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16 July 2020
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SOLIS II. Carbon-chain growth in the Solar-type protocluster OMC2-FIR4
F. Fontani; C. Ceccarelli; C. Favre; P. Caselli; R. Neri; I.R. Sims; C. Kahane; F. Alves; N. Balucani; E. Bianchi; E. Caux; A. Jaber Al-Edhari; A. Lopez-Sepulcre; J.E. Pineda; R. Bachiller; L. Bizzocchi; S. Bottinelli; A. Chacon-Tanarro; R. Choudhury; C. Codella; A. Coutens; F. Dulieu; S. Feng; A. Rimola; P. Hily-Blant; J. Holdship; I. Jimenez-Serra; J. Laas; B. Lefloch; Y. Oya; L. Podio; A. Pon; A. Punanova; D. Quenard; N. Sakai; S. Spezzano; V. Taquet; L. Testi; P. Theulé; P. Ugliengo; C. Vastel; A.I. Vasyunin; S. Viti; S. Yamamoto; L. Wiesenfeld;
5 Jul 2017
- - -
Hydrogenation at low temperatures does not always lead to saturation: the case of HNCO
J. A. Noble; P. Theule; E. Congiu; F. Dulieu; M. Bonnin; A. Bassas; F. Duvernay; G. Danger; T. Chiavassa;
11 Feb 2015
- - -
Dust as interstellar catalyst - II. How chemical desorption impacts the gas
S. Cazaux; M. Minissale; F. Dulieu; S. Hocuk;
8 Nov 2015
- - -
Dust as interstellar catalyst I. Quantifying the chemical desorption process
M. Minissale; F. Dulieu; S. Cazaux; S. Hocuk;
12 Oct 2015
- - -
Sticking coefficient of hydrogen and deuterium on silicates under interstellar conditions
H. Chaabouni; H. Bergeron; S. Baouche; F. Dulieu; E. Matar; E. Congiu; L. Gavilan; J. L. Lemaire;
11 Feb 2012
- - -
Thermal desorption characteristics of CO, O2 and CO2 on non-porous water, crystalline water and silicate surfaces at sub-monolayer and multilayer coverages
J. A. Noble; E. Congiu; F. Dulieu; H. J. Fraser;
9 Dec 2011
- - -
Gas temperature dependent sticking of hydrogen on cold amorphous water ice surfaces of interstellar interest
E. Matar; H. Bergeron; F. Dulieu; H. Chaabouni; M. Accolla; J. L. Lemaire;
26 Aug 2010
- - -
Experimental evidence of water formation on interstellar dust grains
F. Dulieu; L. Amiaud; J-H. Fillion; E. Matar; A. Momeni; V. Pirronello; J. L. Lemaire;
11 Nov 2009
- - -
Experimental evidence for water formation via ozone hydrogenation on dust grains at 10 K
H. Mokrane; H. Chaabouni; M. Accolla; E. Congiu; F. Dulieu; M. Chehrouri; J.L. Lemaire;
29 Jul 2009
- - -
Experimental evidence for water formation on interstellar dust grains by hydrogen and oxygen atoms
F. Dulieu; L. Amiaud; E. Congiu; J-H. Fillion; E. Matar; A. Momeni; V. Pirronello; J. L. Lemaire;
18 Mar 2009
- - -
Mobility of D atoms on porous amorphous water ice surfaces under interstellar conditions
E. Matar; E. Congiu; F. Dulieu; A. Momeni; J. L. Lemaire;
13 Oct 2008
- - -
The Photodetachment Microscope
C Blondel; C Delsart; F Dulieu;
28 Oct 1996   /  Phys Rev Lett, 77 (18), 3755-3758
- - -
Experimental evidence of twin fast metastable H(2S) atoms from dissociation of cold H_2 induced by electrons
J. Robert; F. Zappa; C.R. Carvalho; Ginette Jalbert; R.F.Nascimento; A. Trimeche; O. Dulieu; Aline Medina; Carla Carvalho; N. V. de Castro Faria;
5 Jul 2013
- - -
Desorption Dynamics of Rb_2 Molecules off the Surface of Helium Nanodroplets
A. Sieg; J. von Vangerow; F. Stienkemeier; O. Dulieu; M. Mudrich;
23 Aug 2016
- - -
Ultracold polar molecules composed of strongly magnetic atoms
A. Frisch; M. Mark; K. Aikawa; S. Baier; R. Grimm; A. Petrov; S. Kotochigova; G. Quéméner; M. Lepers; O. Dulieu; F. Ferlaino;
17 Apr 2015
- - -
High-resolution spectroscopy of triplet states of Rb2 by femtosecond pump-probe photoionization of doped helium nanodroplets
M. Mudrich; Ph. Heister; T. Hippler; Ch. Giese; O. Dulieu; F. Stienkemeier;
16 Jul 2009
- - -
Absolute cross sections for dissociative recombination of HD+: Comparison of experiment and theory
C Strömholm; I F Schneider; G Sundström; L Carata; H Danared; S Datz; O Dulieu; A Källberg; af Ugglas M; X Urbain; V Zengin; A Suzor-Weiner; M Larsson;
30 Nov 1995   /  Phys Rev A, 52 (6), R4320-R4323
- - -
Resonances in the dissociative recombination of H2+ with slow electrons
I F Schneider; O Dulieu; A Giusti-Suzor;
6 Apr 1992   /  Phys Rev Lett, 68 (14), 2251
- - -
Experimental demonstration of relativistic self-channeling of a multiterawatt laser pulse in an underdense plasma
P Monot; T Auguste; P Gibbon; F Jakober; G Mainfray; A Dulieu; M Louis-Jacquet; G Malka; J L Miquel;
10 Apr 1995   /  Phys Rev Lett, 74 (15), 2953-2956
- - -
Long range potentials for two Na3p atoms including ionic-covalent interaction and fine structure: Application to two-color photoassociation spectroscopy
O Dulieu; B Lévy; S Magnier; F Masnou-Seeuws; P Millié;
15 Apr 1996   /  Phys Rev Lett, 76 (16), 2858-2861
- - -
Resonant coupling in the formation of ultracold ground state molecules via photoassociation
C M Dion; C Drag; O Dulieu; B Laburthe Tolra; F Masnou-Seeuws; P Pillet;
12 Mar 2001   /  Phys Rev Lett, 86 (11), 2253-6
- - -

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