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02 July 2020
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Structural Alterations in the Translational Attenuator of Constitutively Expressed erm(A) Genes in Staphylococcus aureus
Schmitz, Franz-Josef; Petridou, Jasmina; Astfalk, Nadine; Scheuring, Sibylle; Köhrer, Karl; Verhoef, Jan; Fluit, Ad C.; Schwarz, Stefan;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Infrared photo-response of Fe-shunted Ba-122 thin film microstructures
L. Rehm; D. Henrich; M. Hofherr; S. Wuensch; P. Thoma; A. Scheuring; K. Ilin; M. Siegel; S. Haindl; K. Iida; F Kurth; B. Holzapfel; L. Schultz;
13 Oct 2012
- - -
Non-thermal response of YBCO thin films to picosecond THz pulses
P. Probst; A. Semenov; M. Ries; A. Hoehl; P. Rieger; A. Scheuring; V. Judin; S. Wünsch; K. Il'in; N. Smale; Y.-L. Mathis; R. Müller; G. Ulm; G. Wüstefeld; H.-W. Hübers; J. Hänisch; B. Holzapfel; M. Siegel; A.-S. Müller;
12 Apr 2012
- - -
Extended x-ray absorption fine structure studies of a retrovirus: equine infectious anemia virus cysteine arrays are coordinated to zinc.
Chance, M R; Sagi, I; Wirt, M D; Frisbie, S M; Scheuring, E; Chen, E; Bess, J W; Henderson, L E; Arthur, L O; South, T L;
- - -
Chromatic adaptation of photosynthetic membranes
Simon Scheuring; James N Sturgis;
15 Jul 2005   /  Science, 309 (5733), 484-7
- - -
Competing Populations in Flows with Chaotic Mixing
I. Scheuring; G. Karolyi; Z. Toroczkai; T. Tel; A. Pentek;
6 Aug 2001
- - -
Highly responsive Y-Ba-Cu-O thin film THz detectors with picosecond time resolution
P. Thoma; J. Raasch; A. Scheuring; M. Hofherr; K. Ilin; S. Wünsch; A. Semenov; H.-W. Hübers; V. Judin; A.-S. Müller; N. Smale; J. Hänisch; B. Holzapfel; M. Siegel;
18 Oct 2012
- - -
In silico simulations reveal that replicators with limited dispersal evolve towards higher efficiency and fidelity
Pter Szab; Istvn Scheuring; Tams Czrn; Ers Szathmry;
21 Nov 2002   /  Nature, 420 (6913), 340-3
- - -
Fixation of strategies for an evolutionary game in finite populations
Tibor Antal; Istvan Scheuring;
8 Sep 2005
- - -
Phytophthora genome sequences uncover evolutionary origins and mechanisms of pathogenesis
Brett M Tyler; Sucheta Tripathy; Xuemin Zhang; Paramvir Dehal; Rays H Y Jiang; Andrea Aerts; Felipe D Arredondo; Laura Baxter; Douda Bensasson; Jim L Beynon; Jarrod Chapman; Cynthia M B Damasceno; Anne E Dorrance; Daolong Dou; Allan W Dickerman; Inna L Dubchak; Matteo Garbelotto; Mark Gijzen; Stuart G Gordon; Francine Govers; Niklaus J Grunwald; Wayne Huang; Kelly L Ivors; Richard W Jones; Sophien Kamoun; Konstantinos Krampis; Kurt H Lamour; Mi-Kyung Lee; W Hayes McDonald; Mnica Medina; Harold J G Meijer; Eric K Nordberg; Donald J Maclean; Manuel D Ospina-Giraldo; Paul F Morris; Vipaporn Phuntumart; Nicholas H Putnam; Sam Rash; Jocelyn K C Rose; Yasuko Sakihama; Asaf A Salamov; Alon Savidor; Chantel F Scheuring; Brian M Smith; Bruno W S Sobral; Astrid Terry; Trudy A Torto-Alalibo; Joe Win; Zhanyou Xu; Hongbin Zhang; Igor V Grigoriev; Daniel S Rokhsar; Jeffrey L Boore;
1 Sep 2006   /  Science, 313 (5791), 1261-6
- - -
Dihydroneopterin triphosphate epimerase of Escherichia coli: purification, genetic cloning, and expression.
Haussmann, C; Rohdich, F; Lottspeich, F; Eberhardt, S; Scheuring, J; Mackamul, S; Bacher, A;
- - -
Differential effects of the incorporation of 1-(2-deoxy-2-fluoro-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl)-5-iodouracil (FIAU) on the binding of the transcription factors, AP-1 and TFIID, to their cognate target DNA sequences.
Staschke, K A; Richardson, K K; Mabry, T E; Baxter, A J; Scheuring, J C; Huffman, D M; Smith, W C; Richardson, F C; Colacino, J M;
- - -
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