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04 December 2021
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K Giants in Baade's Window. II. The Abundance Distribution
Elaine M. Sadler; R. Michael Rich; D. M. Terndrup;
10 Apr 1996
- - -
K Giants in Baade's Window. I. Velocity and Line-strength Measurements
D. M. Terndrup; E. M. Sadler; R. M. Rich;
23 Aug 1995
- - -
Implications of New JHK Photometry and a Deep Infrared Luminosity Function for the Galactic Bulge
Glenn P. Tiede; Jay A. Frogel; D. M. Terndrup;
30 Aug 1995
- - -
Ages, Distances, and the Initial Mass Functions of Stellar Clusters
J. R. Stauffer; R. D. Jeffries; E. L. Martin; D. M. Terndrup;
13 Dec 1999
- - -
The Distances to Open Clusters from Main-Sequence Fitting. I. New Models and a Comparison to the Properties of the Hyades Eclipsing Binary vB 22
M. H. Pinsonneault; D. M. Terndrup; R. B. Hanson; J. R. Stauffer;
31 Jul 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 600 (2004) 946-959
- - -
New rotation periods in the Pleiades: Interpreting activity indicators
Anita Krishnamurthi; D. M. Terndrup; M. H. Pinsonneault; K. Sellgren; John R. Stauffer; R. Schild; D. E. Backman; K. B. Beisser; D. B. Dahari; A. Dasgupta; J. T. Hagelgans M. A. Seeds; Rajan Anand; Bentley D. Laaksonen; Laurence A. Marschall; T. Ramseyer;
24 Nov 1997
- - -
Keck Spectra of Brown Dwarf Candidates and a Precise Determination of the Lithium Depletion Boundary in the Alpha Persei Open Cluster
J.R. Stauffer; D. Barrado y Navascués; J. Bouvier; H.L. Morrison; P. Harding; K.L. Luhman; T. Stanke; M. McCaughrean; D.M. Terndrup; L. Allen; P. Assouad;
13 Sep 1999
- - -
Rotation and activity in the solar-metallicity open cluster NGC2516
Donald M. Terndrup; Marc Pinsonneault; Robin D. Jeffries; Alison Ford; John R. Stauffer; Alison Sills;
17 May 2002
- - -
Resolving the pulsations of subdwarf B stars: HS 0039+4302, HS 0444+0458, and an examination of the group properties of resolved pulsators
M.D. Reed; D.M. Terndrup; A.-Y. Zhou; C.T. Unterborn; D. An; J.R. Eggen;
18 Apr 2007
- - -
Follow-up observations of pulsating subdwarf B stars: Multisite campaigns on PG 1618+563B and PG 0048+091
M.D. Reed; S.J. O'Toole; D.M. Terndrup; J.R. Eggen; A.-Y. Zhou; D. An; C.-W. Chen; W.P. Chen; H.-C. Lin; C. Akan; O. Cakirli; H. Worters; D. Kilkenny; M. Siwak; S. Zola; Seung-Lee Kim; G.A. Gelven; S.L. Harms; G.W. Wolf;
12 Apr 2007
- - -
GRB 060218/SN 2006aj: A Gamma-Ray Burst and Prompt Supernova at z=0.0335
N. Mirabal; J. P. Halpern; D. An; J. R. Thorstensen; D. M. Terndrup;
24 Mar 2006
- - -
Resolving the pulsations of the subdwarf B star KPD 2109+4401
A.-Y. Zhou; M.D. Reed; S. Harms; D.M. Terndrup; D. An; S. Zola; K. D. Gazeas; P. G. Niarchos; W. Ogloza; A. Baran; G. W. Wolf;
30 Nov 2005   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 367 (2006) 179-185
- - -
Determination of stellar shape in microlensing event MOA 2002-BLG-33
N. J. Rattenbury; F. Abe; D. P. Bennett; I. A. Bond; J. J. Calitz; A. Claret; K. H. Cook; Y. Furuta; A. Gal-Yam; J-F. Glicenstein; J.B. Hearnshaw; P. H. Hauschildt; P. M. Kilmartin; Y. Kurata; K. Masuda; D. Maoz; Y. Matsubara; P. J. Meintjes; M. Moniez; Y. Muraki; S. Noda; E. O. Ofek; K. Okajima; L. Philpott; S. H. Rhie; T. Sako; D. J. Sullivan; T. Sumi; D. M. Terndrup; P. J. Tristram; J. Wood; T. Yanagisawa; P. C. M. Yock;
1 Jun 2005
- - -
Probing the atmosphere of a solar-like star by galactic microlensing at high magnification
F. Abe; D.P. Bennett; I.A. Bond; J.J. Calitz; A. Claret; K.H. Cook; Y. Furuta; A. Gal-Yam; J-F. Glicenstein; J.B. Hearnshaw; P.H. Hauschildt; D. Kent; P.M. Kilmartin; Y. Kurata; K. Masuda; D. Maoz; Y. Matsubara; P.J. Meintjes; M. Moniez; Y. Muraki; S. Noda; E.O. Ofek; K. Okajima; L. Philpott; N.J. Rattenbury; S.H. Rhie; T. Sako; D.J. Sullivan; T. Sumi; D.M. Terndrup; P.J. Tristram; T. Yanagisawa; P.C.M. Yock;
15 Oct 2003   /  Astron.Astrophys. 411 (2003) L493-L496
- - -
Resolving the pulsations of subdwarf B stars: PG 0154+182, HS 1824+5745, and HS 2151+0857
M. D. Reed; J. R. Eggen; A.-Y. Zhou; D. M. Terndrup; S. L. Harms; D. An; M. A. Hashier;
29 Mar 2006
- - -
GRB 000418: A Hidden Jet Revealed?
E. Berger; A. Diercks; D. A. Frail; S. R. Kulkarni; J. S. Bloom; R. Sari; J. Halpern; N. Mirabal; G. B. Taylor; K. Hurley; G. Pooley; K. M. Becker; R. M. Wagner; D. M. Terndrup; T. Statler; E. Mazets; T. Cline;
15 Feb 2001
- - -
Observational consequences of the hypothesized helium rich stellar population in Omega Centauri
G. Newsham; D. M. Terndrup;
20 Apr 2007
- - -
GRB 021004: A Possible Shell Nebula around a Wolf-Rayet Star Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitor
N. Mirabal; J. P. Halpern; R. Chornock; A. V. Filippenko; D. M. Terndrup;
6 Dec 2003
- - -
Multi-Band Images of the Barred Galaxy NGC 1097
A. C. Quillen; Jay. A. Frogel; L. E. Kuchinski; D. M. Terndrup Accepted for publication in AJ.;
16 Mar 1995
- - -
Mergers of close primordial binaries
N. Andronov; M. H. Pinsonneault; D. M. Terndrup;
13 Sep 2005
- - -

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