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24 January 2022
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Merger-origin of radio galaxies investigated with H I observations
B. H. C. Emonts; R. Morganti; T. A. Oosterloo; J. M. van der Hulst; C. N. Tadhunter; G. van Moorsel; J. Holt;
21 Aug 2005
- - -
A jet-induced outflow of warm gas in 3C 293
B. H. C. Emonts; R. Morganti; C. N. Tadhunter; T. A. Oosterloo; J. Holt; J. M. van der Hulst;
21 Jul 2005   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 362 (2005) 931-944
- - -
Fast outflow of neutral and ionized gas from the radio galaxy 3C 293
B. H. C. Emonts; R. Morganti; T. A. Oosterloo; C. N. Tadhunter; J. M. van der Hulst;
16 Jun 2005
- - -
From major merger to radio galaxy: low surface-brightness stellar counterpart to the giant HI ring around B2 0648+27
B.H.C. Emonts; R. Morganti; J.H. van Gorkom; T.A. Oosterloo; E. Brogt; C.N. Tadhunter;
9 Jul 2008
- - -
The magnetic field strength of the Faraday screen surrounding the radio galaxy Coma A
S. Knuettel; S. P. O'Sullivan; S. Curiel; B.H.C. Emonts;
7 Nov 2018
- - -
The properties of the young stellar populations in powerful radio galaxies at low and intermediate redshift
J. Holt; C. N. Tadhunter; R. M. Gonzalez Delgado; K. J. Inskip; J. Rodriguez; B. H. C. Emonts; R. Morganti; K. A. Will;
20 Aug 2007
- - -
A search for 21 cm HI absorption in AT20G compact radio galaxies
J. R. Allison; S. J. Curran; B. H. C. Emonts; K. Gareb; E. K. Mahony; S. Reeves; E. M. Sadler; A. Tanna; M. T. Whiting; M. A. Zwaan;
6 Apr 2012
- - -
Molecular Gas in the Halo Fuels the Growth of a Massive Cluster Galaxy at High Redshift
B.H.C. Emonts; M.D. Lehnert; M. Villar-Martin; R.P. Norris; R.D. Ekers; G.A. van Moorsel; H. Dannerbauer; L. Pentericci; G.K. Miley; J.R. Allison; E.M. Sadler; P. Guillard; C.L. Carilli; M.Y. Mao; H.J.A. Rottgering; C. De Breuck; N. Seymour; B. Gullberg; D. Ceverino; P. Jagannathan; J. Vernet; B.T. Indermuehle;
1 Dec 2016
- - -
Molecular CO(1-0) gas in the z~2 radio galaxy MRC 0152-209
B. H. C. Emonts; I. Feain; M. Y. Mao; R. P. Norris; G. Miley; R. D. Ekers; M. Villar-Martin; H. J. A. Rottgering; E. M. Sadler; G. Rees; R. Morganti; D. J. Saikia; T. A. Oosterloo; J. B. Stevens; C. N. Tadhunter;
4 May 2011
- - -
CO observations of high-z radio galaxies MRC 2104-242 and MRC 0943-242: spectral-line performance of the Compact Array Broadband Backend
B. H. C. Emonts; R. P. Norris; I. Feain; G. Miley; E. M. Sadler; M. Villar-Martin; M. Y. Mao; T. A. Oosterloo; R. D. Ekers; J. B. Stevens; M. H. Wieringa; K. E. K. Coppin; C. N. Tadhunter;
30 Mar 2011
- - -
The AT-LESS CO(1-0) survey of submillimetre galaxies in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South: First results on cold molecular gas in galaxies at z ~ 2
Minh T. Huynh; B.H.C. Emonts; A.E. Kimball; N. Seymour; Ian Smail; A.M. Swinbank; W.N. Brandt; C.M. Casey; S.C. Chapman; H. Dannerbauer; J.A. Hodge; R.J.Ivison; E. Schinnerer; A.P. Thomson; P. van der Werf; J.L. Wardlow;
20 Jan 2017
- - -
A CO-rich merger shaping a powerful and hyper-luminous infrared radio galaxy at z=2: the Dragonfly Galaxy
B.H.C. Emonts; M.Y. Mao; A. Stroe; L. Pentericci; M. Villar-Martin; R.P. Norris; G. Miley; C. De Breuck; G.A. van Moorsel; M.D. Lehnert; C.L. Carilli; H.J.A. Rottgering; N. Seymour; E.M. Sadler; R.D. Ekers; G. Drouart; I. Feain; L. Colina; J. Stevens; J. Holt;
5 May 2015
- - -
Physical Conditions of the Gas in an ALMA [CII]-identified Submillimetre Galaxy at z = 4.44
M. T. Huynh; R. P. Norris; K. E. K. Coppin; B. H. C. Emonts; R. J. Ivison; N. Seymour; Ian Smail; V. Smolcic; A. M. Swinbank; W. N. Brandt; S. C. Chapman; H. Dannerbauer; C. De Breuck; T. R. Greve; J. A. Hodge; A. Karim; K. K. Knudsen; K. M. Menten; P. P. van der Werf; F. Walter; A. Weiss;
14 Feb 2013
- - -
CO(1-0) detection of molecular gas in the massive Spiderweb Galaxy (z=2)
B.H.C. Emonts; I. Feain; H.J.A. Roettgering; G. Miley; N. Seymour; R.P. Norris; C.L. Carilli; M. Villar-Martin; M.Y. Mao; E.M. Sadler; R.D. Ekers; G.A. van Moorsel; R.J. Ivison; L. Pentericci; C.N. Tadhunter; D.J. Saikia;
25 Jan 2013
- - -
Gas-rich mergers and feedback are ubiqitous amongst starbursting radio galaxies, as revealed by JVLA, IRAM PdBI and Herschel
R. J. Ivison; Ian Smail; A. Amblard; V. Arumugam; C. De Breuck; B. H. C. Emonts; I. Feain; T. R. Greve; M. Haas; E. Ibar; M. J. Jarvis; A. Kovaks; M. D. Lehnert; N. P. H. Nesvadba; H. J. A. Rottgering; N. Seymour; D. Wylezalek;
18 Jun 2012
- - -
ALMA unveils a triple merger and gas exchange in a hyper-luminous radio galaxy at z=2: the Dragonfly Galaxy (II)
B.H.C. Emonts; C. De Breuck; M.D. Lehnert; J. Vernet; B. Gullberg; M. Villar-Martín; N. Nesvadba; G. Drouart; R. Ivison; N. Seymour; D. Wylezalek; P. Barthel;
8 Oct 2015
- - -
Faraday rotation study of NGC 612 (PKS 0131-36): a hybrid radio source and its magnetised circumgalactic environment
J. K. Banfield; S. P. O'Sullivan; M. H. Wieringa; B. H. C. Emonts;
15 Nov 2018
- - -
Large-scale HI in nearby radio galaxies (II): the nature of classical low-power radio sources
B. H. C. Emonts; R. Morganti; C. Struve; T. A. Oosterloo; G. van Moorsel; C. N. Tadhunter; J. M. van der Hulst; E. Brogt; J. Holt; N. Mirabal;
15 Mar 2010
- - -
PKS B1718-649: an HI and H2 perspective on the birth of a compact radio source
F. M. Maccagni; F. Santoro; R. Morganti; T. A. Oosterloo; J. B. R. Oonk; B. H. C. Emonts;
5 Nov 2015
- - -
Witnessing the transformation of a quasar host galaxy at z=1.6
A. Humphrey; N. Roche; J.M. Gomes; P. Papaderos; M. Villar-Martín; M.E. Filho; B.H.C. Emonts; I. Aretxaga; L. Binette; B. Ocaña Flaquer; P. Lagos; J. Torrealba;
19 Jan 2015
- - -

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