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22 September 2020
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Probability of local bifurcation type from a fixed point: A random matrix perspective
D. J. Albers; J. C. Sprott;
24 Oct 2005
- - -
Routes to chaos in high-dimensional dynamical systems: A qualitative numerical study
D. J. Albers; J. C. Sprott;
6 Aug 2004
- - -
Structural Stability and Hyperbolicity Violation in High-Dimensional Dynamical Systems
D. J. Albers; J. C. Sprott;
5 Aug 2004
- - -
Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of Antlia B: Star Formation History and a New Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distance
Jonathan R. Hargis; S. Albers; D. Crnojević; D. J. Sand; D. R. Weisz; J. L. Carlin; K. Spekkens; B. Willman; A. H. G. Peter; C. J. Grillmair; A. E. Dolphin;
16 Jul 2019
- - -
A methodology for detecting and exploring non-convulsive seizures in patients with SAH
D J Albers; J Claassen; M J Schmidt; G Hripcsak;
31 May 2013
- - -
Using time-delayed mutual information to discover and interpret temporal correlation structure in complex populations
D. J. Albers; George Hripcsak;
18 Oct 2011
- - -
Suppressing decoherence of quantum algorithms by jump codes
Oliver Kern; Gernot Alber;
5 Jun 2005   /  Eur. Phys. J. D 36, 241-248 (2005) DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2005-00252-0
- - -
Universal Multifractal Properties of the Small Scale Intermittency in Anisotropic and Inhomogeneous Turbulence
M. Alber; S. Lueck; C. Renner; J. Peinke;
12 Jul 2000   /  M. M. Novak (ed.), Fractals and Beyond, World Scientific, Singapore (1998)
- - -
A Global Fireball Observatory
H. A. R. Devillepoix; M. Cupák; P. A. Bland; E. K. Sansom; M. C. Towner; R. M. Howie; B. A. D. Hartig; T. Jansen-Sturgeon; P. M. Shober; S. L. Anderson; G. K. Benedix; D. Busan; R. Sayers; P. Jenniskens; J. Albers; C. D. K. Herd; P. Carlson; P. J. A. Hill; P. G. Brown; Z. Krzeminski; G. R. Osinski; H. Chennaoui Aoudjehane; T. Shisseh; Z. Benkhaldoun; A. Jabiri; M. Guennoun; A. Barka; H. Darhmaoui; L. Daly; G. S. Collins; S. McMullan; M. D. Suttle; C. Shaw; J. S. Young; M. Alexander; A. D. Mardon; T. Ireland; G. Bonning; L. Baeza; T. Y. Alrefay; J. Horner; T. D. Swindle; C. W. Hergenrother; M. D. Fries; A. Tomkins; A. Langendam; T. A. Rushmer; C. O'Neill; D. Janches; J. L. Hormaechea;
2 Apr 2020
- - -
Theoretical Atomic Volumes of fcc Thorium and Plutonium
J. C. Boettger; M. D. Jones; R. C. Albers; D. J. Singh;
13 Nov 1998
- - -
Interface and electronic characterization of thin epitaxial Co3O4 films
C. A. F. Vaz; H.-Q. Wang; C. H. Ahn; V. E. Henrich; M. Z. Baykara; T. C. Schwendemann; N. Pilet; B. J. Albers; U. D. Schwarz; L. H. Zhang; Y. Zhu; J. Wang; E. I. Altman;
24 Nov 2008
- - -
Persistent chaos in high dimensions
D J Albers; J C Sprott; J P Crutchfield;
31 Oct 2006   /  Phys Rev E, 74 (5 Pt 2), 057201
- - -
Persistent Chaos in High Dimensions
D. J. Albers; J. C. Sprott; J. P. Crutchfield;
20 Apr 2005
- - -
Star formation at the edge of the Local Group: a rising star formation history in the isolated galaxy WLM
Saundra M. Albers; Daniel R. Weisz; Andrew A. Cole; Andrew E. Dolphin; Evan D. Skillman; Benjamin F. Williams; Michael Boylan-Kolchin; James S. Bullock; Julianne J. Dalcanton; Philip F. Hopkins; Ryan Leaman; Alan W. McConnachie; Mark Vogelsberger; Andrew Wetzel;
9 Sep 2019
- - -
Probability of local bifurcation type from a fixed point: A random matrix perspective
D. J. Albers; J. C. Sprott;
24 Oct 2005
- - -
Enabling Personalized Decision Support with Patient-Generated Data and Attributable Components
Elliot G Mitchell; Esteban G Tabak; Matthew E Levine; Lena Mamykina; David J Albers;
22 Nov 2019
- - -
Ensemble Kalman Methods With Constraints
David J. Albers; Paul-Adrien Blancquart; Matthew E. Levine; Elnaz Esmaeilzadeh Seylabi; Andrew Stuart;
17 Jan 2019
- - -
Towards Personalized Modeling of the Female Hormonal Cycle: Experiments with Mechanistic Models and Gaussian Processes
Iñigo Urteaga; David J. Albers; Marija Vlajic Wheeler; Anna Druet; Hans Raffauf; Noémie Elhadad;
1 Dec 2017
- - -
Offline and online data assimilation for real-time blood glucose forecasting in type 2 diabetes
Matthew E Levine; George Hripcsak; Lena Mamykina; Andrew Stuart; David J Albers;
1 Sep 2017
- - -
Entropy, dimension, and state mixing in a class of time-delayed dynamical system
D. J. Albers; Fatihcan M. Atay;
13 Oct 2007
- - -

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