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29 September 2020
  » » review 13100066

 Science-advisor review

SCIENCE-ADVISOR - review - "Case Study..." review 13100066    * Rate this comment.
Article reference: Early cultivators of science in Japan.
Review title: Case Study
Reviewer: reviewer1806
Date: 02 October 2013 at 11:32 GMT.
Read this article?: Learning Historical Science in Japan
Comment: It's a good paper as you can learned some very important history of science development in early Japan and some important scientists in the past.

However, there are two great scientist that i must mentioned - Mr. Sugita Genpaku and Mr. Kagawa Gen'etsu. Both of them show what kind of good spirit a scientist should have as they not only contribute to science, but also to the people.

In SCIENCE VOL. 258, published on 23 Octorber 1992, page 580, second line of the first paragraph, , Emperor Akihito wrote that "What Genpaku and Gen'etsu shared in common was A LOVE FOR PEOPLE".

Yes, LOVE FOR PEOPLE! These 3 words stunned me when i read them. There is a moment i cant think of others but LOVE FOR PEOPLE. Politician may misuse it, businessman may misuse it. But scientist, should always study, develop, and use science for people, in a way of loving them.

important: 4.5,    broad interest: 4,    readable: 3,    new: 3.5,    correct: 4,   Global: 4.5
Article rating: 3.91/5
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