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02 July 2022
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On the hot-electron regime in one-dimensional nano-transistors
J. Chaste; E. Pallecchi; P. Morfin; G. Feve; T. Kontos; J.-M. Berroir; P. Hakonen; B. Placais;
3 Feb 2010
- - -
Magnetoresistivity in MgB2 as a probe of disorder in p- and s-bands
I. Pallecchi; V.Ferrando; E.Galleani D'Agliano; D. Marre'; M.Monni; M. Putti; C.Tarantini; F.Gatti; H. U. Aebersold; E. Lehmann; X. X. Xi; E. G. Haanappel; C.Ferdeghini;
22 Aug 2005
- - -
Enhanced flux pinning in neutron irradiated MgB2
I.Pallecchi; C.Tarantini; H.U.Aebersold; V.Braccini; C.Fanciulli; C.Ferdeghini; F.Gatti; E.Lehmann; P.Manfrinetti; D.Marre'; A.Palenzona; A.S.Siri; M.Vignolo; M. Putti;
29 Jun 2005   /  Phys. Rev. B (2005)
- - -
Multi-gap superconductivity in a BaFe1.84Co0.16As2 film from optical measurements at terahertz frequencies
A. Perucchi; L. Baldassarre; C. Marini; S. Lupi; J. Jiang; J.D. Weiss; E.E. Hellstrom; S. Lee; C.W. Bark; C.B. Eom; M. Putti; I. Pallecchi; P. Dore;
2 Mar 2010
- - -
Epitaxial Graphene Nanoribbons on Bunched Steps of a 6H-SiC(0001) Substrate: Aromatic Ring Pattern and Van Hove Singularities
M. Ridene; T. Wassmann; E. Pallecchi; G. Rodary; J. C. Girard; A. Ouerghi1;
18 Dec 2012
- - -
Supercollision cooling in undoped graphene
A. C. Betz; S. H. Jhang; E. Pallecchi; R. Feirrera; G. Fève; J.-M. Berroir; B. Plaçais;
25 Oct 2012
- - -
Effect of Oxygen Adsorption on the Local Properties of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC (0001)
C. Mathieu; B. Lalmi; T. O. Mentes; E. Pallecchi; A. Locatelli; S. Latil; R. Belkhou; A. Ouerghi;
12 Jun 2012
- - -
Observation of the quantum Hall effect in epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001) with oxygen adsorption
E. Pallecchi; M. Ridene; D. Kazazis; C. Mathieu; F. Schopfer; W. Poirier; D. Mailly; A. Ouerghi;
15 Mar 2012
- - -
Graphene microwave transistors on sapphire substrates
E. Pallecchi; C. Benz; A.C. Betz; H.v. Löhneysen; B. Plaçais; R. Danneau;
27 Jun 2011
- - -
Probing diffusion in a graphene quantum capacitor at high frequency
E. Pallecchi; A.C. Betz; J. Chaste; G. Fève; B. Huard; T. Kontos; J.-M. Berroir; B. Plaçais;
19 May 2010
- - -
Characterisation of Ferromagnetic Contacts to Carbon Nanotubes
D. Preusche; S. Schmidmeier; E. Pallecchi; Ch. Dietrich; A. K. Huettel; J. Zweck; Ch. Strunk;
6 Apr 2009
- - -
New Fe-based superconductors: properties relevant for applications
M Putti; I Pallecchi; E Bellingeri; M Tropeano; C Ferdeghini; A Palenzona C Tarantini; A Yamamoto; J Jiang; J Jaroszynski; F Kametani; D Abraimov; A Polyanskii; J D Weiss; E E Hellstrom; A Gurevich; D C Larbalestier; R Jin; B C Sales; A S Sefat; M A McGuire; D Mandrus; P Cheng; Y Jia; H H Wen; S Lee; C B Eom;
7 Oct 2009
- - -
Electrodynamics of BaFe2As2 from infrared measurements under pressure
L. Baldassarre; A. Perucchi; P. Postorino; S. Lupi; C. Marini; L. Malavasi; J. Jiang; J.D. Weiss; E.E. Hellstrom; I. Pallecchi; P. Dore;
6 Jun 2013
- - -
Probing the electron-phonon coupling in MgB2 through magnetoresistance measurements in neutron irradiated thin films
M. Monni; I. Pallecchi; C. Ferdeghini; V. Ferrando; A. Floris; E. Galleani d'Agliano; E. Lehmann; I. Sheikin; C. Tarantini; X.X. Xi; S. Massidda; M. Putti;
25 Jun 2007
- - -
Systematic study of disorder induced by neutron irradiation in MgB2 thin films
V.Ferrando; I.Pallecchi; C.Tarantini; D.Marre; M.Putti; F.Gatti; H.U.Aebersold; E.Lehmann; E.Haanappel; I.Sheikin; X.X.Xi; P.Orgiani; C.Ferdeghini;
31 Aug 2006
- - -
Significant enhancement of upper critical fields by doping and strain in Fe-based superconductors
C. Tarantini; A. Gurevich; J. Jaroszynski; F. Balakirev; E. Bellingeri; I. Pallecchi; C. Ferdeghini; B. Shen; H.H. Wen; D. C. Larbalestier;
25 Aug 2011
- - -
Anisotropic critical currents in FeSe0.5Te0.5 films and the influence of neutron irradiation
M. Eisterer; R. Raunicher; H. W. Weber; E. Bellingeri; M. R. Cimberle; I. Pallecchi; M. Putti; C. Ferdeghini;
23 Mar 2011
- - -
Seebeck effect in the conducting LaAlO_{3}/SrTiO_{3} interface
I. Pallecchi; M. Codda; E.Galleani d'Agliano; D.Marre'; A. D. Caviglia; N. Reyren; S. Gariglio; J.-M. Triscone;
9 Feb 2010
- - -
Tc=21K in epitaxial FeSe0.5Te0.5 thin films with biaxial compressive strain
E. Bellingeri; I. Pallecchi; R. Buzio; A. Gerbi; D. Marre'; M.R. Cimberle; M. Tropeano; M. Putti; A. Palenzona; C.Ferdeghini;
4 Dec 2009
- - -
Seebeck effect in Fe1+xTe1-ySey single crystals
I.Pallecchi; G.Lamura; M.Tropeano; M.Putti; R.Viennois; E.Giannini; D.Van der Marel;
1 Oct 2009
- - -

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