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27 June 2022
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The extrasolar planet GL 581 d: A potentially habitable planet?
P. von Paris; S. Gebauer; M. Godolt; J.L. Grenfell; P. Hedelt; D. Kitzmann; A.B.C. Patzer; H. Rauer; B. Stracke;
29 Sep 2010
- - -
Resistivity studies under hydrostatic pressure on a low-resistance variant of the quasi-2D organic superconductor kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br: quest for intrinsic scattering contributions
C. Strack; C. Akinci; B. Wolf; M. Lang; J. A. Schlueter; J. Wosnitza; D. Schweitzer; J. Mueller;
19 Jul 2004
- - -
Fragmentation of hot quantum drops
B J Strack;
31 Jan 1987   /  Phys Rev C, 35 (2), 691-695
- - -
Anomalous lattice response at the Mott transition in a quasi-2D organic conductor
M de Souza; A BrŘhl; Ch Strack; B Wolf; D Schweitzer; M Lang;
20 Jul 2007   /  Phys Rev Lett, 99 (3), 037003
- - -
Calf thymus RF-C as an essential component for DNA polymerase delta and epsilon holoenzymes function.
Podust, V N; Georgaki, A; Strack, B; H├╝bscher, U;
- - -
Identification of receptors for neuromedin U and its role in feeding
A D Howard; R Wang; S S Pong; T N Mellin; A Strack; X M Guan; Z Zeng; D L Williams; S D Feighner; C N Nunes; B Murphy; J N Stair; H Yu; Q Jiang; M K Clements; C P Tan; K K McKee; D L Hreniuk; T P McDonald; K R Lynch; J F Evans; C P Austin; C T Caskey; L H Van der Ploeg; Q Liu;
6 Jul 2000   /  Nature, 406 (6791), 70-4
- - -
CYGD: the Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database
G├╝ldener, U.; M├╝nsterk├Âtter, M.; Kastenm├╝ller, G.; Strack, N.; van Helden, J.; Lemer, C.; Richelles, J.; Wodak, S. J.; Garc├şa-Mart├şnez, J.; P├ęrez-Ort├şn, J. E.; Michael, H.; Kaps, A.; Talla, E.; Dujon, B.; Andr├ę, B.; Souciet, J. L.; De Montigny, J.; Bon, E.; Gaillardin, C.; Mewes, H. W.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Detection of 4765 MHz OH Emission in a Pre-Planetary Nebula -- CRL 618
A. Strack; E. D. Araya; M. E. Lebrón; R. F. Minchin; H. G. Arce; T. Ghosh; P. Hofner; S. Kurtz; L. Olmi; Y. Pihlström; C. J. Salter;
19 Jun 2019
- - -
Assessing the habitability of planets with Earth-like atmospheres with 1D and 3D climate modeling
M. Godolt; J. L. Grenfell; D. Kitzmann; M. Kunze; U. Langematz; A. B. C. Patzer; H. Rauer; B. Stracke;
26 May 2016
- - -
The unstable CO2 feedback cycle on ocean planets
D. Kitzmann; Y. Alibert; M. Godolt; J.L. Grenfell; K. Heng; A.B.C. Patzer; H. Rauer; B. Stracke; P. von Paris;
7 Jul 2015
- - -
3D climate modeling of Earth-like extrasolar planets orbiting different types of host stars
M. Godolt; J. L. Grenfell; A. Hamann-Reinus; D. Kitzmann; M. Kunze; U. Langematz; P. von Paris; A. B. C. Patzer; H. Rauer; B. Stracke;
7 Apr 2015
- - -
The extrasolar planet Gliese 581 d: a potentially habitable planet? (Corrigendum to arXiv:1009.5814)
P. von Paris; S. Gebauer; M. Godolt; J.L. Grenfell; P. Hedelt; D. Kitzmann; A.B.C. Patzer; H. Rauer; B. Stracke;
9 Mar 2013
- - -
Clouds in the atmospheres of extrasolar planets. I. Climatic effects of multi-layered clouds for Earth-like planets and implications for habitable zones
D. Kitzmann; A.B.C. Patzer; P. von Paris; M. Godolt; B. Stracke; S. Gebauer; J.L. Grenfell; H. Rauer;
15 Feb 2010
- - -
Apoptosis mediated by HIV protease is preceded by cleavage of Bcl-2.
Strack, P R; Frey, M W; Rizzo, C J; Cordova, B; George, H J; Meade, R; Ho, S P; Corman, J; Tritch, R; Korant, B D;
- - -
MIPS: analysis and annotation of proteins from whole genomes
Mewes, H. W.; Amid, C.; Arnold, R.; Frishman, D.; G├╝ldener, U.; Mannhaupt, G.; M├╝nsterk├Âtter, M.; Pagel, P.; Strack, N.; St├╝mpflen, V.; Warfsmann, J.; Ruepp, A.;
- - -
Sinapic acid ester metabolism in wild type and a sinapoylglucose-accumulating mutant of arabidopsis.
Lorenzen, M; Racicot, V; Strack, D; Chapple, C;
- - -
Cloning of the SNG1 Gene of Arabidopsis Reveals a Role for a Serine Carboxypeptidase-like Protein as an Acyltransferase in Secondary Metabolism
Lehfeldt, Claus; Shirley, Amber M.; Meyer, Knut; Ruegger, Max O.; Cusumano, Joanne C.; Viitanen, Paul V.; Strack, Dieter; Chapple, Clint;
- - -
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