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31 March 2020
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XMM-Newton sets the record straight: No X-ray emission detected from PSR J0631+1036
J. Kennea; F. Cordova; S. Chatterjee; J. Cordes; C. Ho; R. Much; T. Oosterbroek; A. Parmar;
4 Feb 2002
- - -
Low-energy line emission from Cygnus X-2 observed with the BeppoSAX LECS
E. Kuulkers; A. N. Parmar; A. Owens; T. Oosterbroek; U. Lammers;
2 Jun 1997
- - -
Low-energy line emission from Cygnus X-2 observed with the BeppoSAX LECS
E. Kuulkers; A. N. Parmar; A. Owens; T. Oosterbroek; U. Lammers;
2 Jun 1997
- - -
A BeppoSAX view of transient black hole candidates in quiescence
S. Campana; A.N. Parmar; L. Stella;
4 Apr 2001
- - -
X-ray observations during a Her X-1 anomalous low-state
A.N. Parmar; T. Oosterbroek; D. Dal Fiume; M. Orlandini; A. Santangelo; A. Segreto; S. Del Sordo;
2 Sep 1999
- - -
BeppoSAX LECS background subtraction techniques
A.N. Parmar; T. Oosterbroek; A. Orr; M. Guainazzi; N. Shane; M. J. Freyberg; D. Ricci; A. Malizia;
4 Feb 1999
- - -
A BeppoSAX LECS observation of the super-soft source CAL83
A. N. Parmar; P. Kahabka; H. W. Hartmann; J. Heise;
3 Dec 1997
- - -
A BeppoSAX observation of the X-ray pulsar 1E 2259+586 and the supernova remnant G109.1-1.0 (CTB 109)
A. N. Parmar; T. Oosterbroek; F. Favata; S. Pightling; M. J. Coe; S. Mereghetti; G. L. Israel;
25 Sep 1997
- - -
A BeppoSAX observation of the super-soft source CAL87
A. N. Parmar; P. Kahabka; H. W. Hartmann; J. Heise; D. D. E. Martin; M. Bavdaz; T. Mineo;
2 Jun 1997
- - -
A BeppoSAX observation of the supersoft source 1E 0035.4-7230
P. Kahabka; A.N. Parmar; H.W. Hartmann;
1 Apr 1999
- - -
1H0419-577: a two-state Seyfert Galaxy?
M.Guainazzi; A.Comastri; G.Stirpe; W.N.Brandt; A.Parmar; E.M.Puchnarewicz;
18 Dec 1997
- - -
A highly-ionized absorber in the X-ray binary 4U 1323-62: a new explanation for the dipping phenomenon
L. Boirin; M. Mendez; M. Diaz Trigo; A. N. Parmar; J. S. Kaastra;
15 Oct 2004
- - -
INTEGRAL observations of the black hole candidate H 1743-322 in outburst
A.N. Parmar; E. Kuulkers; T. Oosterbroek; P. Barr; R. Much; A. Orr O.R. Williams; C. Winkler;
28 Jul 2003   /  Astron.Astrophys. 411 (2003) L421-L426
- - -
The complex X-ray spectrum of the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1626-67
A. Owens; T. Oosterbroek; A. N. Parmar;
3 Jun 1997
- - -
BeppoSAX observations of two unclassified LMXBs: X1543-624 and X1556-605
R. Farinelli; F. Frontera; N. Masetti; L. Amati; C. Guidorzi; M. Orlandini; E. Palazzi; A.N. Parmar; L. Stella; M. Van der Klis; S.N. Zhang;
22 Dec 2002   /  Astron.Astrophys. 402 (2003) 1021-1032
- - -
An XMM-Newton study of the X-ray binary MXB1659-298 and the discovery of narrow X-ray absorption lines
L. Sidoli; T. Oosterbroek; A.N. Parmar; D. Lumb; C. Erd;
24 Sep 2001
- - -
BeppoSAX observation of the eclipsing dipping X-ray binary X1658-298
T. Oosterbroek; A. N. Parmar; L. Sidoli; J. J. M.; in 't Zand; J. Heise;
18 Jul 2001
- - -
BeppoSAX spectroscopy of the luminous X-ray sources in M33
A.N. Parmar; L. Sidoli; T. Oosterbroek; P.A. Charles; G. Dubus; M. Guainazzi; P. Hakala; W. Pietsch; G. Trinchieri;
4 Dec 2000
- - -
X-ray emission in the direction of the SNR G318.2+0.1
F. Bocchino; A.N. Parmar; S. Mereghetti; M. Orlandini; A. Santangelo; L. Angelini;
5 Dec 2000
- - -
Unusual quiescent X-ray activity from XTE J0421+560 (CI Cam)
A.N. Parmar; T. Belloni; M. Orlandini; D. Dal Fiume; A. Orr; N. Masetti;
30 May 2000
- - -
Broad-band BeppoSAX observation of the low-mass X-ray binary X1822-371
A.N. Parmar; T. Oosterbroek; S. Del Sordo; A. Segreto; A. Santangelo; D. Dal Fiume; M. Orlandini;
24 Dec 1999
- - -
BeppoSAX spectroscopy of the globular cluster X-ray source X1746-371 (NGC6441)
A.N. Parmar; T. Oosterbroek; M. Guainazzi; A. Segreto; D. Dal Fiume; L. Stella;
8 Sep 1999
- - -
BeppoSAX broad-band observations of Gamma Cassiopeiae
A. Owens; T. Oosterbroek; A.N. Parmar; R. Schulz; J.A. Stuwe; F. Haberl;
19 May 1999
- - -
High resolution imaging of the X-ray afterglow of GRB970228 with ROSAT
F. Frontera; J. Greiner; L.A. Antonelli; E. Costa; F. Fiore; A.N. Parmar; L. Piro; T. Boller; W. Voges;
25 Apr 1998
- - -
The broad-band (0.1-200 keV) spectrum of Her X-1 observed with BeppoSAX
D. Dal Fiume; M. Orlandini; G. Cusumano; S. Del Sordo; M. Feroci; F. Frontera; T. Oosterbroek; E. Palazzi; A.N. Parmar; A. Santangelo; A. Segreto;
25 Nov 1997
- - -
The low-energy cosmic X-ray background spectrum observed by the BeppoSAX LECS
A.N. Parmar; M. Guainazzi; T. Oosterbroek; A. Orr; F. Favata; D. Lumb; A. Malizia;
8 Mar 1999
- - -
Multifrequency observations of XTE J0421+560/CI Cam in outburst
F. Frontera; M.Orlandini; L. Amati; D. Dal Fiume; N. Masetti; A. Orr; A.N. Parmar; E. Brocato; G. Raimondo; A. Piersimoni; M. Tavani; R.A. Remillard;
23 Sep 1998
- - -
BeppoSAX follow-up search for the X-ray afterglow of GRB970111
M.Feroci; L.A.Antonelli; M.Guainazzi; J.M.Muller; E.Costa; L.Piro; J.Heise; 't Zand; F.Frontera; D.Dal Fiume; L.Nicastro; M.Orlandini; E.Palazzi; G.Zavattini; P.Giommi; A.N.Parmar; A.Owens; A.J.Castro-Tirado; M.C.Maccarone; R.C.Butler;
3 Mar 1998
- - -
A BeppoSAX observation of the coronal X-ray emission of the active binary VY Ari
F. Favata; T. Mineo; A.N. Parmar; G. Cusumano;
4 Jul 1997
- - -
INTEGRAL observations of the cosmic X-ray background in the 5-100 keV range via occultation by the Earth
E. Churazov; R. Sunyaev; M. Revnivtsev; S. Sazonov; S. Molkov; S. Grebenev; C. Winkler; A. Parmar; A. Bazzano; M. Falanga; A. Gros; F. Lebrun; L. Natalucci; P. Ubertini; J.-P. Roques; L. Bouchet; E. Jourdain; J. Knoedlseder; R. Diehl; C. Budtz-Jorgensen; S. Brandt; N. Lund; N. J. Westergaard; A. Neronov; M. Turler; M. Chernyakova; R. Walter; N. Produit; N. Mowlavi; J. M. Mas-Hesse; A. Domingo; N. Gehrels; E. Kuulkers; P. Kretschmar; M. Schmidt;
11 Aug 2006
- - -

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