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24 October 2021
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Upper critical fields of MgB2 thin films
V.Ferrando; C.Bernini; P.Manfrinetti; D.Marre'; M.Putti; C.Tarantini; C.Ferdeghini;
22 Apr 2003
- - -
Anisotropy of the irreversibility field for Zr-doped $(Y,Gd)Ba_2Cu_3O_{7-x}$ thin films up to 45T
C. Tarantini; J. Jaroszynski; F. Kametani; Y. L. Zuev; A. Gurevich; Y. Chen; V. Selvamanickam; D. C. Larbalestier; D. K. Christen;
4 Jan 2012
- - -
Strong vortex pinning in Co-doped BaFe2As2 single crystal thin films
C. Tarantini; S. Lee; Y. Zhang; J. Jiang; C. W. Bark; J. D. Weiss; A. Polyanskii; C. T. Nelson; H. W. Jang; C. M. Folkman; S. H. Baek; X. Q. Pan; A. Gurevich; E. E. Hellstrom; C. B. Eom; D. C. Larbalestier;
27 Feb 2010
- - -
Template engineering of Co-doped BaFe2As2 single-crystal thin films
S. Lee; J. Jiang; C. T. Nelson; C. W. Bark; J. D. Weiss; C. Tarantini; H. W. Jang; C. M. Folkman; S. H. Baek; A. Polyanskii; D. Abraimov; A. Yamamoto; Y. Zhang; X. Q. Pan; E. E. Hellstrom; D. C. Larbalestier; C. B. Eom;
1 Oct 2009
- - -
Weak link behavior of grain boundaries in Co-doped BaFe2As2 pnictide superconductors
S. Lee; J. Jiang; J. D. Weiss; C. M. Folkman; C. W. Bark; C. Tarantini; A. Xu; D. Abraimov; A. Polyanskii; C. T. Nelson; Y. Zhang; S. H. Baek; H. W. Jang; A. Yamamoto; F. Kametani; X. Q. Pan; E. E. Hellstrom; A. Gurevich; C. B. Eom; D. C. Larbalestier;
21 Jul 2009
- - -
Artificially engineered superlattices of pnictide superconductor
S. Lee; C. Tarantini; P. Gao; J. Jiang; J. D. Weiss; F. Kametani; C. M. Folkman; Y. Zhang; X. Q. Pan; E. E. Hellstrom; D. C. Larbalestier; C. B. Eom;
12 Jul 2013
- - -
High-field superconductivity in alloyed MgB2 thin films
V. Braccini; A. Gurevich; J.E. Giencke; M.C. Jewell; C.B. Eom; D.C. Larbalestier; A. Pogrebnyakov; Y. Cui; B. T. Liu; Y. F.Hu; J. M. Redwing; Qi Li; X.X. Xi; R.K. Singh; R. Gandikota; J. Kim; B. Wilkens; N. Newman; J. Rowell; B. Moeckly; V. Ferrando; C. Tarantini; D. Marre; M. Putti; C. Ferdeghini; R. Vaglio; E. Haanappel;
30 Dec 2003
- - -
Intrinsic and extrinsic pinning in NdFeAs(O,F): vortex trapping and lock-in by the layered structure
C. Tarantini; K. Iida; J. Haenisch; F. Kurth; J. Jaroszynski; N. Sumiya; M. Chihara; T. Hatano; H. Ikuta; S. Schmidt; P. Seidel; B. Holzapfel; D.C. Larbalestier;
26 Oct 2016
- - -
Systematic study of disorder induced by neutron irradiation in MgB2 thin films
V.Ferrando; I.Pallecchi; C.Tarantini; D.Marre; M.Putti; F.Gatti; H.U.Aebersold; E.Lehmann; E.Haanappel; I.Sheikin; X.X.Xi; P.Orgiani; C.Ferdeghini;
31 Aug 2006
- - -
Magnetoresistivity in MgB2 as a probe of disorder in p- and s-bands
I. Pallecchi; V.Ferrando; E.Galleani D'Agliano; D. Marre'; M.Monni; M. Putti; C.Tarantini; F.Gatti; H. U. Aebersold; E. Lehmann; X. X. Xi; E. G. Haanappel; C.Ferdeghini;
22 Aug 2005
- - -
Upper Critical Fields up to 60T in Dirty Magnesium Diboride Thin Films
C.Ferdeghini; V.Ferrando; C.Tarantini; E.Bellingeri; G.Grasso; A.Malagoli; D.Marre'; M.Putti; P.Manfrinetti; A.Pogrebnyakov; J.M. Redwing; X.X. Xi; R.Felici; E.Haanappel;
16 Nov 2004
- - -
Pulsed Laser Deposition of epitaxial titanium diboride thin films
V.Ferrando; D.Marre'; P.Manfrinetti; I.Pallecchi; C.Tarantini; C.Ferdeghini;
30 Apr 2003   /  Thin Solid Films 4441-2, 91 (2003)
- - -
Unusually high critical current of clean P-doped BaFe2As2 single crystalline thin film
F. Kurth; C. Tarantini; V. Grinenko; J. Haenisch; J. Jaroszynski; E. Reich; Y. Mori; A. Sakagami; T. Kawaguchi; J. Engelmann; L. Schultz; B. Holzapfel; H. Ikuta; R. Huehne; K. Iida;
18 Feb 2015
- - -
New Fe-based superconductors: properties relevant for applications
M Putti; I Pallecchi; E Bellingeri; M Tropeano; C Ferdeghini; A Palenzona C Tarantini; A Yamamoto; J Jiang; J Jaroszynski; F Kametani; D Abraimov; A Polyanskii; J D Weiss; E E Hellstrom; A Gurevich; D C Larbalestier; R Jin; B C Sales; A S Sefat; M A McGuire; D Mandrus; P Cheng; Y Jia; H H Wen; S Lee; C B Eom;
7 Oct 2009
- - -
Beneficial influence of Hf and Zr additions to Nb4at.%Ta on the vortex pinning of Nb$_{3}$Sn with and without an O source
Shreyas Balachandran; Chiara Tarantini; Peter J. Lee; Fumitake Kametani; Yi-Feng Su; Benjamin Walker; William L. Starch; David C. Larbalestier;
21 Nov 2018
- - -
Development of very high Jc in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 thin films grown on CaF2
C. Tarantini; F. Kametani; S. Lee; J. Jiang; J.D. Weiss; J. Jaroszynski; E.E. Hellstrom; C. B. Eom; D.C. Larbalestier;
3 Dec 2014
- - -
The behavior of grain boundaries in the Fe-based superconductors
J. H. Durrell; C.-B. Eom; A. Gurevich; E. E. Hellstrom; C. Tarantini; A. Yamamoto; D. C. Larbalestier;
4 Oct 2011
- - -
Significant enhancement of upper critical fields by doping and strain in Fe-based superconductors
C. Tarantini; A. Gurevich; J. Jaroszynski; F. Balakirev; E. Bellingeri; I. Pallecchi; C. Ferdeghini; B. Shen; H.H. Wen; D. C. Larbalestier;
25 Aug 2011
- - -
Multi-band conductivity and multi-gap superconductivity in V3Si from optical measurements on films at terahertz frequencies
A. Perucchi; D. Nicoletti; M. Ortolani; C. Marini; R. Sopracase; S. Lupi; U. Schade; M. Putti; I. Pallecchi; C. Tarantini; M. Ferretti; C. Ferdeghini; M. Monni; F. Bernardini; S. Massidda; P. Dore;
21 Jul 2009
- - -
Small anisotropy, weak thermal fluctuations, and high field superconductivity in Co-doped iron pnictide Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2
A. Yamamoto; J. Jaroszynski; C. Tarantini; L. Balicas; J. Jiang; A. Gurevich; D.C. Larbalestier; R. Jin; A.S. Sefat; M.A. McGuire; B.C. Sales; D.K. Christen; D. Mandrus;
3 Oct 2008
- - -

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