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22 January 2022
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Resistivity studies under hydrostatic pressure on a low-resistance variant of the quasi-2D organic superconductor kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br: quest for intrinsic scattering contributions
C. Strack; C. Akinci; B. Wolf; M. Lang; J. A. Schlueter; J. Wosnitza; D. Schweitzer; J. Mueller;
19 Jul 2004
- - -
Universality Aspects of Layering Transitions in Ferromagnetic Blume-Capel Thin Films
Yusuf Yuksel; Umit Akinci;
26 Apr 2013
- - -
Critical behavior and phase diagrams of a spin-1 Blume-Capel model with random crystal field interactions: An effective field theory analysis
Yusuf Yüksel; Ümit Akinci; Hamza Polat;
21 Jul 2011
- - -
Phase diagram of selenium adsorbed on the Ni(100) surface: A physical realization of the Ashkin-Teller model
P Bak; P Kleban; W N Unertl; J Ochab; G Akinci; N C Bartelt; T L Einstein;
8 Apr 1985   /  Phys Rev A, 54 (14), 1539-1542
- - -
Three ventriculoplasty techniques applied to three left-ventricular pseudoaneurysms in the same patient.
Akinci, E; Işik, O; Tekümit, H; Dağlar, B; Bozbuğa, N; Oğuş, N T; Balkanay, M; Gürbüz, A; Berki, T; Yakut, C;
- - -
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