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04 December 2021
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Will LIGO see RIGO's? - Radion-induced graviton oscillations in the two-brane world
Andrei O. Barvinsky; Alexander Yu. Kamenshchik; Claus Kiefer; Andreas Rathke;
25 Jul 2003
- - -
A critical analysis of the hydrino model
Andreas Rathke;
20 May 2005   /  New Journal of Physics 7 (2005) 127
- - -
Testing for the Pioneer anomaly on a Pluto exploration mission
Andreas Rathke;
15 Sep 2004
- - -
Constraining a possible dependence of Newton's constant on the Earth's magnetic field
Andreas Rathke;
9 Dec 2003   /  Grav.Cosmol. 10 (2004) 224
- - -
Options for a non-dedicated test of the Pioneer anomaly
Dario Izzo; Andreas Rathke;
28 Apr 2005
- - -
Phase transitions, massive gravitons and effective action in braneworld theory
A.O.Barvinsky; A.Yu.Kamenshchik; C.Kiefer; A.Rathke;
27 Oct 2002
- - -
Odyssey: a Solar System Mission
B. Christophe; P.H. Andersen; J.D. Anderson; S. Asmar; Ph. Bério; O. Bertolami; R. Bingham; F. Bondu; Ph. Bouyer; S. Bremer; A. Brillet; J-M. Courty; H. Dittus; B. Foulon; P. Gil; U. Johann; J.F. Jordan; B. Kent; C. Lämmerzahl; A. Lévy; G. Métris; K.T. Nock; O. Olsen; J. Páramos; J.D. Prestage; S.V. Progrebenko; E. Rasel; A. Rathke; S. Reynaud; B. Rievers; E. Samain; T.J. Sumner; S. Theil; P. Touboul; S. Turyshev; P. Vrancken; P. Wolf; N. Yu;
13 Nov 2007
- - -
A Mission to Explore the Pioneer Anomaly
The Pioneer Explorer Collaboration: H. Dittus; S.G. Turyshev; C. Lämmerzahl; S. Theil; R. Foerstner; U. Johann; W. Ertmer; E. Rasel; B. Dachwald; W. Seboldt; F.W. Hehl; C. Kiefer; H.-J. Blome; J. Kunz; D. Giulini; R. Bingham; B. Kent; T.J. Sumner; O. Bertolami; J. Páramos; J.L. Rosales; B. Christophe; B. Foulon; P. Touboul; P. Bouyer; S. Reynaud; A. Brillet; F. Bondu; E. Samain; C.J. de Matos; C. Erd; J.C. Grenouilleau; D. Izzo; A. Rathke; J.D. Anderson; S.W. Asmar; E.L. Lau; M.M. Nieto; B. Mashhoon;
30 Jun 2005
- - -
Radion-induced gravitational wave oscillations and their phenomenology
Andrei O. Barvinsky; Alexander Yu. Kamenshchik; Andreas Rathke; Claus Kiefer;
29 May 2003   /  Annalen Phys. 12 (2003) 343-370
- - -
Pioneer anomaly: What can we learn from LISA?
Denis Defrere; Andreas Rathke;
7 Sep 2005
- - -
RF Couplers for Normal-Conducting Photoinjector of High-Power CW FEL
Sergey Kurennoy; Dale Schrage; Richard Wood; Tom Schultheiss; John Rathke; Lloyd Young;
23 Apr 2004
- - -
Comment on "Constraining a possible dependence of Newton's constant on the Earth's magnetic field"
J. P. Mbelek;
19 Dec 2003   /  Grav.Cosmol. 10 (2004) 233-236
- - -
Fuzzy Profit Shifting: A Model for Optimal Tax-induced Transfer Pricing with Fuzzy Arm's Length Parameter
Alex A.T. Rathke;
12 Jan 2019
- - -
Quantum Physics Exploring Gravity in the Outer Solar System: The Sagas Project
P. Wolf; Ch. J. Bordé; A. Clairon; L. Duchayne; A. Landragin; P. Lemonde; G. Santarelli; W. Ertmer; E. Rasel; F.S. Cataliotti; M. Inguscio; G.M. Tino; P. Gill; H. Klein; S. Reynaud; C. Salomon; E. Peik; O. Bertolami; P. Gil; J. Páramos; C. Jentsch; U. Johann; A. Rathke; P. Bouyer; L. Cacciapuoti; D. Izzo; P. De Natale; B. Christophe; P. Touboul; S.G. Turyshev; J.D. Anderson; M.E. Tobar; F. Schmidt-Kaler; J. Vigué; A. Madej; L. Marmet; M-C. Angonin; P. Delva; P. Tourrenc; G. Metris; H. Müller; R. Walsworth; Z.H. Lu; L. Wang; K. Bongs; A. Toncelli; M. Tonelli; H. Dittus; C. Lämmerzahl; G. Galzerano; P. Laporta; J. Laskar; A. Fienga; F. Roques; K. Sengstock;
2 Nov 2007
- - -
Fundamental Physics with the Laser Astrometric Test Of Relativity
LATOR Collaboration: S.G. Turyshev; H. Dittus; M. Shao; K.L. Nordtvedt; Jr.; C. Laemmerzahl; S. Theil; W. Ertmer; E. Rasel; R. Foerstner; U. Johann; S. Klioner; M. Soffel; B. Dachwald; W. Seboldt; V. Perlick; M.C.W. Sandford; R. Bingham; B. Kent; T.J. Sumner; O. Bertolami; J.Paramos; B. Christophe; B. Foulon; P. Touboul; P. Bouyer; T. Damour; S. Reynaud; C. Salomon; A. Brillet; F. Bondu; J.-F. Mangin; E. Samain; C. Erd; J.C. Grenouilleau; D. Izzo; A. Rathke; S.W. Asmar; M. Colavita; Y. Gursel; et al;
21 Jun 2005
- - -
Pituitary-directed leukemia inhibitory factor transgene forms Rathke's cleft cysts and impairs adult pituitary function. A model for human pituitary Rathke's cysts.
Akita, S; Readhead, C; Stefaneanu, L; Fine, J; Tampanaru-Sarmesiu, A; Kovacs, K; Melmed, S;
- - -
Note on tax enforcement and transfer pricing manipulation
Alex Augusto Timm Rathke;
29 Jun 2015
- - -
On photoexcitation of baryon antidecuplet
M.V. Polyakov; A. Rathke;
17 Mar 2003   /  Eur.Phys.J. A18 (2003) 691-695
- - -
Graviton oscillations in the two-brane world
Andrei Barvinsky; Alexander Kamenshchik; Claus Kiefer; Andreas Rathke;
2 Dec 2002
- - -
Decomposing Petri nets
Julian Rathke; Pawel Sobocinski; Owen Stephens;
10 Apr 2013
- - -

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