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02 July 2022
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Hydrogen-induced reversible spin-reorientation transition and magnetic stripe domain phase in bilayer Co on Ru(0001)
Benito Santos; Silvia Gallego; Arantzazu Mascaraque; Kevin F. McCarty; Adrian Quesada; Alpha T. N'Diaye; Andreas K. Schmid; Juan de la Figuera;
18 Mar 2012
- - -
Real-Time Observation of Reactive Spreading of Gold on Silicon
Nicola Ferralis; Farid El Gabaly; Andreas K. Schmid; Roya Maboudian; Carlo Carraro;
4 Dec 2009
- - -
Real Space Imaging of the Verwey Transition at the (100) Surface of Magnetite
Juan de la Figuera; Zbynek Novotny; Martin Setvin; Tijiang Liu; Zhiqiang Mao; Gong Chen; Alpha T. N'Diaye; Michael Schmid; Ulrike Diebold; Andreas K. Schmid; Gareth S. Parkinson;
4 Oct 2013
- - -
Valence Band Circular Dichroism in non-magnetic Ag/Ru(0001) at normal emission
Arantzazu Mascaraque; T. Onur Menteş; Kevin F. McCarty; Jose F. Marco; Andreas K. Schmid; Andrea Locatelli; Juan de la Figuera;
18 Jan 2013
- - -
Direct observation of 3D atomic packing in monatomic amorphous materials
Yakun Yuan; Dennis S. Kim; Jihan Zhou; Dillan J. Chang; Fan Zhu; Yasutaka Nagaoka; Yao Yang; Minh Pham; Stanley J. Osher; Ou Chen; Peter Ercius; Andreas K. Schmid; Jianwei Miao;
8 Jul 2020
- - -
Anatomy and giant enhancement of the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of cobalt-graphene heterostructures
Hongxin Yang; Anh Duc Vu; Ali Hallal; Nicolas Rougemaille; Johann Coraux; Gong Chen; Andreas K. Schmid; Mairbek Chshiev;
27 Aug 2015
- - -
Room Temperature In-plane <100> Magnetic Easy Axis for Fe3O4/SrTiO3(001):Nb Grown by Infrared PLD
Matteo Monti; Mikel Sanz; Mohamed Oujja; Esther Rebollar; Marta Castillejo; Marta Castillejo; Alberto Bollero; Julio Camarero; Jose Luis F. Cuñado; Norbert M. Nemes; Federico J. Mompean; Mar Garcia-Hernández; Shu Nie; Kevin F. McCarty; Alpha T. N'Diaye; Gong Chen; Andreas K. Schmid; José F. Marco; Juan de la Figuera;
25 Jul 2013
- - -
Micromagnetism in (001) magnetite by spin-polarized low-energy electron microscopy
Juan de la Figuera; Lucía Vergara; Alpha T. N'Diaye; Adrian Quesada; Andreas K. Schmid;
18 Jan 2013
- - -
Widespread spin polarization effects in photoemission from topological insulators
Chris Jozwiak; Yulin Chen; Alexei V. Fedorov; James G. Analytis; Costel R. Rotundu; Andreas K. Schmid; Jonathan D. Denlinger; Yi-De Chuang; Dung-Hai Lee; Ian R. Fisher; R. J. Birgeneau; Zhi-Xun Shen; Zahid Hussain; Alessandra Lanzara;
25 Oct 2011
- - -
Three-Fold Diffraction Symmetry in Epitaxial Graphene and the SiC Substrate
David A. Siegel; Shuyun Zhou; Farid El Gabaly; Andreas K. Schmid; Kevin F. McCarty; Alessandra Lanzara;
1 Jul 2011
- - -
New Synthesis Method for the Growth of Epitaxial Graphene
Xiaozhu Yu; Choongyu Hwang; Chris M. Jozwiak; Annemarie Kohl; Andreas K. Schmid; Alessandra Lanzara;
20 Apr 2011
- - -
How metal films de-wet substrates - identifying the kinetic pathways and energetic driving forces
Kevin F. McCarty; John C. Hamilton; Yu Sato; Angela Saa; Roland Stumpf; Juan de la Figuera; Konrad Thurmer; Frank Jones; Andreas K. Schmid; A. Alec Talin; Norman C. Bartelt;
7 Apr 2009
- - -
Structure and magnetism in ultrathin iron oxides characterized by low energy electron microscopy
Benito Santos; Elena Loginova; Arantzazu Mascaraque; Andreas K Schmid; Kevin F McCarty; Juan de la Figuera;
30 Dec 2008
- - -
Atmospheric pressure graphitization of SiC(0001)- A route towards wafer-size graphene layers
Konstantin V. Emtsev; Aaron Bostwick; Karsten Horn; Johannes Jobst; Gary L. Kellogg; Lothar Ley; Jessica L. McChesney; Taisuke Ohta; Sergey A. Reshanov; Eli Rotenberg; Andreas K. Schmid; Daniel Waldmann; Heiko B. Weber; Thomas Seyller;
8 Aug 2008
- - -
Coinage-metal capping effects on the spin-reorientations of Co/Ru(0001)
Farid el Gabaly; Kevin F. McCarty; Andreas K. Schmid; Juan de la Figuera; M. Carmen Munoz; Laszlo Szunyogh; Peter Weinberger; Silvia Gallego;
30 Apr 2008
- - -
Labyrinthine Island Growth during Pd/Ru(0001) Heteroepitaxy
Nicolas Rougemaille; Farid El Gabaly; Roland Stumpf; Andreas K. Schmid; Konrad Thürmer; Norman C. Bartelt; Juan De La Figuera;
15 Nov 2007
- - -
Self-organization and magnetic domain microstructure of Fe nanowire arrays
Nicolas Rougemaille; Andreas K. Schmid;
15 Nov 2007
- - -
Imaging spin-reorientation transitions in consecutive atomic Co layers on Ru(0001)
Farid El Gabaly; Silvia Gallego; Carmen Muņoz; Laszlo Szunyogh; Peter Weinberger; Christof Klein; Andreas K Schmid; Kevin F McCarty; Juan de la Figuera;
14 Apr 2006   /  Phys Rev Lett, 96 (14), 147202
- - -
Morphology of graphene thin film growth on SiC(0001)
Taisuke Ohta; Farid El Gabaly; Aaron Bostwick; Jessica McChesney; Konstantin V. Emtsev; Andreas K. Schmid; Thomas Seyller; Karsten Horn; Eli Rotenberg;
3 Oct 2007
- - -
Imaging Spin Reorientation Transitions in Consecutive Atomic Co layers
Farid El Gabaly; Silvia Gallego; Carmen Munoz; Laszlo Szunyogh; Peter Weinberger; Christof Klein; Andreas K. Schmid; Kevin F. McCarty; Juan de la Figuera;
10 Dec 2005
- - -

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