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02 July 2022
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Results 1 to 6 of 6 for query "Alessio Magro". (0.00 sec.)

The Northern Cross Fast Radio Burst project. I. Overview and pilot observations at 408 MHz
Nicola T. Locatelli; Gianni Bernardi; Germano Bianchi; Riccardo Chiello; Alessio Magro; Giovanni Naldi; Maura Pilia; Giuseppe Pupillo; Alessandro Ridolfi; Giancarlo Setti; Franco Vazza;
9 Mar 2020
- - -
GPU-Powered Coherent Beamforming
Alessio Magro; Kristian Zarb Adami; Jack Hickish;
16 Dec 2014
- - -
Mapping our Universe in 3D with MITEoR
Haoxuan Zheng; Max Tegmark; Victor Buza; Joshua S. Dillon; Hrant Gharibyan; Jack Hickish; Eben Kunz; Adrian Liu; Jon Losh; Andrew Lutomirski; Scott Morrison; Sruthi Narayanan; Ashley Perko; Devon Rosner; Nevada Sanchez; Katelin Schutz; Shana M. Tribiano; Matias Zaldarriaga; Kristian Zarb Adami; Ioana Zelko; Kevin Zheng; Richard Armstrong; Richard F. Bradley; Matthew R. Dexter; Aaron Ewall-Wice; Alessio Magro; Michael Matejek; Edward Morgan; Abraham R. Neben; Qinxuan Pan; Courtney M. Peterson; Meng Su; Joel Villasenor; Christopher L. Williams; Hung-I Yang; Yan Zhu;
10 Sep 2013
- - -
Mulitbeam GPU Transient Pipeline for the Medicina BEST-2 Array
Alessio Magro; Jack Hickish; Kristian Zarb Adami;
22 Jul 2013
- - -
Real-time, fast radio transient searches with GPU de-dispersion
Alessio Magro; Aris Karastergiou; Stefano Salvini; Benjamin Mort; Fred Dulwich; Kristian Zarb Adami;
13 Jul 2011
- - -
Machine Learning for Galaxy Morphology Classification
Adam Gauci; Kristian Zarb Adami; John Abela; Alessio Magro;
3 May 2010
- - -
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