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12 April 2021

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pmid17736356 Cancer Research in the Wrong Direction?
pmid17736357 Letters to the Editor
pmid17736358 Metrication: Historical Perspective
pmid17736359 Wisdom Shortage
pmid17736360 International Agricultural Education
pmid17736361 Mr. Ford and Science Policy
pmid17736362 Decoding the Language of the Bee
pmid17736363 Energy, Manpower, and the Highway Trust Fund
pmid17736364 The Nixon Administration: End of a Long Campaign
pmid17736365 Politicizers of Government Tried to Include Science
pmid17736366 EPA Study: National Academy Set to Serve Two Masters
pmid17736367 House Cuts Funds for Binary Weapons
pmid17736368 Rub-a-Dub-Dub Now Three in a Tub
pmid17736369 CEQ’s Powers Enhanced by Ruling in Dam Case
pmid17736370 Lester Brown: Tireless Sounder of the World Alert
pmid17736371 Marihuana: The Grass May No Longer Be Greener
pmid17736372 Research Trends: Others Suffer for the Good of the Fermi Lab
pmid17736373 Purines and Pyrimidines in Sediments from Lake Erie
pmid17736374 Eolian Biogenic Detritus in Deep Sea Sediments: A Possible Index of Equatorial Ice Age Aridity
pmid17736375 Glacial Migrations of Plants: Island Biogeographical Evidence
pmid17736376 Hyporheic Communities of Two Montana Rivers
pmid17736377 Comet Kohoutek: Ultraviolet Images and Spectrograms
pmid17736378 Rocket Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry of Comet Kohoutek (1973f)
pmid17736379 Meteors and Meteorites Detected by Infrasound
pmid17736380 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17743063 Letters to the Editor
pmid17743064 Letters to the Editor
pmid17743065 Letters of Recommendation
pmid17743066 Use of Grant Funds
pmid17743067 "Purity" of Science
pmid17743068 What We Have Yet to Learn
pmid17743069 1984
pmid17743070 Evolution of the Brain and Intelligence
pmid17743071 Strategic Arms Race Slowdown through Test Limitations
pmid17743072 The Evolution of Marmot Societies: A General Theory
pmid17743073 Test Ban: Arms Control Groups Denounce Summit Treaty
pmid17743074 Butner: Experimental U.S. Prison Holds Promise, Stirs Trepidation
pmid17743075 Butner’s Psychiatrist-Warden
pmid17743076 National Research Act: Restores Training, Bans Fetal Research
pmid17743077 Immunology: Role of beta2-Microglobulin
pmid17743078 Riemann Hypotheses: Elusive Zeros of the Zeta Functions
pmid17743079 Mathematical Problems: A Committee to Replace Hilbert
pmid17743080 Hot Brines on Los Roques, Venezuela
pmid17743081 Dedifferentiated Guard Cells in Magnoliaceous Leaves
pmid17743082 Probable Fijian Origin of Quartzose Temper Sands in Prehistoric Pottery from Tonga and the Marquesas
pmid17791216 Science and Public Policy
pmid17791217 Quality of Chemical Compounds
pmid17791218 Air Quality Control
pmid17791219 Letters to the Editor
pmid17791220 Water Pollution
pmid17791221 Genetic Counseling and the Law
pmid17791222 Letters to the Editor
pmid17791223 Human Rights
pmid17791224 Education and the Job Market
pmid17791225 American Medical Students Abroad: Group Finds Way in French System
pmid17791226 French Set Foreign Medical Student Quota for 1974-75
pmid17791227 Social Science at NSF Needs Pruning, Says Proxmire
pmid17791228 Robert L. Heilbroner: Portrait of a World without Science
pmid17791229 The Destroying Angel: A Story of a Search for an Antidote
pmid17791230 Manufacture of Aldrin Is Suspended by EPA
pmid17791231 Senate Disputes Ruling on Double Bottom Tankers
pmid17791232 Uranium Enrichment: Laser Methods Nearing Full-Scale Test
pmid17791233 Control of Protein Synthesis (II): RNA in the Nucleus
pmid17791234 Ammonia Flux into the Atmosphere from a Grazed Pasture
pmid17791235 Photosynthetic Mechanisms and Paleoecology from Carbon Isotope Ratios in Ancient Specimens of C4 and CAM Plants
pmid17799032 Letters to the Editor
pmid17799033 Letters to the Editor
pmid17799034 The Sloan-Kettering Affair
pmid17799035 Imprisoned Soviet Mathematician
pmid17799036 Copyright Laws
pmid17799037 Leukemia and Chromosomes
pmid17799038 Unexplained or Esoteric?
pmid17799039 Wine Capital
pmid17799040 Monitoring Medical Care
pmid17799041 Technology as a Deterrent to Dehumanization
pmid17799042 Convention for Preservation of Man’s Cultural Heritage in the Oceans
pmid17799043 President Ford: Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue
pmid17799044 Fermi National Accelerator Lab: Progress on a Grand Design
pmid17799045 Complications Indicated for the Breeder
pmid17799046 A Media Event For Science
pmid17799047 Hearing Ordered for Sacked Scientists
pmid17799048 2000 Scientists Petition for Soviet Colleagues
pmid17799049 New EEO Leadership at NASA
pmid17799050 Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing: GE’s Balky Plant Poses Shortage
pmid17799051 Heterogeneous Catalysis: Can Surface Science Contribute?
pmid17799052 Marihuana (II): Does It Damage the Brain?
pmid17799053 Eocene Angiosperm Flowers
pmid17799054 Bryozoan Monticules: Excurrent Water Outlets?
pmid17799055 Neighbor Recognition in Two "Solitary" Carnivores: The Raccoon (Procyon lotor) and the Red Fox (Vulpes fulva)
pmid17830378 Solar Power
pmid17830379 The Promises of Technology
pmid17830380 Energy-Induced Inflation
pmid17830381 Industrial Energy Conservation: Dual Incentives
pmid17830382 Wind Power
pmid17830383 Solar Heating and Cooling
pmid17830384 Letters to the Editor
pmid17830385 Energy and Food
pmid17830386 Geothermal Resources: Prospects for Development
pmid17830387 Letters to the Editor
pmid17830388 Hemispheric Cooperation in Science
pmid17830389 Prospects for Detecting Blackboi X-rays from Neutron Stars
pmid17830390 Plastic Particles in Surface Waters of the Northwestern Atlantic
pmid17830391 Social Origins of American Scientists and Scholars
pmid17830392 Nuclear Testing Violations: Keeping It All in the Family
pmid17830393 Critics See Verification Problem
pmid17830394 Law Sets Study of Biomedical Research
pmid17830395 The White House and the Cancer Board
pmid17830396 Beagles Not Used for Nerve Vaccines
pmid17830397 Score One for Dow
pmid17830398 Advising the Congress: OTA Council Faces Shakedown Problems
pmid17830399 British Choose Own Reactor for Nuclear Power Program
pmid17830400 OTA Work in Progress
pmid17830401 Strip Mining: Congress Moves toward "Tough" Regulation
pmid17830402 Bright Spot: Better Seismological Indicators of Gas and Oil
pmid17830403 Control of Protein Synthesis (I): Poly (A) in the Cytoplasm
pmid17830404 Mechanism for the Autocatalytic Formation of Optically Active Compounds under Abiotic Conditions
pmid17830405 Origin of the 260-Day Cycle in Mesoamerica
pmid17830406 Anthropology Applied to Health Programs
pmid17830407 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid4135320 Raman spectroscopic investigation of gramicidin A’ conformations
pmid4136035 Inhibition of allergic reactions by a novel phenanthroline ICI 74,917
pmid4143376 Linkage and rearrangement of genes encoding mouse immunoglobulin heavy chains
pmid4152183 Immunologic modification: a basic survival mechanism
pmid4153035 Rapid mixed lymphocyte culture test based on relative increase in protein synthesis
pmid4153265 Activation of guanyl cyclase and intracellular cyclic GMP by fibroblast growth factor
pmid4153304 Contractlity in Spirostomum provides for nonelectrogenic calcium regulation through energy-dissipative metabolic processes in the absence of membrane excitability
pmid4153342 Effects of thyroid state on adrenoceptor properties
pmid4153352 Exchange of neurotransmitter amino acid at nerve endings can simulate high affinity uptake
pmid4210247 Firing patterns of hypothalamic supraoptic neurons during water deprivation in monkeys
pmid4210354 Blepharmone: a conjugation-inducing glycoprotein in the ciliate blepharisma
pmid4210878 Beta, gamma unsaturated amino acids as irreversible enzyme inhibitors
pmid4210879 Chelating agents for the binding of metal ions to macromolecules
pmid4212078 In vitro restoration of deficient beta-galactosidase activity in liver of patients with Hurler and Hunter disease
pmid4212208 Observations on the mechanism by which T-lymphocytes exert cytotoxic effects
pmid4219950 Transepithelial potential difference in toad urinary bladder is not due to ionic diffusion
pmid4219951 Adjuvant activity in delayed hypersensitivity of the peptidic part of bacterial peptidoglycans
pmid4277349 Aetiology of Down’s syndrome inferred by Waardenburg in 1932
pmid4278161 Letter: Blocking one-way maternal-foetal MLR
pmid4366489 Genetic variation in coumarin hydroxylase activity in the mouse (Mus musculus)
pmid4366490 Absence of REM rebound after barbiturate withdrawal
pmid4366788 Interpreting the failures to confirm the depression of cerebellar Purkinje cells by cyclic AMP
pmid4366789 D(--)-lactic acid and d(--)-lactate dehydrohgenase in octopus spermatozoa
pmid4367262 Computer-assisted analysis of chromosomal abnormalities: detection of a deletion in aniridia-Wilms’ tumor syndrome
pmid4367263 Toxic polyneuropathy produced by methyl N-butyl ketone
pmid4367630 Neuromuscular blocking action of an alkylating local anaesthetic: site of action and effects of temperature and calcium ions
pmid4367631 Genetic complementation after fusion of Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff cells
pmid4367632 Solvent exposure of specific nuclei of angiotensin II determined by NMR solvent saturation method
pmid4368411 Androgen transport and receptor mechanisms in testis and epididymis
pmid4368539 Cortisol induction of glycerol phosphate dehydrogenase in a rat brain tumour cell line
pmid4368561 Cytosol-binding protein of thyroxine and triiodothyronine in human and rat kidney tissue
pmid4368818 Influence of NAD+ on development of mouse blastocysts in vitro
pmid4368967 Nucleotide pyrophosphatase, a sialoglycoprotein located on the hepatocyte surface
pmid4369425 Use of immune lymphocytes to detect expression of herpetic genome
pmid4369447 X-ray diffraction studies of DNA at reduced water contents
pmid4370006 Evidence for a dual central role for angiotensin in water and sodium intake
pmid4370071 Hormonal control of oestrogen receptor in uterus and receptivity for ovoimplantation in the rat
pmid4370104 Inhibition of interferon action by plant lectins
pmid4370416 Suppression of fibrinolysin T activity fails to restore density-dependent growth inhibition to SV3T3 cells
pmid4377745 Transmission abolished on a cholinergic synapse after injection of acetylcholinesterase into the presynaptic neurone
pmid4377746 Biphasic effect of cyclic AMP on an immune response
pmid4377747 Interaction of paramyxovirus with erythrocyte membranes modified by concanavalin A
pmid4411825 Actinomycin D-induced breakage of human KB cell DNA
pmid4413329 Evidence for a unique kind of alpha-type globin chain in early mammalian embryos
pmid4414664 Methylmercury is a potent inhibitor of membrane adenyl cyclase
pmid4414896 Olfactory imprinting resulting from brief exposure in Acomys cahirinus
pmid4415160 Potentiation of phytomitogens action by neuraminidase and basic polypeptides
pmid4415891 Stereopsis in dynamic visual noise
pmid4415902 Stimulation of synaptosomal dopamine synthesis by veratridine
pmid4469597 Palindromic base sequences and replication of eukaryote chromosome ends
pmid4469598 Concentrating solutes with membranes containing carriers
pmid4469599 How sea snakes may avoid the bends
pmid4469600 Effect of vasopressin on the isolated human collecting duct
pmid4469601 Y chromosome effect on adult testis size
pmid4469602 Development and genetic analysis of bithorax phenocopies in Drosophila
pmid4469603 Plasma binding of vitamin B6 compounds
pmid4469604 The effect of environmental lighting on porphyrin metabolism in the rat
pmid4469605 Identification of a population of mouse leukocytes using wheat germ agglutinin
pmid4526613 Ferritin synthesis in normal and leukaemic leukocytes
pmid4546242 Letter: Possible noninhibition of cellular-mediated immunity in marihuana smokers
pmid4546260 Lateral diffusion of visual pigment in photorecptor disk membranes
pmid4546444 Light-dependent phosphorylation of rhodopsin in living frogs
pmid4546445 Activation of suppressor T cells by tumour cells and specific antibody
pmid4546732 Athymic (nude) mice express gene for myxovirus resistance
pmid4546740 Calcium ionophore X-537A increases spontaneous and phasic quantal release of acetylcholine at frog neuromuscular junction
pmid4546791 Effect of T cell depletion on the potentiated reagin response
pmid4546843 Isolation of surface immunoglobulins from lymphocytes from chicken thymus and bursa
pmid4546859 Macrophage content of tumours in relation to metastatic spread and host immune reaction
pmid4549735 Plasma cell surface antigen on human blood lymphocytes
pmid4601454 Letter: Mitochondrial morphology
pmid4601792 Three-dimensional tertiary structure of yeast phenylalanine transfer RNA
pmid4602075 Thermoregulation in endothermic insects
pmid4602655 Structure of yeast phenylalanine tRNA at 3 A resolution
pmid4602656 Regulation of arginine catabolism in Aspergillus nidulans
pmid4602657 Regulation of clonal development of immune responding cells by antibody of maternal origin
pmid4602658 Polyanions and lipopolysaccharide acts on different subpopulations of B cells
pmid4602659 Brain-associated tumour antigens demonstrated by immunofluorescence
pmid4604105 Antibody cell daughters can produce antibody of different specificities
pmid4604479 Fine structure analysis of a eukaryotic multifunctional gene
pmid4604704 Location of nuclear proteins on the chromosomes of newt oocytes
pmid4604787 Molecular mechanism for missense suppression in E. coli
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