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21 September 2020
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Local Equation of State and Velocity Distributions of a Driven Granular Gas
Olaf Herbst; Peter Müller; Matthias Otto; Annette Zippelius;
4 Feb 2004   /  Phys. Rev. E 70, 051313-1--14 (2004) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.70.051313
- - -
Two-dimensional Distributions and Column Densities of Gaseous Molecules in Protoplanetary Disks II
Y. Aikawa; E. Herbst;
3 Feb 2002   /  Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2001, Vol. 371, page 1107-1117
- - -
Molecular Evolution in Collapsing Prestellar Cores
Y. Aikawa; N. Ohashi; S. Inutsuka; E. Herbst; S. Takakuwa;
3 Feb 2002   /  The Astrophysical Journal, 2001, Vol. 552, page 639-653
- - -
Search for a Dark Photon in Electro-Produced $e^{+}e^{-}$ Pairs with the Heavy Photon Search Experiment at JLab
P. H. Adrian; N. A. Baltzell; M. Battaglieri; M. Bondí; S. Boyarinov; S. Bueltmann; V. D. Burkert; D. Calvo; M. Carpinelli; A. Celentano; G. Charles; L. Colaneri; W. Cooper; C. Cuevas; A. D'Angelo; N. Dashyan; M. De Napoli; R. De Vita; A. Deur; R. Dupre; H. Egiyan; L. Elouadrhiri; R. Essig; V. Fadeyev; C. Field; A. Filippi; A. Freyberger; M. Garçon; N. Gevorgyan; F. X. Girod; N. Graf; M. Graham; K. A. Griffioen; A. Grillo; M. Guidal; R. Herbst; M. Holtrop; J. Jaros; G. Kalicy; M. Khandaker; V. Kubarovsky; E. Leonora; K. Livingston; T. Maruyama; K. McCarty; J. McCormick; B. McKinnon; K. Moffeit; O. Moreno; C. Munoz Camacho; T. Nelson; S. Niccolai; A. Odian; M. Oriunno; M. Osipenko; R. Paremuzyan; S. Paul; N. Randazzo; B. Raydo; B. Reese; A. Rizzo; P. Schuster; Y. G. Sharabian; G. Simi; A. Simonyan; V. Sipala; D. Sokhan; M. Solt; S. Stepanyan; H. Szumila-Vance; N. Toro; S. Uemura; M. Ungaro; H. Voskanyan; L. B. Weinstein; B. Wojtsekhowski; B. Yale;
5 Dec 2018
- - -
Rotational Evolution of Solar-Like Stars in Clusters from Pre-Main Sequence to Main Sequence: Empirical Results
W. Herbst; R. Mundt;
30 Jul 2005
- - -
Rotational Evolution of Solar-Like Stars in Clusters from Pre-Main Sequence to Main Sequence: Empirical Results
W. Herbst; R. Mundt;
30 Jul 2005
- - -
Herschel observations of Extra-Ordinary Sources: Methanol as a probe of physical conditions in Orion KL
S. Wang; E. A. Bergin; N. R. Crockett; P. F. Goldsmith; D. C. Lis; J. C. Pearson; P. Schilke; T. A. Bell; C. Comito; G.A. Blake; E. Caux; C. Ceccarelli; J. Cernicharo; F. Daniel; M.-L. Dubernet; M. Emprechtinger; P. Encrenaz; M. Gerin; T. F. Giesen; J. R. Goicoechea; H. Gupta; E. Herbst; C. Joblin; D. Johnstone; W. D. Langer; W. B. Latter; S. D. Lord; S. Maret; P. G. Martin; G. J. Melnick; K. M. Menten; P. Morris; H. S. P. Muller; J. A. Murphy; D. A. Neufeld; V. Ossenkopf; M. Perault; T. G. Phillips; R. Plume; S.-L. Qin; S. Schlemmer; J. Stutzki; N. Trappe; F. F. S. van der Tak; C. Vastel; H. W. Yorke; S. Yu; J. Zmuidzinas;
4 Jan 2011
- - -
Herschel observations of deuterated water towards Sgr B2(M)
Claudia Comito; Peter Schilke; Rainer Rolffs; D.C. Lis; A. Belloche; E.A. Bergin; T.G. Phillips; T.A. Bell; N.R. Crockett; S. Wang; G.A. Blake; E.Caux; C. Ceccarelli; J. Cernicharo; F. Daniel; M.-L. Dubernet; M. Emprechtinger; P. Encrenaz; M. Gerin; T.F. Giesen; J.R. Goicoechea; P.F. Goldsmith; H. Gupta; E. Herbst; C. Joblin; D. Johnstone; W.D. Langer; W.D. Latter; S.D. Lord; S. Maret; P.G. Martin; G.J. Melnick; K.M. Menten; P. Morris; H.S.P. Mueller; J.A. Murphy; D.A. Neufeld; V. Ossenkopf; J.C. Pearson; M. Perault; R. Plume; S.-L. Qin; S. Schlemmer; J. Stutzki; N. Trappe; F.F.S. van der Tak; C. Vastel; H.W. Yorke; S. Yu; M. Olberg; R. Szczerba; B. Larsson; R. Liseau; R.H. Lin; L.A. Samoska; E. Schlecht;
29 Jul 2010
- - -
Herschel/HIFI observations of spectrally resolved methylidyne signatures toward the high-mass star forming core NGC6334I
M.H.D. van der Wiel; F.F.S. van der Tak; D.C. Lis; E.A. Bergin; C. Comito; M. Emprechtinger; P. Schilke; E. Caux; C. Ceccarelli; A. Baudry; P.F. Goldsmith; E. Herbst; W. Langer; S. Lord; D. Neufeld; J. Pearson; T. Philips; R. Rolffs; H. Yorke; A. Bacmann; M. Benedettini; G.A. Blake; A. Boogert; S. Bottinelli; S. Cabrit; P. Caselli; A. Castets; J. Cernicharo; C. Codella; A. Coutens; N. Crimier; K. Demyk; C. Dominik; P. Encrenaz; E. Falgarone; A. Fuente; M. Gerin; F. Helmich; P. Hennebelle; T. Henning; P. Hily-Blant; T. Jacq; C. Kahane; M. Kama; A. Klotz; B. Lefloch; A. Lorenzani; S. Maret; G. Melnick; B. Nisini; S. Pacheco; L. Pagani; B. Parise; M. Salez; P. Saraceno; K. Schuster; A.G.G.M. Tielens; C. Vastel; S. Viti; V. Wakelam; A. Walters; F. Wyrowski; K. Edwards; J. Zmuidzinas; P. Morris; L.A. Samoska; D. Teyssier;
9 Jul 2010
- - -
Herschel/HIFI observations of interstellar OH+ and H2O+ towards W49N: a probe of diffuse clouds with a small molecular fraction
D. A. Neufeld; J. R. Goicoechea; P. Sonnentrucker; J. H. Black; J. Pearson; S. Yu; T. G. Phillips; D. C. Lis; M. De Luca; E. Herbst; P. Rimmer; M. Gerin; T. A. Bell; F. Boulanger; J. Cernicharo; A. Coutens; E. Dartois; M. Kazmierczak; P. Encrenaz; E. Falgarone; T. R. Geballe; T. Giesen; B. Godard; P. F. Goldsmith; C. Gry; H. Gupta; P. Hennebelle; P. Hily-Blant; C. Joblin; R. Kolos; J. Krelowski; J. Martin-Pintado; K. M. Menten; R. Monje; B. Mookerjea; M. Perault; C. Persson; R. Plume; M. Salez; S. Schlemmer; M. Schmidt; J. Stutzki; D. Teyssier; C. Vastel; A. Cros; K. Klein; A. Lorenzani; S. Philipp; L. A. Samoska; R. Shipman; A. G. G. M. Tielens; R. Szczerba; J. Zmuidzinas;
6 Jul 2010
- - -
Periodic accretion from a circumbinary disk in the young binary UZ Tau E
Eric L. N. Jensen; Saurav Dhital; Keivan G. Stassun; Jenny Patience; William Herbst; Frederick M. Walter; Michal Simon; Gibor Basri;
3 Apr 2007
- - -
Discovery of interstellar mercapto radicals (SH) with the GREAT instrument on SOFIA
D. A. Neufeld; E. Falgarone; M. Gerin; B. Godard; E. Herbst; G. Pineau des Forêts; A. I. Vasyunin; R. Güsten; H. Wiesemeyer; O. Ricken;
14 Feb 2012
- - -
Extreme Deuteration and Hot Corinos: the Earliest Chemical Signatures of Low-Mass Star Formation
C.Ceccarelli; P.Caselli; E.Herbst; X.Tielens; E.Caux;
1 Mar 2006
- - -
Chemical and physical characterization of collapsing low-mass prestellar dense cores
U. Hincelin; B. Commercon; V. Wakelam; F. Hersant; S. Guilloteau; E. Herbst;
8 Mar 2016
- - -
Time-dependent models of dense PDRs with complex molecules
O. Morata; E. Herbst;
22 Sep 2008
- - -
Local heat flux and energy loss in a two-dimensional vibrated granular gas
Olaf Herbst; Peter Müller; Annette Zippelius;
30 Sep 2005   /  Phys Rev E, 72 (4 Pt 1), 041303
- - -
First astronomical detection of the CF+ ion
D. A. Neufeld; P. Schilke; K. M. Menten; M. G. Wolfire; J. H. Black; F. Schuller; H. Muller; S. Thorwirth; R. Gusten; S. Philipp;
21 Sep 2005
- - -
First VLTI/MIDI observations of a Be star: Alpha Ara
Olivier Chesneau; A. Meilland; T. Rivinius; P. Stee; S. Jankov; A. Domiciano De Souza; U. Graser; T. Herbst; E. Janot-Pacheco; R. Koehler; C. Leinert; S. Morel; F. Paresce; A. Richichi; S. Robbe-Dubois;
10 Dec 2004
- - -
A Multi-Year Photometric Study of IC 348
R. E. Cohen; W. Herbst; E. C. Williams;
2 Dec 2003
- - -
Proxima Centauri b: A Strong Case for including Cosmic-Ray-induced Chemistry in Atmospheric Biosignature Studies
M. Scheucher; K. Herbst; V. Schmidt; J.L. Grenfell; F. Schreier; S. Banjac; B. Heber; H. Rauer; M. Sinnhuber;
4 Mar 2020
- - -

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