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13 July 2020
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Results 1 to 3 of 3 for query "Allyson A. Polak". (0.03 sec.)

A Two Micron All-Sky Survey View of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: II. Swope Telescope Spectroscopy of M Giant Stars in the Dynamically Cold Sagittarius Tidal Stream
Steven R. Majewski; William E. Kunkel; David R. Law; Richard J. Patterson; Allyson A. Polak; Helio J. Rocha-Pinto; Jeffrey D. Crane; Peter M. Frinchaboy; Cameron B. Hummels; Kathryn V. Johnston; Jaehyon Rhee; Michael F. Skrutskie; Martin Weinberg;
31 Mar 2004   /  Astrophys.J. 619 (2005) 800-806; Astrophys.J. 619 (2005) 807-823
- - -
Present and Future Astrometric Study of Halo Substructure
Steven R. Majewski; Allyson A. Polak; David R. Law; Helio J. Rocha-Pinto;
31 Mar 2005
- - -
Measuring Fundamental Galactic Parameters with Stellar Tidal Streams and SIM PlanetQuest
Steven R. Majewski; David R. Law; Allyson A. Polak; Richard J. Patterson;
31 Jul 2005
- - -
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