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14 April 2021
  » » review 07100049

 Science-advisor review

SCIENCE-ADVISOR - review - "Important Factual Errors..." review 07100049    * Rate this comment.
Article reference: Superconductivity due to co-operative Kondo effect in Pu 115’s.
Review title: Important Factual Errors
Reviewer: reviewer927
Date: 13 October 2007 at 16:14 GMT.
Read this article?: Evidence of poor reserch

Strong correlated electrons?  The correlations are medium to weak, at BEST.

 I think a simple explanation for these so called anomalous properties of the PuCoGa$_5$ and PuRhGa$_5$ compounds is readily avaliable...  TO ANYONE WITH A BRANE!  You should be aware gravitational forces are HUGE between brane point particles.  I can tell you need to increase you are brain mass.

Why would you use the sympletic large-N approach, you said yourself there is a large N limit!  Honestly, how can you expect to write about SUPERconductivity when you clearly do not understand normal conductivity.

If you want help I can explain this to you, give me a ring 520.405.5258 


P.S. Where you wrote "The symmetry of the order parameter" I believe you meant to say "The antisymmetry of the same parameter" This will bring out the conduction channels to a higher "Degree" so to speak.  Welcome :D

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Article rating: 1.08/5
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