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28 September 2021
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Temperature dependent changes of the Mn 3d and 4p bands near T$_c$ in Colossal Magnetoresistance systems: a XANES study of La$_{1-x}$Ca$_x$MnO$_3$
F. Bridges; C. H. Booth; G. H. Kwei; J. J. Neumeier; G. A. Sawatzky;
3 Feb 2000
- - -
CrO2: a self-doped double exchange ferromagnet
M.A. Korotin; V.I. Anisimov; D.I. Khomskii; G.A. Sawatzky;
9 May 1997   /  Phys. Rev. Lett. 80 N19 (1998) pp.4305-4308.
- - -
Magnetic Frustration in a Mn Honeycomb Lattice Induced by Mn-O-O-Mn Pathways
H. Wadati; K. Kato; Y. Wakisaka; T. Sudayama; D. G. Hawthorn; T. Z. Regier; N. Onishi; M. Azuma; Y. Shimakawa; T. Mizokawa; A. Tanaka; G. A. Sawatzky;
14 Jan 2011
- - -
A structural probe of the doped holes in cuprate superconductors
P Abbamonte; L Venema; A Rusydi; G A Sawatzky; G Logvenov; I Bozovic;
26 Jul 2002   /  Science, 297 (5581), 581-4
- - -
A Structural Probe of the Doped Holes in Cuprate Superconductors
P. Abbamonte; L. Venema; A. Rusydi; G. A. Sawatzky; G. Logvenov; I. Bozovic;
14 Aug 2002   /  Science, vol. 297, p. 581 (26 July 2002)
- - -
Possible path to a new class of ferromagnetic and half-metallic ferromagnetic materials
I S Elfimov; S Yunoki; G A Sawatzky;
18 Nov 2002   /  Phys Rev Lett, 89 (21), 216403
- - -
Two Gaps Make a High Temperature Superconductor
S. Huefner; M.A. Hossain; A. Damascelli; G.A. Sawatzky;
Rating  3/5
28 Jun 2007
- - -
Long-range incommensurate charge fluctuations in (Y,Nd)Ba2Cu3O(6+x)
G. Ghiringhelli; M. Le Tacon; M. Minola; S. Blanco-Canosa; C. Mazzoli; N.B. Brookes; G.M. De Luca; A. Frano; D. G. Hawthorn; F. He; T. Loew; M. Moretti Sala; D.C. Peets; M. Salluzzo; E. Schierle; R. Sutarto; G. A. Sawatzky; E. Weschke; B. Keimer; L. Braicovich;
4 Jul 2012
- - -
Exchange splitting and charge carrier spin polarization in EuO
P G Steeneken; L H Tjeng; I Elfimov; G A Sawatzky; G Ghiringhelli; N B Brookes; D-J Huang;
28 Jan 2002   /  Phys Rev Lett, 88 (4), 047201
- - -
Exchange Splitting and Charge Carrier Spin Polarization in EuO
P. G. Steeneken; L. H. Tjeng; I. Elfimov; G. A. Sawatzky; G. Ghiringhelli; N. B. Brookes; D.-J. Huang;
28 May 2001   /  Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 047201 (2002)
- - -
Extreme mobility enhancement of two-dimensional electron gases at oxide interfaces via charge transfer induced modulation doping
Y. Z. Chen; F. Trier; T. Wijnands; R. J. Green; N. Gauquelin; R. Egoavil; D. V. Christensen; G. Koster; M. Huijben; N. Bovet; S. Macke; F. He; R. Sutarto; N. H. Andersen; G. E. D. K. Prawiroatmodjo; T. S. Jespersen; J. A. Sulpizio; M. Honig; S. Linderoth; S. Ilani; J. Verbeeck; G. Van Tendeloo; G. Rijnders; G. A. Sawatzky; N. Pryds;
22 Apr 2015
- - -
Utility of the inverse partial fluorescence for electronic structure studies of battery materials
H. Wadati; A. J. Achkar; D. G. Hawthorn; T. Z. Regier; M. P. Singh; K. D. Truong; P. Fournier; G. Chen; T. Mizokawa; G. A. Sawatzky;
4 Jan 2012
- - -
Valence evaluation of LiMnO2 and related battery materials by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
H. Wadati; D. G. Hawthorn; T. Z. Regier; G. Chen; T. Hitosugi; T. Mizokawa; A. Tanaka; G. A. Sawatzky;
1 Apr 2010
- - -
Unraveling the Nature of Charge Excitations in La$_2$CuO$_4$ with Momentum-Resolved Cu $K$-edge Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
C.-C. Chen; B. Moritz; F. Vernay; J. N. Hancock; S. Johnston; C. J. Jia; G. Chabot-Couture; M. Greven; I. Elfimov; G. A. Sawatzky; T. P. Devereaux;
25 Feb 2010
- - -
Coexistence of Bound and Virtual-bound States in Shallow-core to Valence Spectroscopies
Subhra Sen Gupta; J. A. Bradley; M. W. Haverkort; G. T. Seidler; A. Tanaka; G. A. Sawatzky;
29 Jan 2010
- - -
Multiplet structure in the L2,3 x-ray-absorption spectra: A fingerprint for high- and low-spin Ni2+ compounds
van der Laan G; B T Thole; G A Sawatzky; M Verdaguer;
15 Apr 1988   /  Phys Rev B, 37 (11), 6587-6589
- - -
Metal to insulator transition in manganites - optical conductivity changes up to 24 eV
A. Rusydi; R. Rauer; G. Neuber; M. Bastjan; I. Mahns; S. Müller; P. Saichu; B. Schulz; G. Stryganyuk; K. Dörr; G. A. Sawatzky; S.L. Cooper; M. Rübhausen;
Rating  5/5
15 Jan 2007
- - -
Doping dependent charge order correlations in electron-doped cuprates
E. H. da Silva Neto; B.Yu; M. Minola; R. Sutarto; E. Schierle; F. Boschini; M. Zonno; M. Bluschke; J. Higgins; Y. Li; G.Yu; E.Weschke; F. He; M. Le Tacon; R. L. Greene; M. Greven; G. A. Sawatzky; B. Keimer; A. Damascelli;
20 Jul 2016
- - -
Electronic superlattice revealed by resonant scattering from random impurities in Sr3Ru2O7
M.A. Hossain; I. Zegkinoglou; Y.-D. Chuang; J. Geck; B. Bohnenbuck; A.G. Cruz Gonzalez; H.-H. Wu; C. Schussler-Langeheine; D.G. Hawthorn; J.D. Denlinger; R. Mathieu; Y. Tokura; S. Satow; H. Takagi; Y. Yoshida; Z. Hussain; B. Keimer; G.A. Sawatzky; A. Damascelli;
1 Aug 2013
- - -
Response to Comment on "X-ray Absorption Reveals Collapse of Single-Band Hubbard Physics in Overdoped Cuprates"
D. C. Peets; D. G. Hawthorn; K. M. Shen; G. A. Sawatzky; Ruixing Liang; D. A. Bonn; W. N. Hardy;
7 Apr 2010
- - -

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