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26 January 2022
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Thermodynamic Properties of the Frustrated Spin-chain Compound Linarite PbCuSO$_4$(OH)$_2$
M. Schäpers; A.U.B. Wolter; S.-L. Drechsler; S. Nishimoto; M. Abdel-Hafiez; W. Schottenhamel; B. Büchner; J. Richter; B. Ouladdiaf; M. Uhlarz; R. Beyer; Y. Skourski; J. Wosnitza; K.C. Rule; H. Ryll; B. Klemke; K. Kiefer; M. Reehuis; B. Willenberg; S. Süllow;
29 May 2013
- - -
Magnetic excitations in the S = 1/2 antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic chain compound BaCu2V2O8 at zero and finite temperature
E.S. Klyushina; A.C. Tiegel; B. Fauseweh; A.T.M.N. Islam; J.T. Park; B. Klemke; A. Honecker; G.S. Uhrig; S.R. Manmana; B. Lake;
19 Feb 2016
- - -
Field Induced Magnetic Ordering and Single-ion Anisotropy in the Quasi-1D Haldane Chain Compound SrNi2V2O8: A Single Crystal investigation
A. K. Bera; B. Lake; A. T. M. N. Islam; B. Klemke; E. Faulhaber; J. M. Law;
1 Oct 2013
- - -
Magnetic phase diagram of CePt3B1-xSix
Daniela Rauch; Stefan Süllow; Matthias Bleckmann; Bastian Klemke; Klaus Kiefer; Moo Sung Kim; Meigan C. Aronson; Ernst Bauer;
24 Oct 2012
- - -
Mutual induction of magnetic 3d and 4f order in multiferroic hexagonal ErMnO3
D. Meier; H. Ryll; K. Kiefer; B. Klemke; J.-U. Hoffmann; R. Ramesh; M. Fiebig;
7 Aug 2012
- - -
Tetrahedra system Cu4OCl6daca4: magnetic exchange against molecular vibrations
O. Zaharko; J. Mesot; L. A. Salguero; R. Valenti; M. Zbiri; M. Johnson; Y. Filinchuk; B. Klemke; K. Kiefer; M. Mys'kiv; T. Strassle; H. Mutka;
9 Jan 2008
- - -
Two overlapping reading frames in a single exon encode interacting proteins—a novel way of gene usage
Klemke, Martin; Kehlenbach, Ralph H.; Huttner, Wieland B.;
- - -
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