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13 August 2020
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Results 1 to 9 of 9 for query "D. L. Bleuel". (0.01 sec.)

Impact of restricted spin-ranges in the Oslo Method: The example of (d,p)$^{240}mathrm{Pu}$
F. Zeiser; G. Potel; G.M. Tveten; A.C. Larsen; M. Guttormsen; T.A. Laplace; S. Siem; D.L. Bleuel; B.L. Goldblum; L.A. Bernstein; F.L. Bello Garrote; L. Crespo Campo; T.K. Eriksen; A. Görgen K. Hadynska-Klek; J.E. Midtbø; T. Renstrøm; E. Sahin; T. Tornyi; A. Voinov; M. Wiedeking;
8 Feb 2019
- - -
Energy dependence of the prompt ${gamma}$-ray emission from the $(d,p)$-induced fission of $^{234}mathrm{U}^{*}$ and $^{240}mathrm{Pu}^{*}$
S. J. Rose; F. Zeiser; J. N. Wilson; A. Oberstedt; S. Oberstedt; S. Siem; G. M. Tveten; L. A. Bernstein; D. L. Bleuel; J. A. Brown; L. Crespo Campo; F. Giacoppo; A. Görgen; M. Guttormsen; K. Hadyńska; A. Hafreager; T. W. Hagen; M. Klintefjord; T. A. Laplace; A. C. Larsen; T. Renstrøm; E. Sahin; C. Schmitt; T. G. Tornyi; M. Wiedeking;
6 Jul 2017
- - -
Statistical properties of $^{243}$Pu, and $^{242}$Pu(n,$gamma$) cross section calculation
T.A. Laplace; F. Zeiser; M. Guttormsen; A.C. Larsen; D.L. Bleuel; L.A. Bernstein; B.L. Goldblum; S. Siem; F.L. Bello Garotte; J.A. Brown; L. Crespo Campo; T.K. Eriksen; F. Giacoppo; A. Görgen; K. Hadyńska-Klȩk; R.A. Henderson; M. Klintefjord; M. Lebois; T. Renstrøm; S.J. Rose; E. Sahin; T.G. Tornyi; G.M. Tveten; A. Voinov; M. Wiedeking; J.N. Wilson; W. Younes;
6 Nov 2015
- - -
Experimental level densities of atomic nuclei
M. Guttormsen; M. Aiche; F.L. Bello Garrote; L.A. Bernstein; D.L. Bleuel; Y. Byun; Q. Ducasse; T.K. Eriksen; F. Giacoppo; A. Görgen; F. Gunsing; T.W. Hagen; B. Jurado; M. Klintefjord; A.C. Larsen; L. Lebois; B. Leniau; H.T. Nyhus; T. Renstrøm; S.J. Rose; E. Sahin; S. Siem; T.G. Tornyi; G.M. Tveten; A. Voinov; M. Wiedeking; J. Wilson;
11 Mar 2015
- - -
Low-energy enhancement in the gamma-ray strength functions of $^{73,74}$Ge
T. Renstrøm; H. -T. Nyhus; H. Utsumoniya; R. Schwengner; S. Goriely; A. C. Larsen; D. M. Filipescu; I. Gheorghe; L. A. Bernstein; D. L. Bleuel; T. Glodariu; A. Görgen; M. Guttormsen; T. W. Hagen; B. V. Kheswa; Y. -W .Lui; D. Negi; I. E. Ruud; T. Shima; S. Siem; K. Takahisa; O. Tesileanu; T. G. Tornyi; G. M. Tveten; M. Wiedeking;
18 Oct 2015
- - -
Experimentally constrained ($p,gamma$)$^{89}$Y and ($n,gamma$)$^{89}$Y reaction rates relevant to the $p$-process nucleosynthesis
A. C. Larsen; M. Guttormsen; R. Schwengner; D. L. Bleuel; S. Goriely; S. Harissopulos; F. L. Bello Garrote; Y. Byun; T. K. Eriksen; F. Giacoppo; A. Görgen; T. W. Hagen; M. Klintefjord; T. Renstrøm; S. J. Rose; E. Sahin; S. Siem; T. G. Tornyi; G. M. Tveten; A. V. Voinov; M. Wiedeking;
4 Oct 2015
- - -
$^{137,138,139}$La($n$, $gamma$) cross sections constrained with statistical decay properties of $^{138,139,140}$La nuclei
Bonginkosi Vincent Kheswa; Mathis Wiedeking; Josh Brown; Ann-Cecilie Larsen; Stephane Goriely; Magne Guttormsen; Frank L Bello Garrote; Lee A Bernstein; Darren L. Bleuel; Tomas K Eriksen; Francesca Giacoppo; Andreas Görgen; Bethany L Goldblum; Trine Hagen; Paul E Koehler; Malin Klintefjord; Kgashane L Malatji; Jørgen E Midtbø; Hilde-Therese Nyhus; Paul Papka; Therese Renstrøm; Sunniva J Rose; Eda Sahin; Sunniva Siem; Tamás Tornyi;
13 Jan 2017
- - -
Novel magnetic states and nematic spin chirality in the kagome lattice metal YMn$_{6}$Sn$_{6}$
Nirmal J. Ghimire; Rebecca L. Dally; L. Poudel; D. C. Jones; D. Michel; N. Thapa Magar; M. Bleuel; Michael A. McGuire; J. S. Jiang; J. F. Mitchell; Jeffrey W. Lynn; I. I. Mazin;
5 Jul 2020
- - -
Reaction rate sensitivity of 44Ti production in massive stars and implications of a thick target yield measurement of 40Ca(alpha,gamma)44Ti
R. D. Hoffman; S. A. Sheets; J. T. Burke; N. D. Scielzo; T. Rauscher; E. B. Norman; S. Tumey; T. A. Brown; P. G. Grant; A. M. Hurst; L. Phair; M. A. Stoyer; T. Wooddy; J. L. Fisker; D. Bleuel;
27 Feb 2010
- - -
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