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13 July 2020
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Results 1 to 14 of 14 for query "B. McElrath". (0.02 sec.)

Invisible Quarkonium Decays as a Sensitive Probe of Dark Matter
Bob McElrath;
15 Jun 2005
- - -
Light Neutralino Dark Matter in the NMSSM
John F. Gunion; Dan Hooper; Bob McElrath;
4 Sep 2005
- - -
Hidden Extra U(1) at the Electroweak/TeV Scale
B. N. Grossmann; B. McElrath; S. Nandi; Santosh Kumar Rai;
25 Jun 2010
- - -
New Physics at the LHC. A Les Houches Report: Physics at TeV Colliders 2009 - New Physics Working Group
G. Brooijmans; C. Grojean; G.D. Kribs; C. Shepherd-Themistocleous; K. Agashe; L. Basso; G. Belanger; A. Belyaev; K. Black; T. Bose; R. Brunelière; G. Cacciapaglia; E. Carrera; S.P. Das; A. Deandrea; S. De Curtis; A.-I. Etienvre; J.R. Espinosa; S. Fichet; L. Gauthier; S. Gopalakrishna; H. Gray; B. Gripaios; M. Guchait; S.J. Harper; C. Henderson; J. Jackson; M. Karagöz; S. Kraml; K. Lane; T. Lari; S.J. Lee; J.R. Lessard; Y. Maravin; A. Martin; B. McElrath; G. Moreau; S. Moretti; D.E. Morrissey; M. Mühlleitner; D. Poland; G.M. Pruna; A. Pukhov; A.R. Raklev; T. Robens; R. Rosenfeld; H. Rzehak; G.P. Salam; S. Sekmen; G. Servant; R.K. Singh; B.C. Smith; M Spira; M.J. Strassler; I. Tomalin; M. Tytgat; M. Vos; J.G. Wacker; P. v. Weitershausen; K.M. Zurek;
7 May 2010
- - -
Accurate Mass Determinations in Decay Chains with Missing Energy: II
Hsin-Chia Cheng; John F. Gunion; Zhenyu Han; Bob McElrath;
8 May 2009
- - -
Proceedings of SuperB Workshop VI: New Physics at the Super Flavor Factory
D.G. Hitlin; C.H. Cheng; D.M. Asner; T. Hurth; B. McElrath; T. Shindou; F. Ronga; M. Rama; S. Tosi. G. Simi; S. Robertson; P. Paradisi; I. Bigi; A. Stocchi; B. Viaud; F. Domingo; E. Kou; M. Morandin; G. Batignani; A. Cervelli; F. Forti; N. Neri; J. Walsh; M. Giorgi; G. Isidori; A. Lusiani; A. Bevan; R. Faccini; F. Renga; A. Polosa; L. Silvestrini; J. Virto; M. Ciuchini; S. Heinemeyer; M. Carpinelli; V. Azzolini; J. Bernabeu; F. Botella; G. C. Branco; N. Lopez March; F. Martinez Vidal; A. Oyanguren; A. Pich; M. A. Sanchis Lozano; J. Vidal; O. Vives; S. Banerjee; J. M. Roney; T. Gershon;
8 Oct 2008
- - -
Signatures of Extra Dimensions from Upsilon Decays with a Light Gaugephobic Higgs Boson
Jamison Galloway; Bob McElrath; John McRaven;
16 Jul 2008
- - -
Probing NMSSM Scenarios with Minimal Fine-Tuning by Searching for Decays of the Upsilon to a Light CP-Odd Higgs Boson
Radovan Dermisek; John F. Gunion; Bob McElrath;
5 Dec 2006
- - -
Evaluation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses utilizing B-lymphoblastoid cell lines transduced with the CD4 gene and infected with HIV-1.
McElrath, M J; Rabin, M; Hoffman, M; Klucking, S; Garcia, J V; Greenberg, P D;
- - -
Clade B-based HIV-1 vaccines elicit cross-clade cytotoxic T lymphocyte reactivities in uninfected volunteers
Ferrari, Guido; Humphrey, Will; McElrath, M. Juliana; Excler, Jean–Louis; Duliege, Anne–Marie; Clements, Mary Lou; Corey, Lawrence C.; Bolognesi, Dani P.; Weinhold, Kent J.;
- - -
Proximity Effect in Mo-Nb layered films: Dependence on period
A.E. Walker; J.D. Veldhorst; Z.D. McElrath; J.B. Lewis; P.R. Broussard;
8 Jun 2010
- - -
Comparison of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Specific T-Cell Responses in HIV-1- and HIV-2-Infected Individuals in Senegal
Zheng, N. N.; Kiviat, N. B.; Sow, P. S.; Hawes, S. E.; Wilson, A.; Diallo-Agne, H.; Critchlow, C. W.; Gottlieb, G. S.; Musey, L.; McElrath, M. J.;
- - -
Additional Salmonella Serotype: Salmonella enteritidis ser. Madigan (44:c:1,5)
McElrath, Hunter B.; Back, Andrew E.;
- - -
Cytotoxic and proliferative T cell responses in HIV-1-infected Macaca nemestrina.
Kent, S J; Corey, L; Agy, M B; Morton, W R; McElrath, M J; Greenberg, P D;
- - -
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