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05 December 2021
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Penetrating the Mask: The Gravitational Torque of Bars
D. L. Block; R. Buta; I. Puerari; J. H. Knapen; B. G. Elmegreen; S. Stedman; D. M. Elmegreen;
20 Jul 2001
- - -
Gravitational bar and spiral arm torques from K_s-band observations and implications for the pattern speeds
D. L. Block; R. Buta; J. H. Knapen; D. M. Elmegreen; B. G. Elmegreen; I. Puerari;
12 May 2004
- - -
The gravitational torque of bars in optically unbarred and barred galaxies
D.L. Block; I. Puerari; J.H. Knapen; B.G. Elmegreen; R. Buta; S. Stedman; D.M. Elmegreen;
1 Jun 2001
- - -
Dusty Acoustic Turbulence in the Nuclear Disks of two LINER Galaxies NGC 4450 and NGC 4736
D.M. Elmegreen; B.G. Elmegreen; K.S. Eberwein;
21 Dec 2001
- - -
Dust Spirals and Acoustic Noise in the Nucleus of the Galaxy NGC 2207
B. G. Elmegreen; D. M. Elmegreen; E. Brinks; C. Yuan; M. Kaufman; M. Klaric; L. Montenegro; C. Struck; M. Thomasson;
3 Jul 1998
- - -
Dust Streamers in the Virgo Galaxy M86 from Ram Pressure Stripping of its Companion VCC 882
D.M. Elmegreen; B.G. Elmegreen; F.R. Chromey; M.S. Fine;
11 May 2000
- - -
HST Observations of the Interacting Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163
B.G. Elmegreen; M. Kaufman; C. Struck; D.M. Elmegreen; E. Brinks; M. Thomasson; M. Klaric; Z. Levay; J. English; L.M. Frattare; H.E. Bond; C.A. Christian; F. Hamilton; K. Noll;
14 Jul 2000
- - -
Star Cluster Catalogs for the LEGUS Dwarf Galaxies
D.O. Cook; J.C. Lee; A. Adamo; H. Kim; R. Chandar; B.C. Whitmore; A. Mok; J.E. Ryon; D.A. Dale; D. Calzetti; J.E. Andrews; A. Aloisi; G. Ashworth; S.N. Bright; T.M. Brown; C. Christian; M. Cignoni; G.C. Clayton; R. da Silva; S.E. de Mink; C.L. Dobbs; B.G. Elmegreen; D.M. Elmegreen; A.S. Evans; M. Fumagalli; J.S. Gallagher III; D.A. Gouliermis; K. Grasha; E.K. Grebel; A. Herrero; D.A. Hunter; E.I. Jensen; K.E. Johnson; L. Kahre; R.C. Kennicutt; M.R. Krumholz; N.J. Lee; D. Lennon; S. Linden; C. Martin; M. Messa; P. Nair; A. Nota; G. Ostlin; R.C. Parziale; A. Pellerin; M.W. Regan; E. Sabbi; E. Sacchi; D. Schaerer; D. Schiminovich; F. Shabani; F.A. Slane; J. Small; C.L. Smith; L.J. Smith; S. Taibi; D.A. Thilker; I.C. de la Torre; M. Tosi; J.A. Turner; L. Ubeda; S.D. Van Dyk; R.A.M. Walterbos; A. Wofford;
31 Jan 2019
- - -
H$alpha$ Morphologies of Star Clusters: A LEGUS study of HII region evolution timescales and stochasticity in low mass clusters
Stephen Hannon; Janice C. Lee; B.C. Whitmore; R. Chandar; A. Adamo; B. Mobasher; A. Aloisi; D. Calzetti; M. Cignoni; D.O. Cook; D. Dale; S. Deger; L. Della Bruna; D.M. Elmegreen; D.A. Gouliermis; K. Grasha; E.K. Grebel; A. Herrero; D.A. Hunter; K.E. Johnson; R. Kennicutt; H. Kim; E. Sacchi; L. Smith; D. Thilker; J. Turner; R.A.M. Walterbos; A. Wofford;
7 Oct 2019
- - -
Spatial segregation of massive clusters in dwarf galaxies
Bruce G. Elmegreen; A. Adamo; M. Boquien; F. Bournaud; D. Calzetti; D. O. Cook; D.A. Dale; P.-A. Duc; D. M. Elmegreen; J. Fensch; K. Grasha; Hwi Kim; L. Kahre; M. Messa; J. E. Ryon; E. Sabbi; L.J. Smith;
17 Dec 2019
- - -
The resolved stellar populations in the LEGUS galaxies
E. Sabbi; D. Calzetti; L. Ubeda; A. Adamo; M. Cignoni; D. Thilker; A. Aloisi; B. G. Elmegreen; D. M. Elmegreen; D. A. Gouliermis; E. K. Grebel; M. Messa; L. J. Smith; M. Tosi; A. Dolphin; J. E. Andrews; G. Ashworth; S. N. Bright; T. M. Brown; R. Chandar; C. Christian; G. C. Clayton; D. O. Cook; D. A. Dale; S. E. de Mink; C. Dobbs; A. S. Evans; M. Fumagalli; J. S. Gallagher III; K. Grasha; A. Herrero; D. A. Hunter; K. E. Johnson; L. Kahre; R. C. Kennicutt; H. Kim; M. R. Krumholz; J. C. Lee; D. Lennon; C. Martin; P. Nair; A. Nota; G. Ostlin; A. Pellerin; J. Prieto; M. W. Regan; J. E. Ryon; E. Sacchi; D. Schaerer; D. Schiminovich; F. Shabani; S. D. Van Dyk; R. Walterbos; B. C. Whitmore; A. Wofford;
16 Jan 2018
- - -
The Brightest Young Star Clusters in NGC 5253
D. Calzetti; K.E. Johnson; A. Adamo; J.S. Gallagher III; J.E. Andrews; L.J. Smith; G.C. Clayton; J.C. Lee; E. Sabbi; L. Ubeda; H. Kim; J.E. Ryon; D. Thilker; S.N. Bright; E. Zackrisson; R.C. Kennicutt; S.E. de Mink; B.C. Whitmore; A. Aloisi; R. Chandar; M. Cignoni; D. Cook; D.A. Dale; B.G. Elmegreen; D.M. Elmegreen; A.S. Evans; M. Fumagalli; D.A. Gouliermis; K. Grasha; E.K. Grebel; M.R. Krumholz; R. Walterbos; A. Wofford; T.M. Brown; C. Christian; C. Dobbs; A. Herrero; L. Kahre; M. Messa; P. Nair; A. Nota; G. Oestlin; A. Pellerin; E. Sacchi; D. Schaerer; M. Tosi;
19 Aug 2015
- - -
Gravity, Turbulence, and Star Formation
Bruce G. Elmegreen;
27 May 2004
- - -
The Specific Frequency of Globular Clusters in Galaxies
Bruce G. Elmegreen;
10 Nov 1999   /  Astrophys.Space Sci. 269 (1999) 469-484
- - -
Turbulence and galactic structure
Bruce G. Elmegreen;
28 Jul 2004
- - -
Probing Kolmogorov turbulence beyond the Magellanic Clouds: The Power of Southern Hemisphere's largest optical telescope (11m), SALT
D.L. Block; B.G. Elmegreen; D.M. Elmegreen; I. Puerari;
4 Feb 2004
- - -
Rapid formation of exponential disks and bulges at high redshift from the dynamical evolution of clump cluster and chain galaxies
F. Bournaud; B. G. Elmegreen; D. M. Elmegreen;
2 Aug 2007
- - -
Small-Scale Mixing of the Elements
Bruce G. Elmegreen;
31 Dec 1997
- - -
The Kennicutt-Schmidt Relation in Extremely Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxies
M. E. Filho; J. Sánchez Almeida; R. Amorín; C. Muñoz-Tuñón; B. G. Elmegreen; D. M. Elmegreen;
15 Feb 2016
- - -
Galaxy evolution in a complex environment: a multi-wavelength study of HCG 7
I. S. Konstantopoulos; S. C. Gallagher; K. Fedotov; P. R. Durrell; A. Heiderman; D. M. Elmegreen; J. C. Charlton; J. E. Hibbard; P. Tzanavaris; R. Chandar; K. E. Johnson; A. Maybhate; A. E. Zabludoff; C. Gronwall; D. Szathmary; A. E. Hornschemeier; J. English; B. Whitmore; C Mendes de Oliveira; J S Mulchaey;
20 Jul 2010
- - -

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