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02 July 2022
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Results 1 to 11 of 11 for query "A. Mascaraque". (0.00 sec.)

Electron confinement in surface states on a stepped gold surface revealed by angle-resolved photoemission
A Mugarza; A Mascaraque; V Pérez-Dieste; V Repain; S Rousset; F J García de Abajo; J E Ortega;
3 Sep 2001   /  Phys Rev Lett, 87 (10), 107601
- - -
Electron wave function at a vicinal surface: switch from terrace to step modulation
J E Ortega; S Speller; A R Bachmann; A Mascaraque; E G Michel; A Närmann; A Mugarza; A Rubio; F J Himpsel;
26 Jun 2000   /  Phys Rev Lett, 84 (26 Pt 1), 6110-3
- - -
Observation of a Mott insulating ground state for Sn/Ge(111) at low temperature
R Cortés; A Tejeda; J Lobo; C Didiot; B Kierren; D Malterre; E G Michel; A Mascaraque;
31 Mar 2006   /  Phys Rev Lett, 96 (12), 126103
- - -
Observation of a Mott insulating ground state for Sn/Ge(111) at low temperature
R. Cortes; A. Tejeda; J. Lobo; C. Didiot; B. Kierren; D. Malterre; E.G. Michel; A. Mascaraque;
2 Jan 2006
- - -
Measuring the magnetization of three monolayer thick Co islands and films by X-ray dichroism
A. Mascaraque; L. Aballe; J. F. Marco; T. O. Mentes; F. El Gabaly; C. Klein; A. K. Schmid; K. F. McCarty; A. Locatelli; J. de la Figuera;
25 Oct 2009
- - -
Magnetism in nanometer-thick magnetite
Matteo Monti; Benito Santos; Arantzazu Mascaraque; Oscar Rodríguez de la Fuente; Miguel Angel Niño; Tevik Onur Menteş; Andrea Locatelli; Kevin F. McCarty; Jose F. Marco; Juan de la Figuera;
20 Oct 2011
- - -
Structure and magnetism in ultrathin iron oxides characterized by low energy electron microscopy
Benito Santos; Elena Loginova; Arantzazu Mascaraque; Andreas K Schmid; Kevin F McCarty; Juan de la Figuera;
30 Dec 2008
- - -
Origin of the surface metallization in single-domain K/Si(100)2 x 1
P Segovia; G R Castro; A Mascaraque; P Prieto; H J Kim; E G Michel;
15 Nov 1996   /  Phys Rev B, 54 (20), R14277-R14280
- - -
Order-disorder transition driven by dynamical effects between the Sn/Ge(111)-($3 imes3$) and $(sqrt{3} imessqrt{3})R30^{circ}$ phases
J. Avila; A. Mascaraque; G. Le Lay; E.G. Michel; M. Gothelid; H. Ascolani; J. Alvarez; S. Ferrer; M.C. Asensio;
13 Apr 2001
- - -
Valence Band Circular Dichroism in non-magnetic Ag/Ru(0001) at normal emission
Arantzazu Mascaraque; T. Onur Menteş; Kevin F. McCarty; Jose F. Marco; Andreas K. Schmid; Andrea Locatelli; Juan de la Figuera;
18 Jan 2013
- - -
Hydrogen-induced reversible spin-reorientation transition and magnetic stripe domain phase in bilayer Co on Ru(0001)
Benito Santos; Silvia Gallego; Arantzazu Mascaraque; Kevin F. McCarty; Adrian Quesada; Alpha T. N'Diaye; Andreas K. Schmid; Juan de la Figuera;
18 Mar 2012
- - -
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