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28 October 2021
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Cell lines producing human T-cell lymphoma virus show altered HLA expression
D L Mann; M Popovic; P Sarin; C Murray; M S Reitz; D M Strong; B F Haynes; R C Gallo; W A Blattner;
1 Sep 1983   /  Nature, 305 (5929), 58-60
- - -
Reduction games, provability, and compactness
Damir D. Dzhafarov; Denis R. Hirschfeldt; Sarah C. Reitzes;
3 Aug 2020
- - -
Femtosecond laser melting of graphite
D H Reitze; X Wang; H Ahn; M C Downer;
15 Dec 1989   /  Phys Rev B, 40 (17), 11986-11989
- - -
Femtosecond carrier dynamics in graphite
K Seibert; G C Cho; W KŘtt; H Kurz; D H Reitze; J I Dadap; H Ahn; M C Downer; A M Malvezzi;
15 Aug 1990   /  Phys Rev B, 42 (5), 2842-2851
- - -
Optical properties of liquid carbon measured by femtosecond spectroscopy
D H Reitze; H Ahn; M C Downer;
1 Feb 1992   /  Phys Rev B, 45 (6), 2677-2693
- - -
Fermi-level dependence of femtosecond response in nonequilibrium high-Tc superconductors
D H Reitze; A M Weiner; A Inam; S Etemad;
1 Dec 1992   /  Phys Rev B, 46 (21), 14309-14312
- - -
Identification of the human T cell lymphoma virus in B cell lines established from patients with adult T cell leukemia.
Mann, D L; Clark, J; Clarke, M; Reitz, M; Popovic, M; Franchini, G; Trainor, C D; Strong, D M; Blattner, W A; Gallo, R C;
- - -
Human T-cell leukemia-lymphoma virus (HTLV) is in T but not B lymphocytes from a patient with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
Gallo, R C; Mann, D; Broder, S; Ruscetti, F W; Maeda, M; Kalyanaraman, V S; Robert-Guroff, M; Reitz, M S;
- - -
Role of the extracellular domain of human herpesvirus 7 glycoprotein B in virus binding to cell surface heparan sulfate proteoglycans.
Secchiero, P; Sun, D; De Vico, A L; Crowley, R W; Reitz, M S; Zauli, G; Lusso, P; Gallo, R C;
- - -
Activation of NF-╬║B by the Human Herpesvirus 8 Chemokine Receptor ORF74: Evidence for a Paracrine Model of Kaposi's Sarcoma Pathogenesis
Pati, Shibani; Cavrois, Marielle; Guo, Hong-Guang; Foulke, James S.; Kim, Jynho; Feldman, Ricardo A.; Reitz, Marvin;
- - -
Total disconnectedness of Julia sets of random quadratic polynomials
Krzysztof Lech; Anna Zdunik;
15 Apr 2020
- - -
Cosmic Explorer: The U.S. Contribution to Gravitational-Wave Astronomy beyond LIGO
David Reitze; Rana X Adhikari; Stefan Ballmer; Barry Barish; Lisa Barsotti; GariLynn Billingsley; Duncan A. Brown; Yanbei Chen; Dennis Coyne; Robert Eisenstein; Matthew Evans; Peter Fritschel; Evan D. Hall; Albert Lazzarini; Geoffrey Lovelace; Jocelyn Read; B. S. Sathyaprakash; David Shoemaker; Joshua Smith; Calum Torrie; Salvatore Vitale; Rainer Weiss; Christopher Wipf; Michael Zucker;
10 Jul 2019
- - -
Feedback control of optical beam spatial profiles using thermal lensing
Zhanwei Liu; Paul Fulda; Muzammil A. Arain; Luke Williams; Guido Mueller; David B. Tanner; David H. Reitze;
20 May 2013
- - -
Near-field radiative heat transfer between macroscopic planar surfaces
Richard Ottens; Volker Quetschke; Stacy Wise; Alexander Alemi; Ramsey Lundock; Guido Mueller; David H. Reitze; David B. Tanner; Bernard F. Whiting;
11 Mar 2011
- - -
Gravitational-wave Astronomy: Opening a New Window on the Universe for Students, Educators and the Public
M. Cavaglia; M. Hendry; D. Ingram; S. Milde; D. Reitze; K. Riles; B. Schutz; A.L. Stuver; T. Summerscales; J. Thacker; C.V. Torres; D. Ugolini; M. Vallisneri; A. Zermeno;
23 Jun 2008
- - -
Baryon mass spectrum in a Skyrme model with U(3)V hidden gauge symmetry
B Kleihaus; J Kunz; T Reitz;
1 Sep 1990   /  Phys Rev D, 42 (5), 1661-1672
- - -
Exploring the dynamics of superconductors by time-resolved far-infrared spectroscopy
G L Carr; R P Lobo; J LaVeigne; D H Reitze; D B Tanner;
2 Oct 2000   /  Phys Rev Lett, 85 (14), 3001-4
- - -
Isolation of a new type C retrovirus (HTLV) in primary uncultured cells of a patient with SÚzary T-cell leukaemia
B J Poiesz; F W Ruscetti; M S Reitz; V S Kalyanaraman; R C Gallo;
19 Nov 1981   /  Nature, 294 (5838), 268-71
- - -
Synthesis and glycosylation of the common alpha subunit of human glycoprotein hormones in mouse cells.
Ramabhadran, T V; Reitz, B A; Tiemeier, D C;
- - -
Characterization and distribution of nucleic acid sequences of a novel type C retrovirus isolated from neoplastic human T lymphocytes.
Reitz, M S; Poiesz, B J; Ruscetti, F W; Gallo, R C;
- - -

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