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28 October 2021
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Results 1 to 11 of 11 for query "Ferah Munshi". (0.01 sec.)

Ultra-faint dwarfs in a Milky Way context: Introducing the Mint Condition DC Justice League Simulations
Elaad Applebaum; Alyson M. Brooks; Charlotte R. Christensen; Ferah Munshi; Thomas R. Quinn; Sijing Shen; Michael Tremmel;
25 Aug 2020
- - -
An Excess of Globular Clusters in UDGs Formed Through Tidal Heating
Timothy Carleton; Yicheng Guo; Ferah Munshi; Michael Tremmel; Anna Wright;
25 Aug 2020
- - -
The Formation of Isolated Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in Romulus25
Anna C. Wright; Michael Tremmel; Alyson M. Brooks; Ferah Munshi; Daisuke Nagai; Ray S. Sharma; Thomas R. Quinn;
15 May 2020
- - -
Self-Interacting Dark Matter and the Delay of Super-Massive Black Hole Growth
Akaxia Cruz; Andrew Pontzen; Marta Volonteri; Thomas R. Quinn; Michael Tremmel; Alyson M. Brooks; Nicole N. Sanchez; Ferah Munshi; Arianna Di Cintio;
18 Apr 2020
- - -
The Formation of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies from Passive Evolution in the RomulusC Galaxy Cluster Simulation
Michael Tremmel; Anna C. Wright; Alyson M. Brooks; Ferah Munshi; Daisuke Nagai; Thomas R. Quinn;
15 Aug 2019
- - -
Understanding the circumgalactic medium is critical for understanding galaxy evolution
Molly S. Peeples; Peter Behroozi; Rongmon Bordoloi; Alyson Brooks; James S. Bullock; Joseph N. Burchett; Hsiao-Wen Chen; John Chisholm; Charlotte Christensen; Alison Coil; Lauren Corlies; Aleksandar Diamond-Stanic; Megan Donahue; Claude-André Faucher-Giguère; Henry Ferguson; Drummond Fielding; Andrew J. Fox; David M. French; Steven R. Furlanetto; Mario Gennaro; Karoline M. Gilbert; Erika Hamden; Nimish Hathi; Matthew Hayes; Alaina Henry; J. Christopher Howk; Cameron Hummels; Dušan Kereš; Evan Kirby; Anton M. Koekemoer; Ting-Wen Lan; Lauranne Lanz; David R. Law; Nicolas Lehner; Jennifer M. Lotz; Crystal L. Martin; Kristen McQuinn; Matthew McQuinn; Ferah Munshi; S. Peng Oh; John M. O'Meara; Brian W. O'Shea; Camilla Pacifici; J. E. G. Peek; Marc Postman; Moire Prescott; Mary Putman; Eliot Quataert; Marc Rafelski; Joseph Ribaudo; Kate Rowlands; Kate Rubin; Brett Salmon; Claudia Scarlata; Alice E. Shapley; Raymond Simons; Gregory F. Snyder; Jonathan Stern; Allison L. Strom; Erik Tollerud; Paul Torrey; Grant Tremblay; Todd M. Tripp; Jason Tumlinson; Sarah Tuttle; Frank C. van den Bosch; G. Mark Voit; Q. Daniel Wang; Jessica K. Werk; Benjamin F. Williams; Dennis Zaritsky; Yong Zheng;
13 Mar 2019
- - -
Going, going, gone dark: Quantifying the scatter in the faintest dwarf galaxies
Ferah Munshi; Alyson M. Brooks; Elaad Applebaum; Daniel R. Weisz; Fabio Governato; Thomas R. Quinn;
17 May 2017
- - -
In-N-Out: the gas cycle from dwarfs to spiral galaxies
Charlotte R. Christensen; Romeel Davé; Fabio Governato; Andrew Pontzen; Alyson Brooks; Ferah Munshi; Thomas Quinn; James Wadsley;
31 Jul 2015
- - -
Reproducing the Stellar Mass/Halo Mass Relation in Simulated LCDM Galaxies: Theory vs Observational Estimates
Ferah Munshi; F. Governato; A. M. Brooks; C. Christensen; S. Shen; S. Loebman; B. Moster; T. Quinn; J. Wadsley;
6 Sep 2012
- - -
Deficit of Luminous and Normal Red Galaxies in Cosmic Voids
Sean Bruton; Xinyu Dai; Eduardo Guerras; Ferah A. Munshi;
10 Oct 2019
- - -
The Very Short Period M Dwarf Binary SDSS J001641-000925
James R. A. Davenport; Andrew C. Becker; Andrew A. West; John J. Bochanski; Suzanne L. Hawley; Jon Holtzman; Heather C. Gunning; Eric J. Hilton; Ferah D. Munshi; Meagan Albright;
26 Jun 2012
- - -
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