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24 September 2021
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Surfaces de del Pezzo sans point rationnel sur un corps de dimension cohomologique un
Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene; David A. Madore;
13 Mar 2003
- - -
t-analogues des operateurs d'ecrantage associes aux q-caracteres (t-analogs of screening operators related to q-characters)
David Hernandez;
20 Dec 2001   /  Int. Math. Res. Not. 2003, no. 8, 451--475
- - -
Quotients et extensions de groupes de reflexions complexes
David Bessis; Cedric Bonnafe; Raphael Rouquier;
17 Feb 2001
- - -
Measurement of the Crab Flux Above 60 GeV with the CELESTE Cherenkov Telescope
M. De Naurois; J. Holder; R. Bazer-Bachi; H. Bergeret; P. Bruel; A. Cordier; G. Debiais; J-P. Dezalay; D. Dumora; E. Durand; P. Eschstruth; P. Espigat; B. Fabre; P. Fleury; N. Herault; M. Hrabovsky; S. Incerti; R. Le Gallou; F. Munz; A. Musquere; J-F. Olive; E. Pare; J. Quebert; R.C. Rannot; T. Reposeur; L. Rob; P. Roy; T. Sako; P. Schovanek; D.A. Smith; P. Snabre; A. Volte;
17 Jul 2001   /  Astrophys.J. 566 (2002) 343-357
- - -
Evidence for a Rotational Component in the Circumgalactic Medium of Nearby Galaxies
David M. French; Bart P. Wakker;
16 Jun 2020
- - -
A genome-wide association study identifies novel risk loci for type 2 diabetes
Robert Sladek; Ghislain Rocheleau; Johan Rung; Christian Dina; Lishuang Shen; David Serre; Philippe Boutin; Daniel Vincent; Alexandre Belisle; Samy Hadjadj; Beverley Balkau; Barbara Heude; Guillaume Charpentier; Thomas J Hudson; Alexandre Montpetit; Alexey V Pshezhetsky; Marc Prentki; Barry I Posner; David J Balding; David Meyre; Constantin Polychronakos; Philippe Froguel;
22 Feb 2007   /  Nature, 445 (7130), 881-5
- - -
The Multi-Object, Fiber-Fed Spectrographs for SDSS and the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey
Stephen Smee; James E. Gunn; Alan Uomoto; Natalie Roe; David Schlegel; Constance M. Rockosi; Michael A. Carr; French Leger; Kyle S. Dawson; Matthew D. Olmstead; Jon Brinkmann; Russell Owen; Robert H. Barkhouser; Klaus Honscheid; Paul Harding; Dan Long; Robert H. Lupton; Craig Loomis; Lauren Anderson; James Annis; Mariangela Bernardi; Vaishali Bhardwaj; Dmitry Bizyaev; Adam S. Bolton; Howard Brewington; John W. Briggs; Scott Burles; James G. Burns; Francisco Castander; Andrew Connolly; James R. Davenport; Garrett Ebelke; Harland Epps; Paul D. Feldman; Scott Friedman; Joshua Frieman; Timothy Heckman; Charles L. Hull; Gillian R. Knapp; David M. Lawrence; Jon Loveday; Edward J. Mannery; Elena Malanushenko; Viktor Malanushenko; Aronne Merrelli; Demitri Muna; Peter Newman; Robert C. Nichol; Daniel Oravetz; Kaike Pan; Adrian C. Pope; Paul G. Ricketts; Alaina Shelden; Dale Sandford; Walter Siegmund; Audrey Simmons; D. Smith; Stephanie Snedden; Donald P. Schneider; Michael Strauss; Mark SubbaRao; Christy Tremonti; Patrick Waddell; Donald G. York;
10 Aug 2012
- - -
Understanding the circumgalactic medium is critical for understanding galaxy evolution
Molly S. Peeples; Peter Behroozi; Rongmon Bordoloi; Alyson Brooks; James S. Bullock; Joseph N. Burchett; Hsiao-Wen Chen; John Chisholm; Charlotte Christensen; Alison Coil; Lauren Corlies; Aleksandar Diamond-Stanic; Megan Donahue; Claude-André Faucher-Giguère; Henry Ferguson; Drummond Fielding; Andrew J. Fox; David M. French; Steven R. Furlanetto; Mario Gennaro; Karoline M. Gilbert; Erika Hamden; Nimish Hathi; Matthew Hayes; Alaina Henry; J. Christopher Howk; Cameron Hummels; Dušan Kereš; Evan Kirby; Anton M. Koekemoer; Ting-Wen Lan; Lauranne Lanz; David R. Law; Nicolas Lehner; Jennifer M. Lotz; Crystal L. Martin; Kristen McQuinn; Matthew McQuinn; Ferah Munshi; S. Peng Oh; John M. O'Meara; Brian W. O'Shea; Camilla Pacifici; J. E. G. Peek; Marc Postman; Moire Prescott; Mary Putman; Eliot Quataert; Marc Rafelski; Joseph Ribaudo; Kate Rowlands; Kate Rubin; Brett Salmon; Claudia Scarlata; Alice E. Shapley; Raymond Simons; Gregory F. Snyder; Jonathan Stern; Allison L. Strom; Erik Tollerud; Paul Torrey; Grant Tremblay; Todd M. Tripp; Jason Tumlinson; Sarah Tuttle; Frank C. van den Bosch; G. Mark Voit; Q. Daniel Wang; Jessica K. Werk; Benjamin F. Williams; Dennis Zaritsky; Yong Zheng;
13 Mar 2019
- - -
Introduction of interactive learning into French university physics classrooms
Alexander L. Rudolph; Brahim Lamine; Michael Joyce; Hélène Vignolles; David Consiglio;
14 Nov 2013
- - -
Research Chief Quits French Cabinet
David Dickson;
8 Apr 1983   /  Science, 220 (4593), 177
- - -
French Bishops Defend Nuclear Deterrence
David Dickson;
2 Dec 1983   /  Science, 222 (4627), 996
- - -
Oil Prospectors Make a Strike in Paris: A scandal over a bizarre oil-prospecting technology, for which the state-owned oil company paid $100 million, has enlivened French politics
David Dickson;
20 Jan 1984   /  Science, 223 (4633), 261-262
- - -
French Take Steps for European Space Station
David Dickson;
29 Jun 1984   /  Science, 224 (4656), 1413
- - -
European Synchrotron Choice Draws Protests: Selection of Grenoble by the French government is viewed as a political decision; some nations complain they have been excluded
David Dickson;
14 Dec 1984   /  Science, 226 (4680), 1294-1295
- - -
French Education: Back to Basics
David Dickson;
15 Mar 1985   /  Science, 227 (4692), 1322
- - -
Soviet High-Tech Spying Detailed in France: Soviet documents published in the French press describe an elaborate system for gathering and distributing technical information from the West
David Dickson;
19 Apr 1985   /  Science, 228 (4697), 306
- - -
New French Law Boosts Industrial R&D
David Dickson;
31 May 1985   /  Science, 228 (4703), 1071
- - -
Bomb Scandal Highlights French Testing: The sinking of an environmentalist group's vessel has hardened attitudes both for and against France's weapons testing
David Dickson;
6 Sep 1985   /  Science, 229 (4717), 948-949
- - -
French Science Policy Breaking 300-Year Mold: Moves to loosen central control over technology are likely to be accelerated if the conservatives win the coming election
David Dickson;
7 Mar 1986   /  Science, 231 (4742), 1060-1062
- - -
New French Government Scraps Research Ministry
David Dickson;
4 Apr 1986   /  Science, 232 (4746), 19
- - -

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