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12 August 2022
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The local black-hole mass function from 2dFGRS radio galaxies
Elaine M. Sadler;
29 Apr 2003
- - -
Radio sources in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: AGN, starburst galaxies and their cosmic evolution
Elaine M. Sadler; Carole A. Jackson; Russell D. Cannon;
13 Nov 2002
- - -
Radio Sources in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey. I. Radio Source Populations
Elaine M. Sadler; V.J. McIntyre; C.A. Jackson; R.D. Cannon;
10 Sep 1999
- - -
MRC B1221-423: a compact steep-spectrum radio source in a merging galaxy
Helen M. Johnston; Richard W. Hunstead; Garret Cotter; Elaine M. Sadler;
7 Oct 2004   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 356 (2005) 515-523
- - -
Radio sources in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey - II. Local radio luminosity functions for AGN and star-forming galaxies at 1.4 GHz
Elaine M. Sadler; Carole A. Jackson; Russell D. Cannon; Vincent J. McIntyre; Tara Murphy; J. Bland-Hawthorn; T. Bridges; S. Cole; M. Colless; C. Collins; W. Couch; G. Dalton; R. De Propris; S.P. Driver; G. Efstathiou; R.S. Ellis; C.S. Frenk; K. Glazebrook; O. Lahav; I. Lewis; S. Lumsden; S. Maddox; D. Madgwick; P. Norberg; J.A. Peacock; B.A. Peterson; W. Sutherland; K. Taylor;
10 Jun 2001   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 329 (2002) 227
- - -
HI in elliptical galaxies
Elaine M. Sadler; Tom Oosterloo; Raffaella Morganti;
10 May 2002
- - -
K Giants in Baade's Window. II. The Abundance Distribution
Elaine M. Sadler; R. Michael Rich; D. M. Terndrup;
10 Apr 1996
- - -
The extragalactic radio-source population at 95 GHz
Elaine M. Sadler; Roberto Ricci; Ronald D. Ekers; Robert J. Sault; Carole A. Jackson; Gianfranco De Zotti;
22 Sep 2007
- - -
The Australia Telescope 20 GHz (AT20G) Survey: The Bright Source Sample
Marcella Massardi; Ronald D. Ekers; Tara Murphy; Roberto Ricci; Elaine M. Sadler; Sarah Burke; Gianfranco De Zotti; Philip G. Edwards; Paul J. Hancock; Carole A. Jackson; Michael J. Kesteven; Elizabeth Mahony; Christopher J. Phillips; Lister Staveley--Smith; Ravi Subrahmanyan; Mark A. Walker; Warwick E. Wilson;
21 Sep 2007
- - -
CRATES: An All-Sky Survey of Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources
Stephen E. Healey; Roger W. Romani; Gregory B. Taylor; Elaine M. Sadler; Roberto Ricci; Tara Murphy; James S. Ulvestad; Joshua N. Winn;
13 Feb 2007
- - -
Radio sources in the 6dFGS: Local luminosity functions at 1.4 GHz for star-forming galaxies and radio-loud AGN
Tom Mauch; Elaine M. Sadler;
1 Dec 2006
- - -
The properties of extragalactic radio sources selected at 20 GHz
Elaine M. Sadler; Roberto Ricci; Ronald D. Ekers; J.A. Ekers; Paul J. Hancock; Carole A. Jackson; Michael J. Kesteven; Tara Murphy; Chris Phillips; Robert F. Reinfrank; Lister Staveley-Smith; Ravi Subrahmanyan; Mark A. Walker; Warwick E. Wilson; Gianfranco De Zotti;
16 Mar 2006
- - -
Molecular gas at high redshift: jet-induced star formation?
Ilana J. Klamer; Ron D. Ekers; Elaine M. Sadler; Richard W. Hunstead;
2 Aug 2004   /  Astrophys.J. 612 (2004) L97
- - -
The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Samples, Observational Techniques and the First Data Release
D. Heath Jones; Will Saunders; Matthew Colless; Mike A. Read; Quentin A. Parker; Fred G. Watson; Lachlan A. Campbell; Daniel Burkey; Thomas Mauch; Malcolm Hartley; Paul Cass; Dionne James; Ken Russell; Kristin Fiegert; John Dawe; John Huchra; Tom Jarrett; Ofer Lahav; John Lucey; Gary A. Mamon; Dominique Proust; Elaine M. Sadler; Ken-ichi Wakamatsu;
21 Mar 2004
- - -
Modulations in the radio light curve of the Type IIb Supernova 2001ig: Evidence for a Wolf-Rayet binary progenitor?
Stuart D. Ryder; Elaine M. Sadler; Ravi Subrahmanyan; Kurt W. Weiler; Nino Panagia; Christopher Stockdale;
8 Dec 2003   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 349 (2004) 1093
- - -
Angular clustering in the SUMSS radio survey
Chris Blake; Tom Mauch & Elaine M. Sadler;
5 Oct 2003   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 347 (2004) 787
- - -
The distribution and properties of DLAs at z $leq$ 2 in the EAGLE simulations
Lilian Garratt-Smithson; Chris Power; Claudia del P. Lagos; Adam R. H. Stevens; James R. Allison; Elaine M. Sadler;
21 Aug 2020
- - -
Radio galaxies in the 2SLAQ Luminous Red Galaxy Survey: I. The evolution of low-power radio galaxies to z~0.7
Elaine M. Sadler; Russell D. Cannon; Tom Mauch; Paul J. Hancock; David A. Wake; Nic Ross; Scott M. Croom; Michael J. Drinkwater; Alastair C. Edge; Daniel Eisenstein; Andrew M. Hopkins; Helen Johnston; Robert Nichol; Kevin A. Pimbblet; Roberto De Propris; Isaac G. Roseboom; Donald P. Schneider; Tom Shanks;
1 Dec 2006
- - -
SN1997cy/GRB970514 - A New Piece in the GRB Puzzle?
Lisa M. Germany; David J. Reiss; Elaine M. Sadler; Brian P. Schmidt; C. W. Stubbs;
5 Jun 1999
- - -
SUMSS: A Wide-Field Radio Imaging Survey of the Southern Sky. I. Science goals, survey design and instrumentation
D. C.-J. Bock; M. I. Large; Elaine M. Sadler;
3 Dec 1998   /  Astron.J. 117 (1999) 1578
- - -

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