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27 June 2022
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Results 21 to 35 of 35 for query "A.P. Fairall". (0.00 sec.)

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Beta, Local SNIa data and the Great Attractor
John Lucey; David Radburn-Smith; Mike Hudson;
14 Dec 2004
- - -
The Cluster M/L and the Value of Omega_m
H. Andernach; M. Plionis; O. L'opez-Cruz; E. Tago; S. Basilakos;
6 Jul 2004
- - -
An XMM-Newton view of the 'bare' nucleus of Fairall 9
D. Emmanoulopoulos; I. E. Papadakis; I. M. McHardy; F. Nicastro; S. Bianchi; P. Arevalo;
1 Apr 2011
- - -
The COS/UVES Absorption Survey of the Magellanic Stream: II. Evidence for a complex enrichment history of the Stream from the Fairall 9 sightline
Philipp Richter; Andrew J. Fox; Bart P. Wakker; Nicolas Lehner; J. Christopher Howk; Joss Bland-Hawthorn; Nadya Ben Bekhti; Cora Fechner;
15 Apr 2013
- - -
Intensive disc-reverberation mapping of Fairall 9: 1st year of Swift & LCO monitoring
J. V. Hernández Santisteban; R. Edelson; K. Horne; J. M. Gelbord; A. J. Barth; E. M. Cackett; M. R. Goad; H. Netzer; D. Starkey; P. Uttley; W. N. Brandt; K. Korista; A. M. Lohfink; C. A. Onken; K. L. Page; M. Siegel; M. Vestergaard; S. Bisogni; A. A. Breeveld; S. B. Cenko; E. Dalla Bontà; P. A. Evans; G. Ferland; D. H. Gonzalez-Buitrago; D. Grupe; M. D. Joner; G. Kriss; S. J. LaPorte; S. Mathur; F. Marshall; M. Mehdipour; D. Mudd; B. M. Peterson; T. Schmidt; S. Vaughan; S. Valenti;
5 Aug 2020
- - -
Assessing black hole spin in deep Suzaku observations of Seyfert 1 AGN
A. R. Patrick; J. N. Reeves; A. P. Lobban; D. Porquet; A. G. Markowitz;
10 Jun 2011
- - -
Quantifying the Cosmic Web in the New Era of Redshift Surveys
Ofer Lahav;
3 Nov 2004
- - -
The Zone of Avoidance: Optical Compared to Near-Infrared Searches
Renee C. Kraan-Korteweg; Thomas Jarrett;
16 Sep 2004
- - -
Sequence-specific DNA recognition by the myb-like domain of the human telomere binding protein TRF1: a model for the protein-DNA complex.
König, P; Fairall, L; Rhodes, D;
- - -
The Large Local Hole in the Galaxy Distribution: The 2MASS Galaxy Angular Power Spectrum
W.J. Frith; P.J. Outram & T. Shanks;
31 Jul 2004
- - -
Outlining the Local Void with the Parkes HI ZOA and Galactic Bulge Survey
Renee C. Kraan-Korteweg; Nebiha Shafi; Baerbel Koribalski; Lister Staveley-Smith; Peter Buckland; Patricia A. Henning; Anthony P. Fairall;
9 Oct 2007
- - -
Iron line profiles in Suzaku spectra of bare Seyfert galaxies
A. R. Patrick; J. N. Reeves; D. Porquet; A. G. Markowitz; A. P. Lobban; Y. Terashima;
11 Oct 2010
- - -
Molecular Hydrogen in High-Velocity Clouds
Philipp Richter; Kenneth R. Sembach; Bart P. Wakker & Blair D. Savage;
11 Oct 2001
- - -
EXAFS study of the zinc-binding sites in the protein transcription factor IIIA
G P Diakun; L Fairall; A Klug;
18 Dec 1986   /  Nature, 324 (6098), 698-9
- - -
The COS/UVES Absorption Survey of the Magellanic Stream: I. One-Tenth Solar Abundances along the Body of the Stream
Andrew J. Fox; Philipp Richter; Bart P. Wakker; Nicolas Lehner; J. Christopher Howk; Nadya Ben Bekhti; Joss Bland-Hawthorn; Stephen Lucas;
15 Apr 2013
- - -

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