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02 July 2022
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Results 1 to 13 of 13 for query "Angus S Murphy". (0.00 sec.)

Loss of an MDR transporter in compact stalks of maize br2 and sorghum dw3 mutants
Dilbag S Multani; Steven P Briggs; Mark A Chamberlin; Joshua J Blakeslee; Angus S Murphy; Gurmukh S Johal;
3 Oct 2003   /  Science, 302 (5642), 81-4
- - -
Arabidopsis H+-PPase AVP1 regulates auxin-mediated organ development
Jisheng Li; Haibing Yang; Wendy Ann Peer; Gregory Richter; Joshua Blakeslee; Anindita Bandyopadhyay; Boosaree Titapiwantakun; Soledad Undurraga; Mariya Khodakovskaya; Elizabeth L Richards; Beth Krizek; Angus S Murphy; Simon Gilroy; Roberto Gaxiola;
7 Oct 2005   /  Science, 310 (5745), 121-5
- - -
PIN proteins perform a rate-limiting function in cellular auxin efflux
Jan PetrŠsek; Jozef Mravec; Rodolphe Bouchard; Joshua J Blakeslee; Melinda Abas; Daniela SeifertovŠ; Justyna Wisniewska; Zerihun Tadele; Martin Kubes; Milada CovanovŠ; Pankaj Dhonukshe; Petr Skupa; Eva BenkovŠ; Lucie Perry; Pavel Krecek; Ok Ran Lee; Gerald R Fink; Markus Geisler; Angus S Murphy; Christian Luschnig; Eva ZazŪmalovŠ; JirŪ Friml;
12 May 2006   /  Science, 312 (5775), 914-8
- - -
Enhanced gravi- and phototropism in plant mdr mutants mislocalizing the auxin efflux protein PIN1
Bosl Noh; Anindita Bandyopadhyay; Wendy Ann Peer; Edgar P Spalding; Angus S Murphy;
26 Jun 2003   /  Nature, 423 (6943), 999-1002
- - -
Early Copper-Induced Leakage of K+ from Arabidopsis Seedlings Is Mediated by Ion Channels and Coupled to Citrate Efflux1
Murphy, Angus S.; Eisinger, William R.; Shaff, Jon E.; Kochian, Leon V.; Taiz, Lincoln;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
A plasma membrane H+-ATPase is required for the formation of proanthocyanidins in the seed coat endothelium of Arabidopsis thaliana
Baxter, Ivan R.; Young, Jeffery C.; Armstrong, Gordon; Foster, Nathan; Bogenschutz, Naomi; Cordova, Tatiana; Peer, Wendy Ann; Hazen, Samuel P.; Murphy, Angus S.; Harper, Jeffrey F.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
An Emerging Model of Auxin Transport Regulation
Muday, Gloria K.; Murphy, Angus S.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Variation in Expression and Protein Localization of the PIN Family of Auxin Efflux Facilitator Proteins in Flavonoid Mutants with Altered Auxin Transport in Arabidopsis thalianaW‚Éě
Peer, Wendy Ann; Bandyopadhyay, Anindita; Blakeslee, Joshua J.; Makam, Srinivas N.; Chen, Rujin J.; Masson, Patrick H.; Murphy, Angus S.;
- - -
TWISTED DWARF1, a Unique Plasma Membrane-anchored Immunophilin-like Protein, Interacts with Arabidopsis Multidrug Resistance-like Transporters AtPGP1 and AtPGP19
Geisler, Markus; Kolukisaoglu, H. √úner; Bouchard, Rodolphe; Billion, Karla; Berger, Joachim; Saal, Beate; Frangne, Nathalie; Koncz-K√°lm√°n, Zsuzsanna; Koncz, Csaba; Dudler, Robert; Blakeslee, Joshua J.; Murphy, Angus S.; Martinoia, Enrico; Schulz, Burkhard;
- - -
Identification, Purification, and Molecular Cloning of N-1-Naphthylphthalmic Acid-Binding Plasma Membrane-Associated Aminopeptidases from Arabidopsis1
Murphy, Angus S.; Hoogner, Karen R.; Peer, Wendy Ann; Taiz, Lincoln;
- - -
Multidrug Resistance‚Äďlike Genes of Arabidopsis Required for Auxin Transport and Auxin-Mediated Development
Noh, Bosl; Murphy, Angus S.; Spalding, Edgar P.;
- - -
Flavonoid Accumulation Patterns of Transparent Testa Mutants of Arabidopsis1
Peer, Wendy Ann; Brown, Dana E.; Tague, Brian W.; Muday, Gloria K.; Taiz, Lincoln; Murphy, Angus S.;
- - -
Flavonoids Act as Negative Regulators of Auxin Transport in Vivo in Arabidopsis1
Brown, Dana E.; Rashotte, Aaron M.; Murphy, Angus S.; Normanly, Jennifer; Tague, Brian W.; Peer, Wendy A.; Taiz, Lincoln; Muday, Gloria K.;
- - -
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