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24 September 2021
  » » review 06080043

 Science-advisor review

SCIENCE-ADVISOR - review - "A landmark paper solves tectonics puzzle..." review 06080043 (5 readers)    * Rate this comment.
Article reference: Springtide-induced magnification of Earth mantle resonance causes tectonics and conceals universality of physics at all scales.
Review title: A landmark paper solves tectonics puzzle and computes Newtonian constant of gravitation
Reviewer: reviewer333
Date: 27 August 2006 at 02:52 GMT.
Read this article?: It is the first correct prediction of a physical constant in history
Comment: This must be one of the most incredible papers I read in decades. The author (who is a geophysicist) first shows that the earth shakes due to spring-tidal resonance of its mantle! This is all pretty basic calculus and I don’t see how anyone in or outside the field of geophysics will be able to dispute its correctness. Even if it’s one of the most unusual papers they will read. Observations that were made using superconducting gravimeter support the model. The model was demonstrated as standing in excellent agreement with straightforward formulas of forced oscillator. (Dr. Omerbaschich also claims that his resonance is responsible for G-experiments' inconsistencies, the earth magnetic field and some other phenomena.) As if that alone was not a huge claim to make, the author takes it even further. In order to prove that natural forced oscillators such as earth-moon are real, he posits that the universe consists of (almost) infinitely many such forced oscillators! It ends with a theory according to which the vacuum energy (the author calls it dark matter/energy, but I think that was an unnecessary mystification) vibrates while carrying – gravitation! There is another twist: gravity is not attractive but REPULSIVE i.e. it propagates FORWARD. What's more: it does it MECHANICALLY i.e. so that each particle's orbit interacts with to it adjacent particle orbit(s) by locking into a single forced oscillator, and so on. If this were "just another wacky theory", believe me – I would have not bothered. But it contains many remarkable expressions, and as far as I could tell they are all correct! The most remarkable however seems Dr. Omerbashich’s closing argument: G (and not physics!) changes with scale, so that both quantum mechanics and relativity theory were conceived on cardinally flawed premises (given that the Planck’s constant is determined via instrumentation that gets affected by the springtide in the same manner in which gravimeters are shown). To show that he is not all about talking, Dr. Omerbaschich demonstrates with total serenity that his model predicts (correctly mind you, I did run the numbers) the currently accepted experimental values of the Newtonian constant on both mechanical and Planck scales. (The formula also predicts G on the string-size as well as universe-size scales, too.) Just one simple formula does it all – a formula which, according to my book, represents the first theoretical prediction of experimental value of a physical constant in history. There is no doubt in my mind that G=se2 is to make history, on a par with E=mc2.

important: 5,    broad interest: 5,    readable: 4,    new: 5,    correct: 5,   Global: 5
Article rating: 4.83/5
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