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23 May 2022
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The Molecular Counterpart of the Galactic Center Arched Filament HII Complex: OVRO Observations of the CS(2-1) Line
Cornelia C. Lang; W.M.Goss; Mark Morris;
16 Aug 2002
- - -
Stellar Winds and Embedded Star Formation in the Galactic Center Quintuplet and Arches Clusters: Multifrequency Radio Observations
Cornelia C. Lang; Kelsey E. Johnson; W.M. Goss; Luis F. Rodriguez;
8 Aug 2005
- - -
VLA Detection of the Ionized Stellar Winds Arising from Massive Stars in the Galactic Center Arches Cluster
Cornelia C. Lang; W.M. Goss; Luis F. Rodriguez;
8 Mar 2001
- - -
A VLA H92alpha Study of the Arched Filament Complex Near the Galactic Center
Cornelia C. Lang; W.M. Goss & Mark Morris;
8 Feb 2001
- - -
Radio Detections of Stellar Winds from the Pistol Star and Other Stars in the Galactic Center Quintuplet Cluster
Cornelia C. Lang; Don F. Figer; W.M. Goss; & Mark Morris;
13 Jul 1999
- - -
A Radio Transient 0.1 pc from Sagittarius A*
Geoffrey C. Bower; Doug A. Roberts; Farhad Yusef-Zadeh; Donald C. Backer; W.D. Cotton; W. M. Goss; Cornelia C. Lang; Yoram Lithwick;
8 Jul 2005
- - -
A VLA Polarimetric Study of the Galactic Center Radio Arc: Characterizing Polarization, Rotation Measure, and Magnetic Field Properties
Dylan M. Paré; Cornelia C. Lang; Mark R. Morris; Hailey Moore; Sui Ann Mao;
18 Sep 2019
- - -
A High-Resolution Survey of HI Absorption toward the Central 200 pc of the Galactic Center
Cornelia C. Lang; W. Miller Goss; Claudia Cyganowski; Kelsey I. Clubb;
2 Nov 2010
- - -
Discovery of a Luminous Blue Variable with an Ejection Nebula Near the Quintuplet Cluster
Jon C. Mauerhan; Mark R. Morris; Angela S. Cotera; Hui Dong; Q. Daniel Wang; Susan R. Stolovy; Cornelia C. Lang; Ian S. Glass;
17 Feb 2010
- - -
Multiwavelength Observations of Massive Stellar Cluster Candidates in the Galaxy
Emily E. Richards; Cornelia C. Lang; Christine Trombley; Donald F. Figer;
9 Aug 2012
- - -
The Radio Properties and Magnetic Field Configuration in the Crab-like Pulsar Wind Nebula G54.1+0.3
Cornelia C. Lang; Q. Daniel Wang; Fangjun Lu; Kelsey Clubb;
31 Dec 2009
- - -
The magnetic environment in the central region of nearby galaxies
Cornelia C. Lang; Maria R. Drout;
16 Sep 2008
- - -
Non-thermal Emission in Sagittarius B?
Cornelia C. Lang; Patrick Palmer; W. M. Goss;
15 Jan 2008
- - -
The orbital period of the ultraluminous x-ray source in M82
Philip Kaaret; Melanie G Simet; Cornelia C Lang;
27 Jan 2006   /  Science, 311 (5760), 491
- - -
A Radio Nebula Surrounding the Ultra-luminous X-ray Source in NGC 5408
Cornelia C. Lang; Philip Kaaret; Stephane Corbel; Allison Mercer;
14 May 2007
- - -
A 62 Day X-Ray Periodicity and an X-Ray Flare from the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source in M82
Philip Kaaret; Melanie G. Simet; Cornelia C. Lang;
3 Apr 2006
- - -
The Orbital Period of the Ultraluminous X-ray Source in M82
Philip Kaaret; Melanie G. Simet; Cornelia C. Lang;
24 Mar 2006   /  Science 27 January 2006: Vol. 311. no. 5760, p. 491
- - -
X-ray Thread G0.13-0.11: A Pulsar Wind Nebula?
Q. Daniel Wang; Fangjun Lu; Cornelia C. Lang;
20 Aug 2002   /  Astrophys.J. 581 (2002) 1148-1153
- - -
Properties of the Compact HII Region Complex G-0.02-0.07
Elisabeth Mills; Mark R. Morris; Cornelia Lang; Hui Dong; Q. Daniel Wang; Angela Cotera; Susan Stolovy;
12 Feb 2011
- - -
Key Science Goals for the Next Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA): Report from the ngVLA Science Advisory Council
Alberto D. Bolatto; Shami Chatterjee; Caitlin M. Casey; Laura Chomiuk; Imke de Pater; Mark Dickinson; James Di Francesco; Gregg Hallinan; Andrea Isella; Kotaro Kohno; Shrinivas R. Kulkarni; Cornelia Lang; T. Joseph W. Lazio; Adam K. Leroy; Laurent Loinard; Thomas J. Maccarone; Brenda C. Matthews; Rachel A. Osten; Mark J. Reid; Dominik Riechers; Nami Sakai; Fabian Walter; David Wilner;
27 Nov 2017
- - -
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