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04 December 2021
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Results 1 to 3 of 3 for query "Dionne James". (0.02 sec.)

The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Final Redshift Release (DR3) and Southern Large-Scale Structures
D. Heath Jones; Mike A. Read; Will Saunders; Matthew Colless; Tom Jarrett; Quentin Parker; Anthony Fairall; Thomas Mauch; Elaine Sadler; Fred Watson; Donna Burton; Lachlan Campbell; Paul Cass; Scott Croom; John Dawe; Kristin Fiegert; Leela Frankcombe; Malcolm Hartley; John Huchra; Dionne James; Emma Kirby; Ofer Lahav; John Lucey; Gary Mamon; Lesa Moore; Bruce Peterson; Sayuri Prior; Dominique Proust; Ken Russell; Vicky Safouris; Ken-ichi Wakamatsu; Eduard Westra; Mary Williams;
31 Mar 2009
- - -
Kinematics of the Galactic Halo from Horizontal Branch stars in the Hamburg/ESO Survey
Christopher Thom; Chris Flynn; Michael S. Bessell; Jyrki Hanninen; Timothy C. Beers; Norbert Christlieb; Dionne James; Johan Holmberg; Brad K. Gibson;
4 Apr 2005   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 360 (2005) 354-359
- - -
The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Samples, Observational Techniques and the First Data Release
D. Heath Jones; Will Saunders; Matthew Colless; Mike A. Read; Quentin A. Parker; Fred G. Watson; Lachlan A. Campbell; Daniel Burkey; Thomas Mauch; Malcolm Hartley; Paul Cass; Dionne James; Ken Russell; Kristin Fiegert; John Dawe; John Huchra; Tom Jarrett; Ofer Lahav; John Lucey; Gary A. Mamon; Dominique Proust; Elaine M. Sadler; Ken-ichi Wakamatsu;
21 Mar 2004
- - -
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