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01 October 2023
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Identification of Néel vector orientation in antiferromagnetic domains switched by currents in NiO/Pt thin films
Christin Schmitt; Lorenzo Baldrati; Luis Sanchez-Tejerina; Felix Schreiber; Andrew Ross; Mariia Filianina; Shilei Ding; Felix Fuhrmann; Rafael Ramos; Francesco Maccherozzi; Dirk Backes; Eiji Saitoh; Giovanni Finocchio; Mathias Kläui;
19 Aug 2020
- - -
Electrical detection of the spin reorientation transition in antiferromagnetic TmFeO$_3$ thin films by spin Hall magnetoresistance
Sven Becker; Andrew Ross; Romain Lebrun; Lorenzo Baldrati; Shilei Ding; Felix Schreiber; Francesco Maccherozzi; Dirk Backes; Mathias Kläui; Gerhard Jakob;
16 Oct 2020
- - -
Nanosecond structural dynamics of the chaperone Hsp90
Benedikt Sohmen; Christian Beck; Tilo Seydel; Ingo Hoffmann; Bianca Hermann; Mark Nüesch; Marco Grimaldo; Frank Schreiber; Steffen Wolf; Felix Roosen-Runge; Thorsten Hugel;
20 Oct 2021
- - -
Interplay of pH and Binding of Multivalent Metal Ions: Charge Inversion and Reentrant Condensation in Protein Solutions
Felix Roosen-Runge; Benjamin S. Heck; Fajun Zhang; Oliver Kohlbacher; Frank Schreiber;
17 Apr 2013
- - -
Viscosity and Diffusion: Crowding and Salt Effects in Protein Solutions
Marco Heinen; Fabio Zanini; Felix Roosen-Runge; Diana Fedunová; Fajun Zhang; Marcus Hennig; Tilo Seydel; Ralf Schweins; Michael Sztucki; Marián Antalík; Frank Schreiber; Gerhard Nägele;
14 Sep 2011
- - -
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