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11 April 2021

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pmid17736174 Letters to the Editor
pmid17736175 Letters to the Editor
pmid17736176 Demand for Scientists and Engineers
pmid17736177 Dana, the Geologist
pmid17736178 Trace Elements in Sludge
pmid17736179 Soviet Dissidents
pmid17736180 Letters to the Editor
pmid17736181 Scientists and Politics
pmid17736182 Astronomical Alignment of the Big Horn Medicine Wheel
pmid17736183 The Quality of Growth
pmid17736184 India: Into the Nuclear Club on Canada’s Shoulders
pmid17736185 Windmills: The Resurrection of an Ancient Energy Technology
pmid17736186 HeLa Cells: Contaminating Cultures around the World
pmid17736187 Weather Warfare: Pentagon Concedes 7-Year Vietnam Effort
pmid17736188 The Long and Short of Lasers (I): The Far Infrared
pmid17736189 Long-Range Weather Forecasting: Sea Temperature Anomalies
pmid17736190 Meteoric Water in Magmas
pmid17736191 Equatorial Jet in the Indian Ocean: Theory
pmid17736192 Satellite Photograph Presents First Comprehensive View of Local Wind: The Santa Ana
pmid17736193 Possible Consequences of Nearby Supernova Explosions for Atmospheric Ozone and Terrestrial Life
pmid17736194 Bacterial Stromatolites: Origin of Laminations
pmid17736195 Plant Species Intermediate for C3, C4 Photosynthesis
pmid17756284 Letters to the Editor
pmid17756285 Scaling in Ecology
pmid17756286 Lost Opportunity?
pmid17756287 Letters to the Editor
pmid17756288 Landlubbing Admiral?
pmid17756289 Mr. Wonderfull’s Surprize
pmid17756290 Telling Time
pmid17756291 Research Chemicals: Supply and Demand
pmid17756292 Will There Be Enough Food?
pmid17756293 Mutant Genes in the Mexican Axolotl
pmid17756294 Careers in Science and Engineering for Black Americans
pmid17756295 The Sloan-Kettering Affair (II): An Uneasy Resolution
pmid17756296 European Community Energy Policy: Regulation or Mainly Information?
pmid17756297 Government Support of Research Queried
pmid17756298 House Fails to Pass Metric Bill
pmid17756299 Uranium Enrichment: Both the Americans and Europeans Must Decide Where to Get the Nuclear Fuel of the 1980’s
pmid17756300 The Long and Short of Lasers (II): The Vacuum Ultraviolet
pmid17756301 X-Ray Lasers: Here in the Not Too Distant Future?
pmid17756302 Kaolinite Synthesis at 25{degrees}C
pmid17756303 Spectroscopic Measurements of Stratospheric Nitric Oxide and Water Vapor
pmid17756304 Acid Rain: A Serious Regional Environmental Problem
pmid17756305 A Greater Gondwanaland
pmid17756306 Methane Formation in Living Trees: A Microbial Origin
pmid17756307 Moscow Symposium on Radiation Chemistry of Aqueous Systems
pmid17756308 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17784210 Superconducting Niobium-Germanium
pmid17784211 Kuiper Archive
pmid17784212 Underneath the Waterfalls
pmid17784213 Pseudoscience
pmid17784214 Josephson Junction Detectoi
pmid17784215 Drugs, Neurotransmitters, and Schizophrenia
pmid17784216 Prehistory of West Mexico
pmid17784217 20 June Tape: Critics Fault Logic of Experts’ Final Report
pmid17784218 Congress Reincarnates Stratton Commission on Oceans
pmid17784219 NSF’s Public Understanding of Science Program Treads Lightly around Nuclear Controversies
pmid17784220 Court Limits Class Actions
pmid17784221 Chemical Warfare: Binary Plan, Geneva Talks on a Collision Course
pmid17784222 HeLa (for Henrietta Lacks)
pmid17784223 Clean Air: Congress Settles for a Restrained Coal Conversion Plan
pmid17784224 Oil Shale: A Huge Resource of Low-Grade Fuel
pmid17784225 Creativity: Can It Be Dissected? Can It Be Taught?
pmid17784226 Jupiter’s Clouds: Equatorial Plumes and Other Cloud Forms in the Pioneer 10 Images
pmid17784227 Variation of P-Wave Velocity before the Bear Valley, California, Earthquake of 24 February 1972
pmid17784228 Strain Release Mechanism of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
pmid17784229 Earthquake Mechanics in the Central United States
pmid17784230 Induced Polarization: A Geophysical Method for Locating Cultural Metallic Refuse
pmid17784231 Pollination by Ants: A Low-Energy System
pmid17784232 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17810444 Science for the People
pmid17810445 Quark Etymology
pmid17810446 Perspective
pmid17810447 Airline Fuel Conservation
pmid17810448 Change in Operations Research
pmid17810449 Letters to the Editor
pmid17810450 Crib Death
pmid17810451 Support for Williams & Wilkins
pmid17810452 Science Management Training
pmid17810453 Marine Science and the 1974 Law of the Sea Conference
pmid17810454 Science and National Policy
pmid17810455 India and Argentina: Developing a Nuclear Affinity
pmid17810456 How Safe the Safeguards?
pmid17810457 Con Edison: Endless Storm King Dispute Adds to Its Troubles
pmid17810458 Scientists Plan Protest during Nixon Summit in Moscow
pmid17810459 Photocopying: Supreme Court, Senate Move on Issue
pmid17810460 Land Use Bill Appears Dead for this Congress
pmid17810461 Solar Power: Promising New Developments
pmid17810462 Autoimmune Diseases in Animals: Useful Models for Immunology
pmid17810463 Poster Sessions: A New Look at Scientific Meetings
pmid17810464 Fossil Plants and Coal: Patterns of Change in Pennsylvanian Coal Swamps of the Illinois Basin
pmid17810465 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid4133762 Leprosy: confirmation in the armadillo
pmid4133816 Cell-cycle analysis in 20 minutes
pmid4134395 Activation of a C-type virus from the human carcinoma cell line HBT-3 by iododeoxyuridine and testosterone
pmid4134396 Detergent-solubilised H-2 alloantigen is associated with a small molecular weight polypeptide
pmid4134528 Involvement of IgE in con A-induced histamine release from human basophils in vitro
pmid4134578 Incorporation of exogenous DNA into mammalian chromosomes
pmid4134733 Con A differentiates among grass pollens by binding specifically to wall glycoproteins and carbohydrates
pmid4134899 Nitrogenase
pmid4134900 Banding and chromatid separation in Chinese hamster chromosomes
pmid4134901 Letter: Spotted centromeres in human chromosomes
pmid4151465 The pineal gland: a neurochemical transducer
pmid4151466 Peptide regulation of bursting pacemaker activity in a molluscan neurosecretory cell
pmid4151818 Transplantation of allogeneic lymphoid cells specifically depleted of graft versus host reactive cells
pmid4152030 Regulation of the corticosteroid inducibility of tyrosine aminotransferase in interspecific hybrid cells
pmid4208433 Deposition of DDE and polychlorinated biphenyls in dated sediments of the Santa Barbara basin
pmid4208491 Selective destruction of the pigmented epithelium in the ciliary body of the eye
pmid4209266 Role of myosin light chains in calcium regulation
pmid4209267 Site of attachment of J chain to human immunoglobulin M
pmid4209308 Immunisation of marmoset monkeys with a killed oncogenic herpesvirus
pmid4209502 Influence of local hydrophobic environment on acid dissociation constants of coordinated water molecules
pmid4209716 Inhibition of inter-microbial predation by chlorinated hydrocarbons
pmid4209741 Spin-lattice relaxation times of imidazole protons and their relevance to NMR studies of proteins
pmid4209742 Reduced susceptibility to scrapie in mice after steroid administration
pmid4209743 Letter: Random deviations or asynchronous DNA synthesis?
pmid4209968 Detection of metabolic carcinogen intermediates in urine of carcinogen-fed rats by means of bacterial mutagenesis
pmid4275320 Inhibition of tumor-induced lymphocyte blastogenesis by a factor or factors associated with peripheral leukocytes
pmid4275321 Control of experimental diabetes mellitus in rats by transplantation of fetal pancreases
pmid4275800 Platelet-activating factor, a new mediator of anaphylaxis and immune complex deposition from rabbit and human basophils
pmid4275846 Reversal of immunological tolerance by cyclophosphamide through inhibition of suppressor cell activity
pmid4276042 Letter: (Na plus K)-ATPase activity in cattle red cells
pmid4283384 Mutagenic and recombinogenic activities of the food additive furylfuramide in eurkaryotes
pmid4364361 Latent ganglionic infection with herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2: viral reactivation in vivo after neurectomy
pmid4364362 Thyroid hormone action: in vitro demonstration of putative receptors in isolated nuclei and soluble nuclear extracts
pmid4364442 Positive control of transformed phenotype in hybrids between SV40-transformed and normal human cells
pmid4365397 Uptake of the neurotransmitter candidate glutamate by glia
pmid4365445 Absence of adenine nucleotide release from autonomic ganglion
pmid4365674 Effect of cyclic AMP, caffeine and theophylline on differentiation of lens epithelial cells
pmid4365713 Homology between human breast tumour RNA and mouse mammary tumour virus genome
pmid4365978 Virus-like particles induced in guinea pig cells by 5-bromo-2’-deoxyuridine are morphologically similar to murine B-type virus
pmid4365979 Evidence that most noradrenaline is stored without ATP in sympathetic large dense core nerve vesicles
pmid4366244 Demonstration of acetylcholine-sensitive adenyl cyclase in malignant neuroblastoma cells in culutre
pmid4377756 Cyclic guanosine and adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphates in canine thyroid: localization by immunofluorescence
pmid4406915 Endocytotic formation of rat brain synaptic vesicles
pmid4469662 Nuclear magnetic resonance studies and water "ordering" in the crystalline lens
pmid4469663 Carbonate ion-selective membrane electrode
pmid4469664 Nicotine inhibition of the metabolism of 3,4-benzopyrene, a carcinogen in tobacco smoke
pmid4469665 Banded marker chromosomes as indicators of intraspecies cellular contamination
pmid4469666 Acupunctural analgesia? Evaluation by signal detection theory
pmid4469667 Letter: Energy cost of animal locomotion
pmid4478920 Pineal beta-adrenergic receptor: diurnal variation in sensitivity
pmid4525423 New unstable haemoglobin (Hb Moscva, beta24 (B4) Gly leads to Asp) found in the USSR
pmid4525942 Letter: No chromosome 9q plus in Ph1-negative CML
pmid4545419 Surface modification of T-lymphocytes observed during rosetting
pmid4545851 Possible role for the Fc receptor on B lymphocytes
pmid4545997 DNA fragments carrying genes for tRNATyrI
pmid4546100 Induction of lymphokine production by EAC and of blastogenesis by soluble mitogens during human B-cell activation
pmid4598035 Operant conditioning of single-unit response patterns in visual cortex
pmid4598036 Spectroscopy of biological compounds with inelastic electron tunneling
pmid4598187 "Decision"-making in bacteria: chemotactic response of Escherichia coli to conflicting stimuli
pmid4599457 Letter: Kidney transplants
pmid4599458 Prolongation of skin allografts after oral application of ALS in rats
pmid4599662 P. K. Anokhin
pmid4599760 Structure and orientation of an RNA polymerase operon in Escherichia coli
pmid4599761 Regulation of the expression of the histidine operon in Salmonella typhimurium
pmid4599762 UGA and non-triplet suppressor reading of the genetic code
pmid4599763 Tight binding of RNA polymerase to rDNA genes in E. coli
pmid4599764 Lac repressor can be fused to beta-galactosidase
pmid4599765 Mutagenicity of amino acid analogues in eukaryotes
pmid4599917 E. coli lactose operon ribosome binding site
pmid4599918 Proportional increase of bursa-derived cells in chickens of the Obese strain
pmid4599919 B. E. Bykhovskii
pmid4600623 How history has blended
pmid4600624 Uptake of radioactive DOPA by M. leprae
pmid4600625 Absence of a pilus receptor for filamentous phage IKe
pmid4601123 Particle containing uncleaved major head protein (P23) which is maturable into the head of phage T4
pmid4620041 Regulation of bacterial growth
pmid4833252 Recent developments in the analysis of toxic elements
pmid4833253 Breast cancer research: problems and progress
pmid4833254 Lateral phase separation of lipids in plasma membranes: effect of temperature on the mobility of membrane antigens
pmid4833255 Taurine concentrations in congestive heart failure
pmid4833256 Perception of letters in words: seek not and ye shall find
pmid4833257 Curvature detectors in human vision?
pmid4833258 Letter: Eye-tracking patterns in schizophrenia
pmid4833259 Editorial: Water pollution abatement: goals and costs
pmid4833260 Growth hormone responses to melatonin in man
pmid4833261 Pierce’s disease of grapevines: evidence for a bacterial etiology
pmid4833262 Geckos: adaptive significance and energetics of tail autotomy
pmid4833263 Quality of radioiodine
pmid4833282 Letter: Biomedical research: support for minorities
pmid4833283 Genetic mapping of Ir locus in man: linkage to second locus of HL-A
pmid4833802 Augmentation of lymphocyte reactivity in guinea pigs, mice, monkeys and humans sensitised to BCG, dinitrochlorobenzene or nitrogen mustard
pmid4833803 Submit complex 3-IV as the nucleotide binding site of Q-beta replicase
pmid4833804 Effect of ATP on release of intracellular enzymes from damaged cells
pmid4833805 Involvement of brain cholinergic mechanisms in the action of chlorpromazine
pmid4833806 Effect of histamine H-receptor blockade on fasting serum gastrin and fasting gastric acid secretion in the dog
pmid4833807 Cone mechanisms initiating response of on-off goldfish optic fibres
pmid4833808 Genetic variation in marine fishes as a test of the niche-variation hypothesis
pmid4833809 Formation of methylmercury in a terrestrial environment
pmid4833810 Effects of stable chlorine-containing organics on aquatic environments
pmid4834035 Hepatitis B-specific DNA polymerase activity during post-transfusion hepatitis
pmid4834036 Chemical transfer of learned colour discrimination in goldfish
pmid4834037 Letter: McCollough colour after effect
pmid4834038 Letter: Mouse granulocyte precursors and multiple sclerosis
pmid4834078 Probable linkage of LCAT locus in man to the alpha haptoglobin locus on chromosome 16
pmid4834079 Stability of the nucleoside composition of tRNA during biological ageing of mice and mosquitoes
pmid4834080 Relationship between tritiated poly-L-lysine binding and template activity of human chromosomes
pmid4834081 Levamisole inactive in treatment of four animal tumours
pmid4834082 Pattern of remyelination in the CNS
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