acid
pmid17782381 Eutrophication and Recovery in Experimental Lakes: Implications for Lake Management
pmid17782382 Opaline Sediments of the Southeastern Coastal Plain and Horizon A: Biogenic Origin
pmid17782383 Jovian Atmosphere: Structure and Composition between the Turbopause and the Mesopause
pmid17782384 Holocene Stratigraphy and Archeology in the Middle Missouri River Trench, South Dakota
pmid17782385 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17783455 Radioactive Waste Disposal
pmid17783456 Safety of Cosmetics
pmid17783457 Letters to the Editor
pmid17783458 Letters to the Editor
pmid17783459 Management Techniques
pmid17783460 Schistosomiasis Research Projects
pmid17783461 Letters to the Editor
pmid17783462 Inter-American Relations
pmid17783463 A Perspective on Climatic Change
pmid17783464 Traditional Maize Processing Techniques in the New World
pmid17783465 Arms Control: U.S., Soviets Revive Threshold Test Ban Talks
pmid17783466 Antarctica: World Hunger for Oil Spurs Security Council Review
pmid17783467 CEQ Weighs Oil Exploration in the Atlantic, off Alaska
pmid17783468 Schlesinger’s R & D Funding Plan Attacked
pmid17783469 Soviets Mysteriously Cancel Jubilee
pmid17783470 Kissinger on Science: Making the Linkage with Diplomacy
pmid17783471 Particle Physics: Is the Electron Really a Hadron at Heart?
pmid17783472 The Simplest Quark Model
pmid17783473 Energy Storage (I): Using Electricity More Efficiently
pmid17783474 Genetic Regulation of Chlorophyll Synthesis Analyzed with Mutants in Barley
pmid17783475 Colonization of Exploded Volcanic Islands by Birds: The Supertramp Strategy
pmid17783476 Gravity Anomalies in the Galapagos Islands Area
pmid4133758 Beta-2-microglobulin is part of the HL-A molecule in the lymphocyte membrane
pmid4133759 Exciton-like splitting in acridine dye-nucleic acid complexes
pmid4133760 Distribution of adenosine triphosphatase during anaphase in cricket primary spermatocytes
pmid4133761 Cell-free studies of developmental changes in synthesis of alpha-foetoprotein and albumin in the mouse liver
pmid4134491 Optical polarisation indicates linear arrangement of rhodopsin oligosaccharide chain in rod disk membranes of frog retina
pmid4134882 dsDNA made by RNase-sensitive DNA polymerase from RSV-transformed cells
pmid4134883 Surface H-2 antigen concentration requirement of somatic hybrid cells for IgM-mediated cytotoxicity
pmid4134884 Subunit structure of HL-A antigens on cell surface
pmid4135312 Evidence for non-identity of T killer and T helper cells sensitised to allogeneic cell antigens
pmid4135313 Type-specific protein in herpes simplex virus envelope reacts with neutralising antibody
pmid4135314 Expression of M locus differences by B cells but not T cells
pmid4135411 Are ’N bands’ selective staining of specific heterochromatin?
pmid4150718 Factors of human chronic pain: an analysis of personality and pain reaction variables
pmid4150756 Letter: "Gamma-glutamyl cycle"
pmid4151463 Clonal cell lines from the rat central nervous system
pmid4151464 Temperature immutability of adenyl cyclase-coupled beta adrenergic receptors
pmid4151611 Neurotransmitter synthesis in inner ear and lateral line sense organs
pmid4152207 Enzymatic aziridine synthesis from beta amino-alcohols--a new example of endogenous carcinogen formation
pmid4152208 H2-receptors in peripheral blood vessels
pmid4207029 Cortical control of cell division
pmid4207808 Defensive use by an insect of a plant resin
pmid4208428 Intracellular J chain in mouse plasmacytomas secreting IgA, IgM and IgG
pmid4208429 Lipopolysaccharides inhibit lymphosarcoma cells of bone marrow orgin
pmid4208430 Complement-mediated mixed aggregation of murine spleen cells
pmid4208431 Bacteroids in the ovaries of a tsetse fly
pmid4208432 Infectious particles in a marine ciliate
pmid4209254 Vasopressin release from the isolated neurohypophysis induced by a calcium ionophore, X-537A
pmid4209717 Effect of beta-N-oxalyl-L-alpha, beta-diaminopropionic acid on glutamate uptake by synaptosomes
pmid4209916 Estimation of the size of a T-cell-induced lytic lesion
pmid4275315 Effect of insulin on (Na+, K+)-activated adenosine triphosphatase activity in rat muscle sarcolemma
pmid4275316 Electrical coupling between afferent nerve terminal and intrafusal muscle fibre in the frog muscle spindle
pmid4275317 Letter: Na+ transport defect in cystic fibrosis
pmid4275318 Human lymphocyte-dependent antibody mediated cytotoxicity and direct lymphocyte cytotoxicity against non-HL-A antigens
pmid4275319 Allogeneic stimulation modulates the in vitro response of T cells to transplantation antigen
pmid4275485 Lymphocytes from human newborns abrogate mitosis of their mother’s lymphocytes
pmid4275486 Correlation between euploid structural chromosome rearrangements and mental subnormality in humans
pmid4275758 No interaction between ultraviolet and X irradiation on chromosome aberrations in cells with trisomy 21
pmid4276029 Increased myocardial cathepsin D activity during regression of thyrotoxic cardiac hypertrophy
pmid4276299 Artificial induction of the sexual cycle of Neurospora crassa
pmid4362476 Radioreceptor assay of human chorionic gonadotropin: detection of early pregnancy
pmid4362477 Partition of tissue functions in epithelia: localization of enzymes in "mitochondria-rich" cells of toad urinary bladder
pmid4363578 Angiotensin II- and angiotensin 3-induced aldosterone release vivo in the rat
pmid4364352 Enzymatic acylation of histidine to mengovirus RNA
pmid4364353 Structure of inositol hexaphosphate--human deoxyhaemoglobin complex
pmid4364354 Expression of polyoma-induced antigens in low malignant hybrids derived from fusion of a polyoma-induced tumour with a fibroblast line
pmid4364355 Prostaglandins and the regulation of uterine blood flow in pregnancy
pmid4364356 Solubilisation of angiotensin II receptors in rabbit aortae membranes
pmid4364357 Presence of HCN in chlorella vulgaris and its possible role in controlling the reduction of nitrate
pmid4364358 Class of promotor sites for Escherichia coli DNA-dependent RNA polymerase
pmid4364359 Alpha-hydrazino-ornithine blocks net synthesis of putrescine but not of RNA and DNA
pmid4364816 Localisation of a fibroblast growth factor and its effect alone and with hydrocortisone on 3T3 cell growth
pmid4364817 In vitro and in vivo phosphorylation of myelin basic protein by cerebral protein kinase
pmid4364818 Induced redistribution of membrane particles, anionic sites and con A receptors in Entamoeba histolytica
pmid4364819 Urinary excretion of carnitine in progressive muscular dystrophy
pmid4365359 Injection of foreign substances into single cells by cell fusion
pmid4365360 Are there differences in contact inhibition of movement between normal and malignant cells
pmid4365361 Evidence that mitogenic lectins induce changes in lymphocyte membrane fluidity
pmid4365362 Neurotrophic control of colchicine effects on muscle?
pmid4365941 Simian virus 40 in a human cancer
pmid4365942 Outline structure of cytochrome c3 and consideration of its properties
pmid4366777 SV40 nucleoprotein complex activity unwinds superhelical turns in SV40 DNA
pmid4366778 Binding of concanavalin A and ricin to synaptic junctions of rat brain
pmid4366779 Toxins of Vibrio cholerae and Escherichia coli stimulate adenyl cyclase in rat fat cells
pmid4366780 Constitutivity of the HCG-receptor protein in the testis of rat and man
pmid4366781 Release of cyclic AMP from rat superior cervical ganglia after stimulation of synthesis in vitro
pmid4366965 Direct measurement of electric current generation by cytochrome oxidase, H+-ATPase and bacteriorhodopsin
pmid4524810 Release of specific protease during mitotic cycle of L5178Y murine leukaemic cells by sublethal autolysis
pmid4545240 Temporal summation of light by a vertebrate visual receptor
pmid4545401 In vitro suppression of cell mediated autoimmunity in NZB mice
pmid4545402 Stimulation of bone marrow haemopoietic stem cells by a factor from activated T cells
pmid4545403 Blocking of syngeneic effector T cells by soluble tumour antigens
pmid4545517 Activation of maternal mRNA in the absence of poly(A) formation in fertilised sea urchin eggs
pmid4545518 Linkage between immune response potential to DNA and X chromosome
pmid4545519 T lymphocyte requirement for MSV tumour prevention or regression
pmid4545822 Immunosuppression detected in pregnant mice by rosette inhibition test
pmid4545823 Quasi morphine-abstinence syndrome
pmid4546257 In vitro generation of B lymphocytes in mouse foetal liver, a mammalian ’bursa equivalent’
pmid4595240 New evidence for the antiquity of man in North America deduced from aspartic acid racemization
pmid4595458 Brain capillary blockage produced by a virulent strain of rodent malaria
pmid4596821 Iron and susceptibility to infectious disease
pmid4598028 Role of rel gene in translation during amino acid starvation in Escherichia coli
pmid4598029 Mouse brain antigen detected by rat anti-C1300 antiserum
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