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22 October 2020
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The Cosmic Ray Hodoscopes for Testing Thin Gap Chambers at the Technion and Tel Aviv University
E. Etzion; H. Abramowicz; N. Amram; Y. Benhammou; M. Ben-Moshe; G. Bella; J. Ginzburg; Y. Gernitzky; A. Harel; H. Landsman; N. Panikashvili; Y. Rozen; S. Tarem; E. Warszawski; J. Wasilewski; L. Levinson;
11 Dec 2003   /  IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 51 (2004) 2091-2096
- - -
Electronic specific heat coefficient and magnetic properties of Y(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_x$)$_2$ Laves phases: a combined experimental and first-principles study
Bartosz Wasilewski; Zbigniew Śniadecki; Mirosław Werwiński; Natalia Pierunek; Ján Rusz; Olle Eriksson;
7 Aug 2019
- - -
Magneto-optical polarization rotation in a ladder-type atomic system for tunable offset locking
Michał Parniak; Adam Leszczyński; Wojciech Wasilewski;
1 Feb 2016
- - -
Correlated Photon-Pair Emission from a Charged Single Quantum Dot
S. M. Ulrich; M. Benyoucef; P. Michler; N. Baer; P. Gartner; F. Jahnke; M. Schwab; H. Kurtze; M. Bayer; S. Fafard; Z. Wasilewski;
16 Jul 2004
- - -
A microscopic model for the magnetic field driven breakdown of the dissipationless state in the integer and fractional quantum Hall effect
A. Poux; Z. R. Wasilewski; K. J. Friedland; R. Hey; K. H. Ploog; R. Airey; P. Plochocka; D. K. Maude;
2 Sep 2016
- - -
The 3D transport diagram of a triple quantum dot
G. Granger; L. Gaudreau; A. Kam; M. Pioro-Ladrière; S.A. Studenikin; Z.R. Wasilewski; P. Zawadzki; A.S. Sachrajda;
11 Jun 2010
- - -
Quantum oscillations in the microwave magnetoabsorption of a 2D electron gas
O. M. Fedorych; M. Potemski; S. A. Studenikin; J. A. Gupta; Z. R. Wasilewski; I. A. Dmitriev;
2 Jun 2010
- - -
Resistively detected nuclear magnetic resonance in the quantum hall regime: possible evidence for a Skyrme crystal
W Desrat; D K Maude; M Potemski; J C Portal; Z R Wasilewski; G Hill;
24 Jun 2002   /  Phys Rev Lett, 88 (25 Pt 1), 256807
- - -
Fine structure of excitons in InAs/GaAs coupled auantum dots: a sensitive test of electronic coupling
G Ortner; M Bayer; A Larionov; V B Timofeev; A Forchel; Y B Lyanda-Geller; T L Reinecke; P Hawrylak; S Fafard; Z Wasilewski;
28 Feb 2003   /  Phys Rev Lett, 90 (8), 086404
- - -
Decomposing a pulsed optical parametric amplifier into independent squeezers
A. I. Lvovsky; W. Wasilewski; K. Banaszek;
25 Jan 2006
- - -
Hologram of a Single Photon
Radosław Chrapkiewicz; Michał Jachura; Konrad Banaszek; Wojciech Wasilewski;
9 Sep 2015
- - -
Quantum interference between three two-spin states in a double quantum dot
S. A. Studenikin; G. C. Aers; G. Granger; L. Gaudreau; A. Kam; P. Zawadzki; Z. R. Wasilewski; A. S. Sachrajda;
18 Jan 2012
- - -
Coherent control and interplay of three-electron spin states in a triple quantum dot
L. Gaudreau; G. Granger; A. Kam; G. C. Aers; S. A. Studenikin; P. Zawadzki; M. Pioro-Ladrière; Z. R. Wasilewski; A. S. Sachrajda;
17 Jun 2011
- - -
Quantum Hall induced currents and the magnetoresistance of a quantum point contact
M. J. Smith; C. D. H. Williams; A. Usher; A. S. Sachrajda; A. Kam; Z. R. Wasilewski;
21 Jul 2010
- - -
Experimental demonstration of entanglement-enhanced classical communication over a quantum channel with correlated noise
Konrad Banaszek; Andrzej Dragan; Wojciech Wasilewski; Czesław Radzewicz;
25 Jun 2004   /  Phys Rev Lett, 92 (25 Pt 1), 257901
- - -
The microwave induced resistance response of a high mobility 2DEG from the quasi-classical limit to the quantum Hall regime
S. A. Studenikin; M. Byszewski; D. K. Maude; M. Potemski; A. Sachrajda; Z. R. Wasilewski; M. Hilke; L. N. Pfeiffer; K. W. West;
12 Aug 2005
- - -
Microwave radiation induced magneto-oscillations in the longitudinal and transverse resistance of a two dimensional electron gas
S.A. Studenikin; M. Potemski; P.T. Coleridge; A. Sachrajda; Z.R. Wasilewski;
15 Oct 2003   /  Solid State Comm. v.129, 341 (2004)
- - -
Bipolar spin blockade and coherent state superpositions in a triple quantum dot
M. Busl; G. Granger; L. Gaudreau; R. Sánchez; A. Kam; M. Pioro-Ladrière; S. A. Studenikin; P. Zawadzki; Z. R. Wasilewski; A. S. Sachrajda; G. Platero;
19 Oct 2013
- - -
A phonon scattering assisted injection and extraction based terahertz quantum cascade laser
E. Dupont; S. Fathololoumi; Z.R. Wasilewski; G. Aers; S. R. Laframboise; M. Lindskog; A. Wacker; D. Ban; H. C. Liu;
20 Jan 2012
- - -
Spectral density matrix of a single photon measured
Wojciech Wasilewski; Piotr Kolenderski; Robert Frankowski;
21 Sep 2007   /  Phys Rev Lett, 99 (12), 123601
- - -

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