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02 July 2022
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Evidence for In-Plane Tetragonal c-axis in Mn$_x$Ga$_{1-x}$ Thin Films using Transmission Electron Microscopy
J. Karel; F. Casoli; P. Lupo; L. Nasi; S. Fabbrici; L. Righi; F. Albertini; C. Felser;
13 Apr 2015
- - -
Pressure-tuning of the electrical-transport properties in the Weyl semimetal TaP
M. Besser; R. D. dos Reis; F.-R. Fan; M. O. Ajeesh; Y. Sun; M. Schmidt; C. Felser; M. Nicklas;
11 Apr 2019
- - -
Evolution of magnetic fluctuations through the Fe-induced paramagnetic to ferromagnetic transition in Cr$_2$B
D. Arcon; L. M. Schoop; R. J. Cava; C. Felser;
3 Aug 2016
- - -
Observation of Weyl nodes in robust type-II Weyl semimetal WP2
M.-Y. Yao; N. Xu; Q. Wu; G. Autès; N. Kumar; V. N. Strocov; N. C. Plumb; M. Radovic; O. V. Yazyev; C. Felser; J. Mesot; M. Shi;
6 Apr 2019
- - -
Influence of antiferromagnetic fluctuations on the pressure dependence of the critical temperature in FeSe
S. Chadov; F. Casper; S. Naghavi; C. Felser;
28 Mar 2009
- - -
Magnetic and structural properties of the double-perovskite Ca_2FeReO_6
W. Westerburg; O. Lang; C. Felser; W. Tremel; M. Waldeck; F. Renz; P. Guetlich; C. Ritter; G. Jakob;
17 Apr 2000
- - -
Topological magnetic order and superconductivity in EuRbFe$_4$As$_4$
M. Hemmida; N. Winterhalter-Stocker; D. Ehlers; H.-A. Krug von Nidda; M. Yao; J. Bannies; E.D.L. Rienks; R. Kurleto; C. Felser; B. Büchner; J. Fink; S. Gorol; T. Förster; S. Arsenijevic; V. Fritsch; P. Gegenwart;
5 Oct 2020
- - -
Robust metastable skyrmions with tunable size in the chiral magnet FePtMo$_3$N
A. S. Sukhanov; A. Heinemann; L. Kautzsch; J. D. Bocarsly; S. D. Wilson; C. Felser; D. S. Inosov;
23 Sep 2020
- - -
Superconductivity in the Cu(Ir1-xPtx)2Se4 Spinel
Huixia Luo; Tomasz Klimczuk; Lukas Muechler; Leslie Schoop; Daigorou Hirai; M.K. Fuccillo; C. Felser; R. J. Cava;
15 May 2013
- - -
Phase separation in superconducting and antiferromagnetic Rb0.8Fe1.6Se2 probed by M"ossbauer spectroscopy
V. Ksenofontov; G. Wortmann; S. Medvedev; V. Tsurkan; J. Deisenhofer; A. Loidl; C. Felser;
15 Aug 2011
- - -
Observation of the Type-II Weyl Semimetal Phase in MoTe2
J. Jiang; Z. K. Liu; Y. Sun; H. F. Yang; R. Rajamathi; Y. P. Qi; L. X. Yang; C. Chen; H. Peng; C.-C. Hwang; S. Z. Sun; S.-K. Mo; I. Vobornik; J. Fujii; S. S. P. Parkin; C. Felser; B. H. Yan; Y. L. Chen;
1 Apr 2016
- - -
Dirac Line-nodes and Effect of Spin-orbit Coupling in Non-symmorphic Critical Semimetal MSiS (M=Hf, Zr)
C. Chen; X. Xu; J. Jiang; S. -C. Wu; Y. P. Qi; L. X. Yang; M. X. Wang; Y. Sun; N.B.M. Schröter; H. F. Yang; L. M. Schoop; Y. Y. Lv; J. Zhou; Y. B. Chen; S. H. Yao; M. H. Lu; Y. F. Chen; C. Felser; B. H. Yan; Z. K. Liu; Y. L. Chen;
24 Jan 2017
- - -
Pressure tuning the Fermi-surface topology of the Weyl semimetal NbP
R. D. dos Reis; S. C. Wu; Y. Sun; M. O. Ajeesh; C. Shekhar; M. Schmidt; C. Felser; B. Yan; M. Nicklas;
19 Apr 2016
- - -
Suppression of the ferromagnetic order in the Heusler alloy Ni50Mn35In15 by hydrostatic pressure
C. Salazar Mejia; K. Mydeen; P. Naumov; S. A. Medvedev; C. Wang; M. Hanfland; A. K. Nayak; U. Schwarz; C. Felser; M. Nicklas;
4 Dec 2015
- - -
Superconductivity in the Heusler Family of Intermetallics
T. Klimczuk; C. H. Wang; K. Gofryk; F. Ronning; J. Winterlik; G. H. Fecher; J.-C Griveau; E. Colineau; C. Felser; J. D. Thompson; D. J. Safarik; R. J. Cava;
2 May 2012
- - -
Calculated electronic and magnetic properties of the half-metallic, transition metal based Heusler compounds
Hem C. Kandpal; Gerhard H. Fecher; Claudia Felser;
7 Nov 2006
- - -
Field induced charge symmetry in topological insulator Bi$_2$Te$_3$ revealed by nuclear magnetic resonance
R. Guehne; J. Haase; C. Shekhar; C. Felser;
26 Aug 2020
- - -
Linkage between scattering rates and superconductivity in doped ferropnictides
J. Fink; E.D.L. Rienks; M.Yao; R. Kurleto; J. Bannies; S. Aswartham; I. Morozov; S. Wurmehl; T. Wolf; F. Hardy; C. Meingast; H.S. Jeevan; J. Maiwald; P. Gegenwart; C. Felser; B. Buechner;
17 May 2020
- - -
Frequency-resolved multifold fermions in the chiral topological semimetal CoSi
B. Xu; Z. Fang; M. A. Sánchez-Martínez; J. W. F. Venderbos; Z. Ni; T. Qiu; K. Manna; K. Wang; J. Paglione; C. Bernhard; C. Felser; E. J. Mele; A. G. Grushin; A. M. Rappe; Liang Wu;
4 May 2020
- - -
Effect of chemical and hydrostatic pressure on the coupled magnetostructural transition of Ni-Mn-In Heusler alloys
P. Devi; C. Salazar Mejia; L. Caron; Sanjay Singh; M. Nicklas; C. Felser;
15 Apr 2020
- - -

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