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27 June 2022
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Results 1 to 15 of 15 for query "Dalla-Favera, Riccardo". (0.00 sec.)

Transcriptional Repression of Stat6-Dependent Interleukin-4-Induced Genes by BCL-6: Specific Regulation of Iɛ Transcription and Immunoglobulin E Switching
Harris, Miera B.; Chang, Chih-Chao; Berton, Michael T.; Danial, Nika N.; Zhang, Jandong; Kuehner, Denise; Ye, Bihui H.; Kvatyuk, Marina; Pandolfi, Pier Paolo; Cattoretti, Giorgio; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo; Rothman, Paul B.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Antigen receptor signaling induces MAP kinase-mediated phosphorylation and degradation of the BCL-6 transcription factor
Niu, Huifeng; Ye, Bihui H.; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo;
- - -
PvuII RFLP in the cytovillin gene (VIL2) on human chromosome 6q
Hauptschein, Robert; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo; Gaidano, Gianluca;
- - -
Taql RFLP in the interferon gamma receptor 1 gene (IFNGR1) on human chromosome 6q
Hauptschein, Robert; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo; Gaidano, Gianluca;
- - -
BCL-6 mutations in normal germinal center B cells: Evidence of somatic hypermutation acting outside Ig loci
Pasqualucci, Laura; Migliazza, Anna; Fracchiolla, Nicola; William, Christopher; Neri, Antonino; Baldini, Luca; Chaganti, R. S. K.; Klein, Ulf; Küppers, Ralf; Rajewsky, Klaus; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo;
- - -
c-Myc transactivation of LDH-A: Implications for tumor metabolism and growth
Shim, Hyunsuk; Dolde, Christine; Lewis, Brian C.; Wu, Chyi-Sun; Dang, Gerard; Jungmann, Richard A.; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo; Dang, Chi V.;
- - -
BCL8, a novel gene involved in translocations affecting band 15q11–13 in diffuse large-cell lymphoma
Dyomin, Vadim G.; Rao, Pulivarthi H.; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo; Chaganti, R. S. K.;
- - -
Werner syndrome protein limits MYC-induced cellular senescence
Grandori, Carla; Wu, Kou-Juey; Fernandez, Paula; Ngouenet, Celine; Grim, Jonathan; Clurman, Bruce E.; Moser, Michael J.; Oshima, Junko; Russell, David W.; Swisshelm, Karen; Frank, Scott; Amati, Bruno; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo; Monnat, Raymond J.;
- - -
Identification of Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cell-specific genes by gene expression profiling
Küppers, Ralf; Klein, Ulf; Schwering, Ines; Distler, Verena; Bräuninger, Andreas; Cattoretti, Giorgio; Tu, Yuhai; Stolovitzky, Gustavo A.; Califano, Andrea; Hansmann, Martin-Leo; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo;
- - -
Transcriptional analysis of the B cell germinal center reaction
Klein, Ulf; Tu, Yuhai; Stolovitzky, Gustavo A.; Keller, Jeffrey L.; Haddad, Joseph; Miljkovic, Vladan; Cattoretti, Giorgio; Califano, Andrea; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo;
- - -
CTCF functions as a critical regulator of cell-cycle arrest and death after ligation of the B cell receptor on immature B cells
Qi, Chen-Feng; Martensson, Annica; Mattioli, Michela; Dalla-Favera, Riccardo; Lobanenkov, Victor V.; Morse, Herbert C.;
- - -
Fractal-like Distributions over the Rational Numbers in High-throughput Biological and Clinical Data
Vladimir Trifonov; Laura Pasqualucci; Riccardo Dalla-Favera; Raul Rabadan;
20 Oct 2010
- - -
The BCL6 proto-oncogene suppresses p53 expression in germinal-centre B cells
Ryan T Phan; Riccardo Dalla-Favera;
2 Dec 2004   /  Nature, 432 (7017), 635-9
- - -
Non-transcriptional control of DNA replication by c-Myc
David Dominguez-Sola; Carol Y Ying; Carla Grandori; Luca Ruggiero; Brenden Chen; Muyang Li; Denise A Galloway; Wei Gu; Jean Gautier; Riccardo Dalla-Favera;
26 Jul 2007   /  Nature, 448 (7152), 445-51
- - -
ARACNE: An Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Networks in a Mammalian Cellular Context
Adam A. Margolin; Ilya Nemenman; Katia Basso; Ulf Klein; Chris Wiggins; Gustavo Stolovitzky; Riccardo Dalla Favera; Andrea Califano;
28 Oct 2004
- - -
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